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    Feet Swelling/Itching
    lido0509 posted:
    A few months ago was my first issue with foot swelling and itching. It starts out with intense itching on the bottom of my foot. This is followed by visible swelling of the area, painful to walk on, feels "heavy" and sore. At one point it was so bad that I couldn''t keep shoes on. I went to a podiatrist and he was stumped. He prescribed a steroid cream that helps slightly with the itching. There is no rash, no bumps, just the itching, swelling and soreness. I have no other known medical issues and have not changed anything like soap, detergent, lotion, etc. The swelling occurs in both feet. Starts out with the itching, then that area where it is itching swells under the skin, looks like it's swollen with fluid. It looks slightly red in color but not inflamed or with a rash. Actually, it seems to travel to different areas of my feet before it completely subsides. When it subsides, it remains terribly sore for a few days. The first bad bout with this was about a month ago, and I had less severe bouts twice before that with a 2 month time period. I have gained weight, although it was over a period of time and not suddenly. My activity level hasn't changed. Yes, I am under a lot of stress and do suffer from anxiety. I take Prozac for depression and Yasmin for BC, if that info helps as well. Help!
    wierdscience responded:
    have you had any resolution to your problem?...i have a very similar situation and am looking for answers myself
    ben76 responded:
    I have the same problem but the swelling travels into my hands and arms too. it only happens before and after i get a cold or the flu.
    ThereMustBeANameForThis responded:
    Please, someone tell us what this is.

    This is exact description of my issue. Intense itching followed by painful, visible, localized swelling within hours at the site of the itching. The swelling usually lasts 5 to 24 hours followed by days of tenderness.

    In my case, I only experience the swelling on the pads of my feet in areas where there are no calluses, but adjacent to the callused areas. I experience the itching/swelling a couple of times a month, under a variety of conditions; however, whenever I am sick, it is always accompanied by the painful swelling.

    My PCP diagnosed me with Hand-Foot-and-Mouth disease (I was sick with other symptoms at the time), when time showed that to be wrong, I was sent to the Podiatrist. After scratching his head, he decided it was Plantar Fasciitis complicated by friction heat. It was a good guess, but wrong. I tried explaining that the swelling was deeper than friction blisters. In the end he sold me very expensive orthotic shoe inserts with a slick surface to reduce friction. This has done nothing to curtail the problem and when I am having a flair-up the orthotics exacerbate the problem and I have to remove them.

    I have been experiencing the issue for about three years now and the frequency is increasing. When I first had this issue, I was considered mildly obese. Since then I have lost nearly 50 lbs and become quite fit with a normal BMI. The condition has persisted under all both states.

    I have had flair-ups when I was on my feet all day and when I had a very sedintary day. The only clue to causation I have is that I seem to get it every time I am sick, but then it is not exclusively when I am sick.

    Please, someone know what this is. Help us.
    Aqua14 responded:
    I'd suggest that your symptoms could be due to pressure -- there's an allergic disease called "pressure hives" (or pressure urticaria) where pressure on a body part will cause an allergic-type reaction. The swelling could be what's called "angioedema," or deep-tissue swelling. Here's a couple of links to read more:

    Before I was diagnosed with allergies, I used to suffer from these kinds of symptoms infrequently. Now that my allergies are controlled (by avoidance, medication, and allergy shots), it doesn't happen to me. So you may want to visit an allergist. Also, know that hives can be caused by viruses, which would possibly explain your experience when you were sick.

    You could try taking a strong antihistamine, like Zyrtec, and/or soaking your feet in cold water with a few ice cubes when you get an attack. The cold water will have an anti-inflammatory effect and may reduce the swelling. Alternatively, try an ice pack wrapped in a paper towel applied to the site for 15 minutes or so.

    Hopefully these thoughts help you somewhat. Take care & good luck. Judy
    ThereMustBeANameForThis responded:
    Judy, Thank you so much for the information. I do have other allergy issues but I have not been taking a daily pill. I will definitely give it a try.

    The links you provided are quite informative. I will definitly do some deeper reseach.
    moormanm replied to Aqua14's response:
    I have had the same problem with very itchy swelling to the bottom of my left foot. I also get the swelling of the lip, buttock, finger, and etc.... I have told my doctor about it and he said it would be hard to find out what i might be allergic too. I take an over the counter allergy pill when it does happen. This has only starter happening to me about 1 1/2 years ago with the lip, but now it has happen to others parts recently.
    Fibroforlifer responded:
    I too suffer from these symptoms and find myself confused as to what the cause could be. I was wondering if you have fibromyalgia?
    Rpriv responded:
    I know this is an old discussion, but this s exactly the problems I've been aging for several years with my feet, even the part about doctors not being able to figure out what is wrong. Everyone seems to think you're crazy when you describe Kent's that show up, disappear after a few days, and then show up in a new place.

    I've done a lot of research, and I'm convinced this is angioedema caused by a combination of stress and pressure. The itching and swelling knots always first appear on my feet where my shoes rub, but they also usually occur at more stressful times.

    I will add that I had several idiopathic (no known cause) cases of hives as a child, a strange case of itchy hands when I was a college senior preparing my senior exhibit, and a swollen uvula, diagnosed as an allergic reaction to an ACE Inhibitor drug I had just started taking. So, it appears to me to be something I am prone to ave, for some awful reason.

    My concern s how to treat it. Benadryl, anti-itch creams don't seem to work. I can barely walk when the Kent's are very bad. Has anyone discovered a treatment that works?
    Rpriv replied to Rpriv's response:
    My iPad is correcting my spelling--sorry. I intended to type "knots," not Kent's!
    mattpeak responded:

    Also in this boat in just the last year or so, I think Aqua 14 is on the right track.

    The itching I get isn't really itching even though I'm compelled to treat it like a rash. What I believe it is is nerve damage similar to when you cut off circulation and a body part falls asleep.

    Through my own troubleshooting I have discovered that things I did barefoot when younger are no longer permitted. These itching sensations, and localized swelling, show up whenever I sit or stand for more than a moment with isolated pressure on one spot of my foot.

    For instance; right now I am sitting in a computer chair with five legs(the chair not me;-). If I pull my bare foot back and let it sit on one of the legs, I will end up with the itching sensation and subsequently the swelling (which feels like I've got a piece of hard candy stuck to the bottom of my foot in that spot when I walk on it).

    This will happen to any spot that gets pressure for too long whether in a recliner, at the dining table, on a ladder or whatever. If the pressure is concentrated to one area it will swell and itch.

    So far the only time this has happened with shoes on is when I stood on a ladder working in the basement for almost two hours. Both feet took localized hits that day but at 6' and 290 pounds that's a lot of pressure in a small area shoes or not.

    The one thing I have discovered is that these trauma episodes seem to have a cumulative effect in that the more I let them happen the easier they come.

    So until this condition is identified and treated, I try to keep my bare feet flat on the ground with no localized or uneven pressure.

    Aqua14 replied to mattpeak's response:
    If this were happening to me, I'd consult with an allergist. If these are "pressure hives" then they can respond to medication.

    I have read that sometimes it takes several different types of medications to reduce or eliminate the reaction. For example, an oral antihistamine (such as Zyrtec) plus another type of stomach histamine blocker (such as Zantac), or an oral antihistamine such as Atarax.

    My understanding is that patients have to try different types and/or combinations of medications to find what works for them. Of course I am not suggesting that anyone experiment on their own; an allergist is best suited to assist patients in finding the right combination of medications.

    Take care and good luck. Judy
    59judy replied to Aqua14's response:
    I have this same exact problem on my feet and sometimes it happens on my hands where they will itch, swell, turn red and the redness will travel up my arms to the elbow. Some pain and discomfort which last for 2-3 days then will go away. This has happened for 2-3 years and I have had at least 3 episodes. Actually my right hand just went through the process this past week and now my left foot is going through. It could be allergies or some sort of menopause symptom? I am not over weight and I exercise at least 4 times a week, I like your suggestions and will give them a try and check out your links. Thanks Judy I am Judy too.
    Foreveryoung replied to Rpriv's response:
    Works for me! Went to

    All my symptoms are there.
    Thanks! I have been struggling with this for four years allways searched swelling but not together with itching.
    AL41HWY72 replied to Rpriv's response:
    I'm in this exact situation as you Rpriv. I randomly develop red, itchy spots (1 at a time on either foot the size of a dime) followed by swelling in the area causing severe pain when walking. It occurs whether I am stressed or not, but more when I am stressed. It also occurs if I'm on or off my feet. It really doesn't matter.

    What's even more interesting about your situation and how it relates to me is that I was put on an Ace inhibitor, lisinopril, and I also had an allergic reaction having a severely swollen uvula and was diagnosed with "angio neurotic edema" just like you. I was hospitalized for 2 days because of this. So we definitely have something in our bodies that dont agree with something causing this type of response. The intriguing part is that my "flare ups" are only specific to my feet, with expectation to my swollen uvula.

    I have tried Benadryl cream and pills, but doesn't work. The only thing that works is an IM injection of depo-medrol. It clears me up but the spots return within 3 days later sometimes. This problem only occurred once a year, then once a month, and then once a week. So I'm getting a bit worried.

    You have me convinced that it is angio edema, but we need to find out why it's happening and what is causing it. Best to you and will pray for you as I understand your frustrations with this.

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