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    Debilitating abdominal pain - Anxiety?
    Fiacra posted:
    Two years ago I was having a stressful time and was put on Lexapro, but after about five days on the med I started feeling a tight knot in my abdomen and extremely tight gums. I stuck with it for five weeks but things didn't improve so I tapered off and quit. The tight gums went away a couple of weeks later, but the abdominal pain has stayed with me ever since. Some days it's a minor inconvenience, others days it's much worse and I can't concentrate on anything else. On the bad days it's accompanied by a tightness in my mid-back - it feels like there's a belt of tightness around my mid-torso, but the pain is primarily in my abdomen, just below the solar plexus. It does seem to get worse when life is stressful, but it can also be bad in the absence of any obvious stress. Could this be an anxiety problem?

    I've been to a doctor about this a few times. First we tried Buscopan to relax the intestinal muscles, but this had no effect. Then Prozac for four months, but that made no difference either. Then I went for a colonoscopy, which found I had diverticula. I adjusted my diet accordingly, but this made no difference (the amount or type of food I eat does not seem to have any noticeable effect). Then there was an ultrasound on my gallbladder, but that was normal. A CT scan on my abdomen showed all my organs were normal, except for a small hiatal hernia.

    I really need to get this figured out, because it's ruining my life. I'm reluctant to go on anxiety meds again, but if it looks likely that this is an anxiety problem, then I'll do whatever it takes, I just want to feel somewhat normal again.

    Any advice would be very welcome, thanks!

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