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    Abdominal Pain after allergy shots
    bwoman29 posted:
    I've been working my way through allergy shots to get to a maintenance level. Recently I started experiencing severe abdominal pain after the shots. It always begins 35 minutes after the shots, the pain is severe, lasts about 45 minutes and then quickly changes to light cramping. Best guess to the location of the pain is the uterus. It doesn't appear to be intestinal - no diarrhea or other related symptoms. I'm so confused becuase this seems to be directly related to the shots but everything I read about reactions is limited to the typical breathing, itching, hives, etc.
    choo_chu responded:
    Have you reported your reaction to your shot nurse and/or doctor? If not, you probably should. Or you could hang around the clinic a few minutes longer so you're in the presence of your shot nurse and/or doctor when you experience your reaction. Either way they might have some kind of answer for you.

    Good Luck.
    Aqua14 responded:
    I second what the other poster said. I suppose it would be possible to have gastrointestinal side effects of allergy shots, because histamine stimulates the secretion of stomach acid.

    Ask your allergist whether you could try taking an H2 antagonist medication used for acid reflux on the days you get your allergy shots, to try and prevent these symptoms. There are many H2 antagonists on the market, many now over the counter -- some familiar names are Zantac and Tagamet. Milder antacid alternatives would be Tums or Rolaids.

    Hopefully these ideas help you discuss your problem with your allergist. Take care and good luck. Judy
    sgbl88 responded:
    I agree also. Your dr needs to know about the reaction you are having. Anything you do for it should be discussed with your dr first. They might want to decrease your dose for a while while they are figuring out what is going on or get the reaction under control. Just an FYI - Pepcid is also an H2 blocker.

    bwoman29 responded:
    Yes - I have reported it to my doctor. But the doctor felt that it would be a very unusual reaction and didn't think it was related to the shots. That's what caught me off guard. How can it NOT be related when it always happens at the 35 minute mark and it ONLY happens on the days I get the shots. But it doesn't always happen after the shots. I experienced it 4 times and then no problems until I progressed into the next bottle. I was just hoping that someone else might have experienced something similar or could offer more info as to what the cause of the problem might be.
    Bliscioues replied to bwoman29's response:
    I just went in to the websites because I was searching the related issues that I am having right now. What a surprised that not just only me having this episodes. So for bwoman29, how is going right now? Are you still having problem with your injections? What are the solutions that doctor been given?
    I am so curious why I am having this problems, it has been fourth times since 8 months ago and the pain was in the same spot. So If you don't mind share info, that way I can discuss more about this with my Allergy doctor.
    ReeMe replied to Bliscioues's response:
    I have been getting my allergy shots for about 2 years (I am not a maintenance dose). Recently I waited longer than normal to get my shots (usually I get it every 3-4 weeks, but this time I waited 5 weeks). I had the same reaction to the 'T' as bwoman29. About 40 mins after my shot I got intense cramping in what seemed to be my uterus. I also was sweating a lot and got light-headed, then it finally went away after about 45 mins leaving me with light cramping for the rest of the day. I most definitely think it has to do with the shot and it was not a mere coincidence. I also just found out I was pregnant and was debating whether I should continue the shots or not. My allergist and obgyn said it would be perfectly fine to do so b.c many pregnant female continue to get their shots. However, after this experience I decided to stop my shots at least during the pregnancy.
    Sasprillageorge replied to ReeMe's response:
    I had this happen to me, same symptoms but lasted longer, so bad my boyfriend called an ambulance for me, they couldn't find anything wrong with me outside of a small ovarian cyst and they said that must be the problem. I didn't even think about it being related to the shots, this happened in February. I got my shot in March, no problems, but then today, I had the exact same sypmtoms like in February. It is horrible, and I fully intend to discuss with my Dr tomorrow. He was already closed today when the bout started so I'll have to wait but I seriously do NOT want to experience this again!
    Migsfamily responded:
    Hi, there!

    I felt the same way! Ended up in the hospital for 4 times already! Dr said the episodes have nothing to do with the shots, but enough is enough! I feel intense Abdominal pain, lightheaded, nausea and agitation! Did you have these symptoms?
    Migsfamily replied to Sasprillageorge's response:
    Hi, there!

    I felt the same way! Ended up in the hospital for 4 times already! Dr said the episodes have nothing to do with the shots, but enough is enough! I feel intense Abdominal pain, lightheaded, nausea and agitation-palpitation! Did you have these symptoms?
    ShellJenea replied to ReeMe's response:
    This happened to me today!! I first experienced the uterine cramping 2 weeks ago and didn't realize it had happened after getting the allergy shot until today when it happened while I was waiting in the office. Severe uterine cramping that is a million times worse than my periods ever are, profuse sweating, high blood pressure (from the pain, no doubt), feeling light-headed and I got a full-body rash of hives. My allergist, too, said he'd never heard of this type of reaction to an allergy shot and said that the "systems" of histamine and female sex hormones are completely different. He's right, they are - but now I'm convinced it is from the allergy shot. I, too, was diagnosed with 2 small (2 cm) ovarian cysts and a 3 cm uterine fibroid. I am not sure how it all connects, but this is ridiculous. I can't do this again.
    hilde006 responded:
    I was so happy when I found these posts, it confirmed to me that I am not alone with this reaction. I didn't look for info until after the second time it happened. I too was working my way through build up doses of allergy shots when I had this reaction. For me it starts about 45 minutes after the shot but also lasts about 45 minutes. It is intense uterine cramping and sweating followed by spotting of menstrual blood (which rules out gastrointestinal effects I should think!). The first time it happened was during my period so I did not think so much of it as I get severe cramps usually (though not this severe). I spoke to my sister who is an emergency room MD and my regular MD and both said the pain was not a reaction to the shots. When it happened the second time, about one month later and not during my regular period, I thought to hell with them I think they are wrong and went to my allergist. He accepted the uterine pain and spotting as a reaction to the shots. I asked him how often these symptoms are reported and he said in 35 years he has had ONE other woman report it and she said it was like being in labour! He also said they though very unusual almost any reaction is technically possible. He ordered a dilution of the serum as it must have been too strong. Unfortunately about 2 months later I had the same uterine reaction (third time) and we have had to dilute again, I am still working up to the maintenance dose but have not had a recurrence of symptoms since so I am keeping my fingers crossed - I don't want to do that again!

    Anyone who has ever had strong menstrual cramps will never confuse uterine cramps for gastrointestinal pains, so I think part of the problem is that 50% of the population can never experience these symptoms as they are men. Some male doctors or contributors do not realize that for women the difference it clear and since it seems to be very uncommon have just not heard of it.

    TALK to your allergist, these symptoms are real, happening to others and are an indication of something being wrong, reactions to allergy shots can be serious.
    Katgacia replied to hilde006's response:
    My doctor lowered my dose way back and I had no cramps this time!! The first time he went back a couple levels, but I still got the severe cramping. He was not convinced that was the problem because i didn't have the symptoms at that level before?!? He went back a few more and it stopped.
    jennb1373 responded:
    I'm glad I found these posts this afternoon. Today - a few minutes after I got home from my second day of clustered allergy shots, I started feeling stomach cramps (like severe menstrual cramps), coupled with dizziness, sweating, and nausea.

    Thankfully I called my doctor who knew what I was talking about and had me immediately take 50mg of Benedryl. He said the liquid form would be best because it's faster acting, but I only had the pill form. About 20 minutes after taking it, I threw up, but started feeling progressively better after that. Not sure if it's just that the Benedryl kicked in or if, like others have said it only lasts for 45ish minutes.

    But... definitely call your doctor.
    hmurphy replied to jennb1373's response:
    Glad to find this! I had the same reaction today. I started on two new serum bottles last week and only had the typical swelling symptoms. Today, however, I went to an exercise class about 2 hours after getting the shots and about 10 minutes into the class, I got severe menstral-type cramps (but much more intense) and felt nauseous. I eventually had to leave the class, which is not like me at all. I was thinking it might've been a reaction to the shots, especially because I had elevated my heart rate, which probably sped up the systemic reaction. I'll be calling my allergy office tomorrow to let them know.

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