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    Exercise you can do
    Patricia Farrell, PhD posted:
    Exercise is one of the most beneficial self-help techniques we know of today and more and more research is indicating its usefulness in changing mood, decreasing anxiety and even helping keep the brain physically healthy. You don't need to go to a gym or even have any equipment because you can walk in place, walk up and down stairs or use simple items like a book or a can of vegetables to do arm exercises. You can do just a bit a day and gradually increase what you can do. Keep at it and you'll notice a change for the better. Remember, even if you don't feel like doing it, do even just a little bit and fight that urge not to do it. In the end, it works to your benefit. Trust me on this one.
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    MartinRendon responded:
    Is it possible to have an attack while drunk?
    kikis25 replied to MartinRendon's response:
    yes....i have had attacks while drunk and high :-S
    Jwalksb03 responded:
    Hi My Name Is Jimmy And I Wanted Too
    Know What Was Your Most Overcoming Thing
    Dealing With Anxiety Attacks, Something that Told
    This Has Too Stop Here
    tmaddler responded:
    I was ran over by an ex 2 years ago so I have back injuries that make in great deal of pain afterward. What can I do that wont cause so much pain?
    Byroney_WebMD_Staff replied to tmaddler's response:
    Dear tmaddler,

    I am sorry to hear about what your ex did and that you have back pain now as a result. Dr. Farrell is a psychologist, so let me suggest you try reposting this on the Back Pain Management community. They're friendly and supportive, and have an M.D. as their Health Expert.

    Also, have you talked this over with your doctor? He or she may have some treatment options to offer, or may refer you to a specialist.

    Yours in health,

    Lifebo responded:
    What if you're afriad to exercise because your anxiety makes you feel like there is something phyically wrong with you that they haven't found yet? And that exercise will make that worse, like if you belive you have a heart problem.
    Patricia Farrell, PhD replied to Lifebo's response:
    Since you've indicated that exercise is something you've probably avoided because you feel there is something physically wrong with you which has not yet been detected, perhaps it's a good time to begin to consider some cognitive behavioral therapy with a psychologist. We all know that exercise is an excellent thing to do both for your physical and your mental health and I believe your PCP will agree with this. I'm not an M.D., but I do know that even people who have had heart attacks are sent for physical rehab. Please consider your options.

    Dr. Farrell
    wannatalk65 responded:
    Dr. Farrell The therapist told me today some things i have to do and I am so afraid of trying for fear that it may hurt the ones I love? She told me that when the feelings start happening is to basically turn them off like a switch, even though everything little thing starts to irritate me lately I just shut myself down and turn away from the ones I love. I will try anything except to isolate the ones I love. I don't think I can differentiate the two? Can you suggest anything. Because this anxiety is truly horrible. Been in the hospital twice already for this.
    sickofsick52 replied to Lifebo's response:
    I feel like I'm in heart failure if I move around the house at a normal speed. I've had heart tests because I had value prolaspe years ago, all negative. My advice after years of this crap is do it but take it slow & easy. You will not have a heart attack or die. These illnessess stop our lives so we become so inactive, gain weight & lose muscle. Get super weak & joints start hurting. I saw a "real" guy that was disabled physcially, he started doing yoga and lost a ton of weight. I was shocked. Balancing is not one of my strong points as I come close to falling alot. I did one of the moves in the kitchen where I could grab the cabinet, and I did it. Get some hand weights and look up excersices on you tube etc. There are alot of things you can do on the floor now thats nothing like the old sit-ups. I'm starting. If you do it easy everyday you'll work up to doing more. Best of health to you!
    sickofsick52 replied to wannatalk65's response:
    I've suffered from severe ongoing never ending anxiety & depression for too many years to count. I'd have a bout of unreal anger at times when I had nothing to be angry about. Later for a few days I had one that I didn't realize till the damage was done. The things I said to family & friends on line were the worst. I was so negative I lost friends. Later I realized somethings not right w/me. I'm easy going and loving. I realized it was something mental that never happened before, this lasing out in the worst way to people. My advice? when you feel like all you want to say is negative, step away. Don't talk or type. Once words are spoken you can't take them back. Take alot of will power. It only happened once for days. I just learned this was a side effect of Lamitical that is for depression/anxity. It worked great for years but you still have break thoughs and this was the worst cause it hurt others. It also causes hair loss not listed as a side effect. I emailed the company after the dermo dr said he caused it. Let them know I was livid. They sent a form for me to fill out to get access to my med records. I don't think so. I guess I have them worried. I emailed an out of state lawyer who handles lawsuits for things caused from these med's. If they don't tell you all the side effects it's still lieing. Guess they are nervious now. ha ha. When a dr wants to put you on a new med, ask them to pull out their huge book & look it up. They have what you won't find on line or in the paperwork that comes with the med. And, no you can't turn these feelings off like a switch. These dr's need to walk in our shoes for a day, they haven't a clue what we go though.

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