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    Did any1 ever fear this?
    crystalbtb82 posted:
    Ok I'll start off like this I've had anxiety for 10 yrs now well I was wondering if anybody ever fear a brain aneurysm I have been lately and I think I know what triggered it. My bestfriends man has to get brain surgery for an aneurysm in 2 wks cause he started having problems. Now instantly I think I have one. Some headaches and every little wierd feeling in my head I freak out. And to make things worse my grandma died of an aneurysm and my mother had surgery for one. Just scared here Thanks for listening
    Dr_Patricia_Farrell responded:
    It's not unusual for someone like yourself to become overly concerned about something like this, considering how many people you know and love have had it. The fact that you've had anxiety for 10 years points to your possibly being more apt to develop this type of new concern given the circumstances. I'm sure you work with your doc on your health, so you might just want to be sure that everything is okay. There may be something genetic that you should know about. This is not to say I'm telling you it is genetic, but you want to be sure you have been checked out properly for what might have led your mom and grandmother to have this problem.
    coko26 responded:
    In your case I would see why its bothering you like that .Just let the doctor do a cat scan of your brain so you want get work up for nothing.
    helpmommy2 responded:
    I have the same feeling sometimes. Part of the reason I'm up in the middle of the night googling symptoms! I always wonder if it's the anxiety or if it's real. I feel like everytime I go to the dr, it's like the boy who cried wolf and by the time there is actually something wrong with me, no one will listen.
    Rmc1988 responded:
    I am exactly the same, when I have a pain or sensation I start to imagine that I have an aneurysm. My oldest cousin died from an aneurysm, and thats when i started to think about that. My heart goes out to you and know you are not alone in this fear.

    WillT responded:
    Hi crystalbtb82:

    I'm an actual survivor of a ruptured subarachnoid cerebral hemorrhage (brain aneursym) 21 years ago. My experience was a sudden, horrendous, unbelievably bad thunder clap of pain in the head, fainting and temporary blindness. I blog about it here: In light of my harsh, traumatic and sudden onset, I find it hard to credit that an aneurysm onset could be so gentle or gradual as a headache or series of headaches or other mild discomfort. I mean, I thought I was going to die on the spot when it hit me!

    That's just my experience, though, and I have heard a few aneurysm survivors describe a less scary onset. Not sure if I believe them, though. Memory of the "event" can be sketchy for survivors.

    I wouldn't want you to ignore your disturbing moments of pain or fear, but I do feel fairly safe in saying that if it really were an aneurysm, you'd KNOW it quickly. Because you'll either be in indescribable agonies of pain (way, way, way beyond 'migraine country'), or suddenly dead!

    Hang on in there and pay attention, definitely, but on the other hand, try to stay calm and rational about your fears. Only about 1% of people are definite candidates for a brain aneurysm. The odds are on your side!
    WillT responded:
    Back again with another tidbit of info:

    Earlier I posted a longer answer to your question about fears of having a brain aneurysm, and after posting I recalled a link to a site that has got to be the world's most exhaustive repository of brain aneurysm stories :

    You'll find all kinds of personal stories about the topic here. Hope this is useful to you. It has been good for me in the past.

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