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    Anxiety help
    An_256533 posted:
    I have been diagnosed with depression 15 years ago, when I was 15. I have had panic attacks and anxiety diagnosed for 2 years now. I just started a new job and had to call in the first week due to panic attacks and suicidal thinking. I am worried about starting this new job and working alone, as I will be in the department alone in the next week without help. I am on prozac, ability and xnax. The xnax makes me tired so I do not know if I should take it before work or I do not know what to say to myself to help it get better so I can function this week (assuming I still have the job). I cannot seem to calm myself down in the mornings before going to work. Any advice would be greatly appreciated.
    pltangie responded:
    Hi. What is the coz of your depression 15 yrs ago? Maybe u should flash back to the root of the problem then in order to solve your panic attack and anxiety. Talk to to mirror "It's over. I've lived yesterday, i can stand today". Abt the job, tell your boss that the environment is new to u and to let u get use to it for 2 - 3mths. I'm sure they'll understand. If that's ok with them, have fun in your job eventhough working alone. If they say "NO", change other another company. This company is not a good one. Suicide? Aha! The whole world will say "Pity U" and they'll carry on with their lives. Xnax makes u tired? Change it to other medicine that won't make u tired. Can't calm down? Glue this to the mirror u can see it every morning " Everyday is a new life for a wise man".

    I'm not a therapist,but if i can help, i will. You are welcome to e-mail me at My name is Angie. I need someone to talk too.
    atti_editor responded:

    How have you been doing? Here are some things that you might try to lessen your anxiety levels in the morning. Caffeine can raise your anxiety levels, so limiting your morning intake (if you drink something caffeinated in the a.m.) may be a good idea. You might also try some light exercise or relaxation technique before work. Is there anyone that you are able to talk to about your feelings? Please let us know how you are, and how the job is going.

    Best wishes,
    bonhill replied to pltangie's response:
    pitangie - that was very kind of you. Do you have panic/agoraphobia? I am a retired therapist and have suffered thru anxiety/panic/agoraphobia & depression since 1975. Have tried all sorts of meds, and l0 yrs of therapy (sll sorts). I hesitate to e-mail you - maybe we can have a conversation on this site. Xanax does make you tired, but if your panic is severe enough, your body is so full of adrenaline, constantly, Xanax really helps... but Valium, Xanax, Klonopin, unfortunately, are all addictive, and eventually a dr. will want to taper you off them, and you get tired of having to take them every day. I try to stay positive, but unfortunately all the positive thinking just doesn't help - but very well might help other sufferers!
    bonhill replied to atti_editor's response:
    Absolutely - avoid caffeine if you have anxiety. Relaxation techniques such as progressive relaxation can help, as can 'autogenic relaxation training.' I've tried so many things in the past. Some of these work for a lot of people, especially if they are diagnosed early on (which I was not). Others might not respond to these cognitive/behavioral techniques and might need to be on meds to function. We are all different - but hopefully can help each other get thru this and find answers so we can live relatively normal, productive lives. Also, it is very helpful to get a copy of "The Anxiety Disease" by Dr. David Sheehan

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