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    Please let me know how many of you feel/felt this way
    nivas171 posted:
    i am a 30 year old man. I have been doing business in the manufacturing industry which is not so good for the past few years. This keeps me worried all the time but last october when i was at my work place i had shortness of breath and was sweating non stop. I was immediately taken to the hospital. I was scanned completely for any kind of organ problems,heart attacks etc. At the end the doctor said my blood pressure was high and diagonized me with hyper tension. But since then i am not feeling so good both emotionally as well as physically. To cut short the story here is what i feel many times

    1. shortness of breath and feel i am going to have a heart attack and die.
    2. feel scared to be alone ( even at home)
    3. feel that if someone around me is present then nothing will go wrong with me (even though that person may not be able to do much)
    4. When i have those attacks such as shortness of breath with excessive sweating i feel i need to be rushed to the hospital.
    5. feel light headed at times and think its cos of hunger( but that is not the case)
    6.very difficult to sleep early at night and even if i sleep i keep waking up at regular intervals.
    7. I get scared of anything for example thinking of going to work itself makes me feel week.
    I just listed a few of the things i feel the most.
    I really want to know if i am suffering from any kind of anxiety /depression or if something else is wrong with me.( but the docs say nothing is physically wrong with me)

    This is affecting my personal as well as my professional life.


    Nivas Sainath
    beentheredonethatsurviving responded:
    I too had all the same feelings and was diagnosed with anxiety. I have tried ever med possible in the past 13 years and a drug called remeron is the one that finally worked for me. I went off of it about 4 years ago due to a pregnancy and was fine with no meds until recently. The same feelings came back but i didn't want to go back on the meds so my physician prescribed klonopin. I usually take it in the morning and at night and i am starting to do better. Hope this helps and best of luck.
    becky30 responded:
    Hey you are so not alone. I get anxious out of the blue most times. I feel tired and faint and I feel heaviness in my upper body. The symptoms you've described here sound very much like anxiety. I had blood work and ct scan and ekg and nothing came back abnormal. I had my thyroid and b-12 effieciency checked and all came back normal. Anxiety make your body feel like it's sick or about to have the absolute worst happened to it.have you been to any doctors that could give you meds to help with this??? I've tried paxil and effexor and nothing helped me. This surely isn't the case for everybody. I hope you get some relief from this and you can always come here to vent about it and just know u are not alone.
    PumpkinRaider responded:
    I have felt many of the symptoms that you have described here. I think that it is a possibility that you have anxiety. I would try and see a different doctor and tell them what you have here. If it is anxiety in the mean time, take deep breaths, try to exercise as much as possible. Stay away from caffeine and try to get as much sleep as possible.

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