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    Ventolin inhaler expiration date
    abbymay16 posted:
    For anyone using the Ventolin HFA inhaler...something the pharmacist noted. My canister says the expiration date is October 2009. BUT in the fine print on the front of the canister it says discard when dose counter reads 000 or TWO MONTHS after removal from the foil pack.

    Just thought I would pass along that info....this inhaler is only good for 60 days once you open the foil pack. (according to the glaxo smith kline website prescription drug information the inhaler is good for 6 there seems to be some confusion)

    "17.3 Dose Counter Patients should be informed that VENTOLIN HFA has a dose counter that starts at 204 or 64 and counts down each time a spray is released. Patients should be informed to discard VENTOLIN HFA when the counter reads 000 or 6 months after removal from the moisture-protective foil pouch, whichever comes first."

    Annie_WebMD_Staff responded:
    Hi Mattie,

    Can I ask you why an inhaler would go bad after 60 days once it's been opened? Did the pharmacist say why?

    - Annie
    busybookworm responded:
    This must be a U.S. thing. None of our HFA inhalers are packaged in foil, all are in boxes. And there is nothing about discarding after 6 months. We don't have dose counters either so maybe the packaging system is totally different.

    sgbl88 responded:
    My Advair HFA's have all come in a box w/foil pouch and silica packet.

    The last 115/21 sample I got from my allergist for my daughter did have a counter on it, but the 230/21 I just picked up at the pharmacy did not. May be they are starting to put counters on the HFA's, are in transition and they haven't reached pharmacies yet?

    However, as far as an expiration date goes/ discard after so many days... there is none. It says to reprime twice after 4 weeks of non-use. I checked because I dropped down into red yesterday and they moved me back up to the 230/21 after not even two weeks on 115/21. Also, I thought I remembered the discus saying to discard 30 days after opening pouch, so I wanted to know what to do with my left over 115/21.

    Just thought you may be interested in what may be coming in the future.

    abbymay16 responded:

    All I can tell you is that the new HFA formula is not as hardy as the older CFC and its much more fussy about how it has to be handled. The Ventolin specifically says it is only valid for 2 months after you open the foil pouch (but does not explain why this is the case). Some of the other HFA's, like the proventil don't seem to have this issue, so maybe their formulation is different?

    Its just seems they are not making this clear, and it would be terrible if someone used a rescue inhaler which was technically no longer good, due to the unclear instructions provided by Glaxo.

    abbymay16 responded:

    Only the VENTOLIN HFA (Glaxo)comes with a dose counter. The other albuterol's (proventil, proair and xopenex) do not.

    The ventolin HFA , proventil HFA ,Flovent HFA, and Atrovent HFA inhalers all come in a box with a foil pouch encasing the inhaler, and the silica gel pak. According to the pharmacy they are more prone to moisture issues. The Flovent, Atrovent and Proventil that I have, just list the expiration date on the canister and they were good about a year.

    The ventolin seems to have contradictory expiration date issues--I have no idea why that is, it was just something the pharmacy brought to my attention.

    I saw one of your posts on Dr E's board (pretty sure it was yours) that said the HFA's in Canada had transitioned smoothly and no big reports of issues, in the US the HFA"s have had nothing BUT Issues and they just don't seem to work well, last as long or work at all. Could we have a different formulation than Canada?

    Many of the US doc's are now prescribing 3-4 puffs for rescue, since it seems to take that many to bring relief.

    specialk118 responded:
    A little fyi on some of these things, that have get rid of after x time out oof the package like the neb xoponex, that has to do with light and moisture, but I have no clue why some say don't use after x amount of time out of the box, I'm on a few meds for other issues that are like that as well, I honestly dunno if it's just a little ploy or if there really is a major issue with them, but I don't think I'd take the chance with a rescue if it says can it do it
    kcAsthma responded:
    The new prescribing information states that Ventolin HFA is good for 6 months after removed from the foil pack, or when the counter reaches 000. It was 60 days up until about 6 months it's 6 months.
    InhalerDeveloper responded:
    Ventolin HFA is strictly drug and propellant. The HFA propellants are more prone to absorb moisture which causes the drug to clump together after a certain level of moisture is introduced which reduces the drug delivered out of the canister. This occurs slowly over time so better seals on the units probably extended the time from 60 days to 6 months. Proventil HFA and ProAir both have ethanol in the formulation and this helps absorb most of the moisture coming in so the drug doesn't clump together, thus a longer shelf life without foil pouching. Hope this helps!
    AsthmaSuffers replied to InhalerDeveloper's response:
    Ventolin HFA propellant is in a high pressure aluminum canister
    It expels the chemical out when you press the inhaler. It can expel air out not draw back the outside air back to the canister. So it seems no way for the moisture to get inside the canister .
    It also has a valve to meter the dosage of each release. This will stop any moisture to come inside the canister
    sydstoff24 responded:
    My 200 dose accually says 12 months after opened
    Sistr2Sistr replied to AsthmaSuffers's response:
    I have a Ventolin HFA inhaler...but it was either my Mom's or I got it some years ago from a physician, free, I don't recall. It expired in July 2014...still has 20 puffs in it.
    is it any good? I really can't tell at this point ...for sure. I know in the recent past I have tried it and it did seem to help. I was not sick any of those times, but seemed to be having an issue with breathing (usually because of some chemical in the air). Now I am sick and it might be helping, but if so, its not much or for very long.
    I know I need a new one but am out of work with no medical at this time.

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