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    falcon5 posted:
    Past couple of years I have been suffering with panic attacks and anxiety I have been on the generic celexa just got back on. I have been stressed about bills and how to talk with my husband I hate confrontation. It litteraly makes me ill and sick like I am having a heart attack. I am hoping the meds will help me to speak with him.
    becky30 responded:
    Hey sweetie. My Name is Rebecca. I have been with anxiety/panic attacks for 3 months. Mine started on mother's day. I lost my mom July 1st 2012 and the first was so hard for me. I've been mildly depressed and since being diagnosed with this it's been ups and Downs. I feel your pain and I do know How hard it can be. I always think it's my heart or stroke even though I've been cleared with all my tests. I Thank God for that. I just still hate the physical feelings I get. The chest pain and heavy weight in my upper body and the hot flushes. I sometimes forget what normal feels like
    WillT responded:
    Dear Falcon5,

    Oh darlin' I know where you are. I've got permanent depression/anxiety after a brain injury 22 years ago. Here's my blog: I was an unstable nut for many years until I finally landed a top shrink, who knew his meds and straightened my life out perfectly. I use clonazepam 1mg 4X day. Almost perfect, 95% cure for my anxiety. Unfortunately I've been unresponsive to every anti-depressant on the market, so I am depressed 24/7. So nobody promised me a rose garden. I've learned to make Depression the New Normal. Ha ha! not!

    But I do remember what a bad bi**ch anxiety can be, the way it can perfectly wreck your life.

    And I remember too how money issues can be very stressful too. Together they're a recipe for a Bad Time.

    Question: Are you seeing a _good_ psychiatrist? By "good" I mean _not_ one of the so many who are just thoughtlessly writing prescriptions as fast as they can to get you out of their office and on to the next milk cow. In my long experience, I found MOST psychiatrists out there are doing more harm than good in this manner. The best ones work out of hospitals. If you're maybe not being helped by your present doc, and you want to find a good one, call up the hospitals, see if one of the residents will take you on.

    I suggest this because, as I say above, the right medication can vanquish your anxiety almost totally.It's definitely curable, and you have every right to a cure. Accept nothing less.

    About the money issues and talking with your husband. First fix your anxiety. Then approach that topic. I suggest you break the topic down into little "seminar" discussions held every now and then. Eventually you'll have covered the whole territory this way. Good luck. Hang On IN There Baby.
    falcon5 replied to becky30's response:
    thanks soo much I am just waiting for the meds to kick in so I can focus and sleep
    falcon5 replied to WillT's response:
    thank you for your advice I really appreciate it and take everything into consideration still waiting for the meds side affects to go away so I can function again
    falcon5 replied to becky30's response:
    thank you Rebecca I am so sorry to hear about your mother it has to be hard. I feel for you the attacks are horrible wakes you up in the middle of night crazy thoughts start happening I can't wait for the meds to kick in. I feel like my life is out of control. I have a very strange feeling I know you.
    becky30 replied to falcon5's response:
    Hello Falcon5
    I just woke up moments ago in a panic. No real reason Why I did cause I've been sleeping good all night. Heart raced a bit and a numb feeling on my left side. A bit shaky as I write trying to tell myself u are fine and calm down it will be OK. For a moment it was hard to breathe now I'm just a bit tense. I've tried Paxil and effexor and both made me feel awful. Worse than the anxiety/panic itself. I seem to be doing better w/o meds even tho I'm not cured just yet of this. It is scary but I do trust God for healing. God bless u all and hope u all have a peaceful night.

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