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    anyone take both spiriva and symbicort?
    Sue1420 posted:
    just left my pulmo visit and she gave me samples of spiriva to take 1 puff a day and symbicort 80/4.5 2 puffs twice a day for the next month to see if they will help clear the airway inflammation I've been experiencing. I was on asmanex since august 2011 but pulmo switched me to symbicort 160/4.5 on March 31 because asmanex was just not helping and i was having an asthma flare. i have had bronchitis 3 times since last September and sinusitis all winter which causes my asthma to flare. anyway on March 30 pulmo also gave me a 5 day pred taper but it did not help and on day 8 had to see NP at urgent care and she gave me zithromycin. Today i was still wheey, rattly and pghlemy and the pulmo at first she thougt it was all from my sinuses but she did a spirometry and it showed it was my asthma so she gave me free samples of both new meds to try.

    she assured me it was quite typical to put someone on both as there was good evidence that both atatcked th eproblem differently.

    just curious of your experience.

    also she said take the spiriva once a day anytime - do you know if morning or eveing is better and should I take both at the same time since I currently do the symbicort once in the am and once at night?

    appreciate the input
    bresky responded:
    Hi Sue

    I am currently on both symbicort 200/6mcg and also spiriiva 18 mcg. Currently as my peak flows are quite low I take 4puffs of the symbiotic twice a day and am also on Flovent 125mcg twice a day. Your pulminologist is right that they are different drugs, symbicort has two drugs in it one is a steroid which decrease the inflammation and the other is a long acting beta agonist which is like ventolin, where as the spiriiva is an anticholinergic which dries up the mucous and secretions it is not often used in asthmatics but I noticed a huge difference once i started the spiriiva. I had a big discussion with my respirologist as she kept throwing meds at me it seemed. I take mine at night so I am not up as much during the night I usually take it with my other inhalers, but you find what works for you. I am not sure what your rescue inhaler is, I use both ventolin and atrovent so if I take the atrovent more then twice a day I can not use the spiriiva because they are the same type of drugs. I hope you are feeling better and the change in your inhalers help. Let me know if you have any more questions. Bre
    Sue1420 replied to bresky's response:
    Thanks Bre! appreciate the response and knowing that someone else is taking the same meds. I always get worried when I have to start a new med and I was especialy concerned that she wanted me on 2 meds for my asthma and I also take singulair and fluticasone nasal spray. that has never happened before. I was also concerned because I thought spiriva was only for COPD.

    I decided to take the spiriva in the morning after my symbicort. I stopped at the local CVS and the pharmacist and she said it was okay to take them about 10 minutes apart and it was up to me whether to do the spiriva in the am or pm but to be sure to do them every 24 hours.

    I have had a ProAir rescue inhaler but my pulmo gave me a script for Ventolin - haven't tried it yet. She also wants me to use it more often than I currently do. I always shy away from using it unless i am really gasping. she also wants me try it befoe I go walking as i have been complaining of lots of SOB on my walks which includes a slight incline that leaves me huffing and puffing. I'm out of shape and thought that was the reason. hoping Sunday morning to take a puff before I head out.

    again thanks for your reply!
    bresky replied to Sue1420's response:
    Hi Sue

    Hope your starting to feel better and the ventolin helps before the walk. I often take a puff before I do any exercise, however I am also out of shape so I am not sure if its my asthma or SOB.
    I am also on singulair too along with a whole pile of other medications including theophylline, singulair, nexium, flovent, symbicort, spiriva and then also ventolin and atrovent as needed. I am currently trialing 2 months of antibiotics.
    Hope the spirivia and med changes help for you

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