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    my anxiety makes me think there is something seriously wrong with me
    An_251362 posted:
    I have had anxiety for almost a year now. I had gotten it some what under control up until a couple of weeks ago. And just recently I have been having weird feelings in my head like it feels like I need to yawn and pop my ears but I can't and it sort of feels like I have pressure in my head ears and eyes. I almost constantly have a headache and it just makes me feel like there is something wrong with my brain. I'm just wondering if anyone else has had anything like this with their anxiety or if I am the only one. Also it feels like I can never relax and I always feel tense. Sometimes I also feel like parts of my body are randomly twitching but I've had it all throughout my anxiety it hasn't really worried me though up until the weird head things started happening. I just feel like once I'm ok with the things anxiety causes something strange happens and makes me believe something serious is actually wrong
    Reid Wilson, PhD responded:
    That's exactly what anxiety is for: to clue you into the possibility that something is wrong. Your body is giving you sensations that feel uncomfortable, partly because you don't know why they are there. Now your job is to find out if your interpretation--that there is something seriously wrong--is correct. Remember that when your mind senses discomfort, it guesses what's wrong; it doesn't know. Get checked out by your MD. At the same time, explore the question of "why now?" The "something wrong" feeling and the anxiety might be about psychological stresses all the way back to the 6 months prior to when your symptoms started one year ago. Or they can reflect an on-going decision that has been hard for you to make. If the MD suspects anxiety and doesn't suggest further tests and treatments, then seek a mental health professional who treats anxiety. You can see if there is someone near you by going to the Anxiety and Depression Association of America and searching for names. You can also start in on this project by talking to someone you trust and who is psychologically minded. Try to sort out the stresses in your life over the past 18 months. Look for what's not resolved. Think about the possibility that your physical symptoms are just expressions of a problem, not the problem itself. It would be no surprise that as you get settled with one set of symptoms, you get some new ones. Address what is underneath the symptoms, not just the symptoms themselves. That gives you a chance for longer lasting change.
    shagnasty66 responded:
    You haven't said if you're male or female but my daughters both have severe panic attacks. One has Hashimoto's Disease, which is a thyroid/immune problem. She had her thyroid removed and her parathyroid glands and she is even worse. The other daughter has female problems; Polycystic ovarian syndrome (PCOS) is an extremely common endocrine disorder.
    l had panic attacks when I had female problems and they stopped after my hysterectomy. Then I started getting them again when my gallbladder stopped functioning 90% and then after having it removed the attacks stopped.

    So I believe medical issues can cause the attacks. It is not always caused by a psychological issue. So check out your TSH for thyroid with T3 and T4. Any symptoms you're having should be checked out by a doctor. You could have an inner ear problem or a sinus problem? Just remember, you are the best one for knowing your body. If your doctor won't do the test you feel you need, drop that doctor and find one that will. Maybe, if all your preliminary test are normal you should have an MRI of the head. Good luck
    Dizzynaz responded:
    I too have had similar issues. The head pressure is the worst. I have numbness in my face as well. I to believe this problem is from stress. Go to "Head Pressure and dizziness" discussion on WebMd. You will read how so many people have the same problems. We all have gone to Dr's and have had MRI's, CT Scans and numerous other tests as well. NO test comes out positive for anything. I went to an ENT and had all types of tests ran. From an MRI to blood tests to ear tests with nothing coming out positive for the cause of my medical issue. It started a year ago on and off with days in between. At the time I was having major problems with my 21 year old son. I went to the Dr and she put me on antibiotics thinking it had to by a sinus infection...... Yes it seemed to go away, but I to believe it was just a coincidence. 3 months later it came back worse than ever. I still have problems with my son and no that it probably is the cause.
    Like I said, no one can figure it out. I went back to my Dr this past week and told her what has gone on for the last year. She said no one can handle that much stress and it is bound to cause problems. She prescribed an anxiety/depression medication to try. I am not one to take any type of medication and never thought I would go on something. But when you deal with this for so long, it starts to wear on you mentally and physically. I start the medication at a VERY low dose today and hope that this will help. I will keep you posted.
    lovey603 responded:
    Hi I feel for you mine started a year ago thought i was dying. but just acouple weeks ago the same things are happening to me and i thought i was getting better but im not
    ANL1980 responded:
    I went threw the same thing your 100% fine that's part of anxiety it tricks your mind in thinking there's something wrong with you,but there's not.I get twitches too.My left side of my head tingles and I get headaches too.Its normal with us.Once you except the fact that its purely anxiety the symptoms start fading away. I'm sure your healthy. I've had it for a year now too and distractions are a good source of calming the anxiety like exercise, walks and things you don't do often CHANGE YOUR ROUTINE it's very effective. I've been anxiety free for 4 days now and starting to break the chains of bondage. Keep your FAITH in GOD and he PROMISES to DELIVER YOU.PRAY when anxious that's effective too and except the fact that we all die. That seems to help also. So the head thing I've had it, did series of test my doctor said I'm Healthy in fact will most likely live a lot longer then most people because the chemical unbalance in our minds sends false signals to our body and changes our heart rate which can benefit us because it naturally puts us in flight mode. I read about a guy who has all types of anxiety disorders with the false sensation in his body including the head. Hes had it for decades and is still alive and well plus he smokes ciggerates well in his 90's and anxiety free. So relax you going to live a long healthy life.WE ALL ARE. Remember its only a form of a habit that we installed into our brain we taught ourselves anxiety rethink the situation,convince yourself that's all it is and don't panic or worry and watch everything slowly start to disappear especially that feeling in your head. GOOD LUCK AND GOD BLESS
    daona responded:
    Yes,I truly understand what you are going threw.i have had gad for 11 years now.i have been on all types of antidepressant was helping, but I felt out of my body all the time. then I just dealt with it. And came back to attack in april of 2013, now I am feeling what you feel with the headaches, and all those symptoms. You are not alone, it just feel like we are.talking about it helps alot.sometimes I cry, my chest race alot.i children and helps sometimes and sometimes they just don't understand. It can get better, with the right people.there is a site call the the linden great inspiration. It's alot of us we just have to connect.i hopefeel better there is help.
    monie24922 replied to ANL1980's response:
    thanks for posting this. I really have been having a problem with the intrusive thoughts, the pressure in my head and the weird sensations and feelings as well as the vision stuff. Its really awful. I have only been having this problem a few months now but i want it to go away so bad. I really cant live like this. Im home for the holidays and its really impeding me but im really trying to enjoy my christmas holidays.
    rohvannyn replied to monie24922's response:
    This is going to seem very hard but try to relax by distracting yourself. Take a little time to breathe deeply, even just a few breaths at a time, and let it all go. Don't TRY so hard at everything, because the harder you try to get rid of anxiety the more it will stick to you. If you can find a way to get a good laugh, do it. It's good for you and good for your brain Also, make sure you are getting at least some nutritous food and enough rest. You brain won't work well without it.

    While you are at it, watch your water supply. I had HORRENDOUS anxiety and depression, and that is becoming much easier to deal with since I have stopped drinking city tap water. It sounds crazy but it might make a difference for you.
    undefined replied to monie24922's response:
    Hello monie24922, since my cardiologist told me that my heart is getting big and weak, i'm having anxiety so bad, i feel the same way as you but the pressure is in my chest, stomach and I feel I can't breath and sometimes so desperate like I'm having a heart attack but I'm not because I'm still here. I would like to say to you to try to relax, I know its anxiety, its hard to try but try hard and good luck and God Bless you and happy Holidays to you
    rickva responded:
    I have been feeling same way, dizzy sometimes, feeling of heaviness! I keep thinking about it all day and cannot concentrate. I'm at work and I keep getting up to walk all the times to cool off. this started 6 months ago, my dr prescribed Buspirone and he almost killed me with it. I took it to 1 wk, and eversince, I have never been the same. Sometimes I feel I have an allergy around my eyes and heavy forehead. I don't know. I give up! Does anyone have any suggestions? thanks
    x0anxiousgerlx0 replied to ANL1980's response:
    Hey anl - I really enjoyed your post. You are very smart. I agree anxiety causes you to feel like you have 100 issues and unfortunately the more you pay attention to them the worse they become. Praying always helps me. Jehovah God is not going to take it away from us but our faith in him can help us to find a measure of comfort. Accepting that we are all going to die some day is a major key so when your afraid of death itself then your definitely going to have a lot of anxiety. I just wanted to tell you I really appreciated your post you give good insight!
    x0anxiousgerlx0 replied to rickva's response:
    I absolutely hate medication. I have watched my mother and grandmother take it for years. My mother recently had a huge liver surgery OUT OF THE BLEW and we believe it was due to two types of medications being mixed together. New medications one of them that hasn't been out long. She almost lost her life. I prayed so hard for that woman you can not imagine, point is, if you can figure out a way to handle it yourself, do so its just better that way otherwise you may SOMEWHAT fix a problem but 10 more arise because of the drug. We're all basically guinea pigs to these medicines.
    mandy73 replied to Dizzynaz's response:
    So how have you been since you posted this a year ago. What you described is exactly how I feel.
    63haynes50 responded:
    Are you on anything for your Anxiety? I have the same thing happen and I worry that it may be the medication that I am on I'm going back to my doctor so that I can drop my dose, does this feeling happen when you are on your own? I was put on this medication to help me with my menopausal symptoms one of which is anxiety. I feel rather confused as to why it happens and I can really get you down.

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