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    Anxiety and depression in
    jamcootie posted:
    We are so worried about my grandson. He has had minor anxiety issues about vomitting but it has now spiraled out of control. He is 14. He has been to 2 physiatrists, 3 psychologists, nine different drugs, a week in a mental health facility in Wisconsin (that is where we are from) and now it has spiraled out of control. He is terrified of leaving the house, headaches, hardly eats, we try to keep him drinking. The only drugs he on now is gabepentin abd seraquil. He loved to swim in our little pool but he won't even come to our house. Last year he did not go to school he was afraid so they started a viral school. He is very smart, was a model and loved to act and sing. At 11 he had the lead in the high school musical. He has gone from a outgoing, popular, talented child to a boy afraid to do anything, mood swings, shakes, he passes out if gets to nervous, will not sing unless he is trying to calm himself with music and computer, he plays WII but it's sports games and he plays so angrily. We do not know what to do. We can't put him in a facility that would help him because being from Wisconsin at 14 he is considered an adult as far as health issues so he has to check in voluntarily and if afraid to leave the house obviously that is not gonna happen. So someone stays with him all the time he is so sad and naturally we are afraid of suicide. ANY help or ideas would be so appreciated. Thank you
    Jewelz32412 responded:
    Hi, I just came across your post. I'm wondering why vomiting is such a fear for him. Has he had a bad experience while being sick? Did he aspirate while vomiting and now has a fear of it? I my self have a fear of throwing up. Why? I have no clue. But from a childhood,I have always been afraid of it. I don't like the force in which it comes out,I don't like that you can't catch your breath and I don't like the smell,which makes me gag. I'm not know to have a weak stomache,so good for me.but if I had to get sick, I would. Is there something more to his story than just vomiting

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