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    "Brain Fog" Will Not Go Away
    hoodlook posted:
    I really need some help. I will be go out and be blunt with this. I abused Dramamine(dimenhydrinate) and each pill was 50 mg. First time I did 5, then two days later (the second time) I did 5, and about 4 days later(third time) did 6. I heard about dimenhydrinate/Dramamie impairing cognitive skills(thinking, walking, etc) and/or making users deficiant of vitamin B12(also heard that being deficiant of this vitamin will make you dizzy, not all the way there.. not as aware.. etc which is what I've been experiencing). Ever since then, I've had this brain fog going on. It's been several months(at least 3) and it hasn't gone away. Somebody please help me. It's extremely irritating not being able to be as alert and aware. I feel like my mind is and registers things so much more 'slow'. It almost feels like a permanent minor depersonalization episode. Do I need to start taking Vitamin B12 supplements? Will I be this way for the rest of my life?
    hoodlook responded:
    I also have really bad anxiety(so bad that I suffer from trichotillomania, an OCD disorder that causes people to pull hair out)
    qwertyuioppp responded:
    I've had problems with brain fog which lasts about a week after nights out when I've been drinking for as long as I can remember and for the past week I've had it randomly, I've tried B12 supplements and although they're supposed to help they've never done anything for me. I'd say go to your GP and get a blood test as I'm going to do soon. As there are a lot of other medical problems linked with the condition. I hope your problem has already cleared up because I know exactly how crap it feels, let me know if it's still going on and if not what you've done to help it?
    qwertyuioppp replied to qwertyuioppp's response:
    I forgot to mention, I'm going through a stressful point in my life right now I have been diagnosed with depression in the past, whether these two link, In my case I'm not sure, but there's definitely been correlations with other people, so that could be to do with your OCD?

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