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    Rich from Years ago Now Rich66
    richrl66 posted:
    HI it's been a few years since I posted under another Richxx name. Just saying hi to everyone and getting back in touch. Back then I'm the one who had 2 sinus surgeries, have asthma and Bronchiectasis. Some of my previous posts refer to the Windy City and in humor used to post that I was the NORMAL one. LOL.

    Now I still sinus rinse and neb daily. Gives me a reprieve for a day.

    Stop by and say hi.

    coughy16 responded:
    Hi Rich!!!!! I hope that you being back is not a sign that things are out of control??? I am doing GREAT. Finally got reduced from advair 500 to 250 to 100 and now am down to flovent 100!!!!! Never thought that I would see the day. Next I'm going to try to lose the singulair. Haven't taken any pred in 2 yrs!!!! I hope you're doing well, however NORMAL you will never be
    I miss the old days around here!
    richrl66 replied to coughy16's response:
    HI Coughy, great to here from you. I miss the old days too. I'm about the same if not somewhat better. NO pred in years. I do a daily neb with xopenex and the again with my 5% formic acid solution. Also do a daily sinus rinse. As long as I do this I'm ok. Still have the chronic sinusitus but less flair ups. Godd going on having your med's reduced. Rich...still NORMAL LOL.
    coughy16 replied to richrl66's response:
    Well, glad to hear that you're doing better as well! what has made your sinuses improve, the rinses?
    abbymay16 responded:
    Hey Sir NORMAL,

    Wow its good to see you on here. Have been meaning to send you an email to catch up but life has been insanity--nothing NORMAL Here.

    Glad to hear things have stablilized and the lungs/sinus's are behaving!!

    How are those banana plants!! HE HE

    We have a forest fire nearby so we have had bad air quality----lots of falling ash and smoke filled skies. So far the lungs have held strong and I've had no issues. (crossing fingers)


    Vive Bene, Spesso L'Amore, Di Risata Molto

    (live well, love much, laugh often)
    abbymay16 replied to coughy16's response:

    Hey 2 years and no pred...WOOOOOHOOOOO!!!!!!!

    I had nearly 3 yrs pred free at one point but then menopausal hormones and a couple of surgeries (anesthesia tends to cause delayed flares) and we blew those numbers out of the water. I think its been a good 9 months w/o the evil pred now.....not complaining too much as its light years better than it was.

    I am still on maintence of Flovent 220 and compared to what I use to take that seems miniscule!

    I agree I miss the old days on the boards...we really did have some good times!!


    Vive Bene, Spesso L'Amore, Di Risata Molto

    (live well, love much, laugh often)
    richrl66 responded:
    Coughy16, I think time, and the sinus rinses help, although I go on a heavy dose of antibiotic's a few times a year. At first it was due to sinus infections. Now it's because of my Bronchiectasis, We have to fight back the infection once in a while. Usually that comes with a fever, then I know it's time for the med's.

    Mattie, you will be happy to hear that I still have the original banana plant and it's still having babies. I have them in a large pot which has been outside all summer.

    Rich the NORMAL one. LOL
    coughy16 replied to abbymay16's response:
    Mattie, glad to hear from you too! And good to see that things are going pretty well for you too asthma wise. I honestly can't believe that I have been this well. My last big flare was beyond awful and left me voiceless for 6 weeks, but after I got well, I have never gone back! It has taken me the last 1.5 yrs to bully my allergist into reducing & reducing my meds, but finally I succeeded. And to top it off, singulair and clarinex have now gone generic, so the only prescription med that I use regularly that's not generic is flovent. Saving me lots of money! When I make it thru the fall I am going to try to drop the singulair. 2 surgeries? Hope all is well!
    Aqua14 replied to coughy16's response:
    Hey all,

    Good to hear from you, Rich! Glad to hear that things have been going pretty well for everyone.

    I have permission from my allergist to try dropping my allergy meds (due to good results from allergy shots) but I think I'll wait until winter to try that. If I'm able to drop those then I will only be on Pulmicort. I can't remember the last time I had an asthma flare, nor the last time I was on pred.

    I also miss the old boards and some of the characters that have left us (like Sally). Sure was fun.

    Take care. Judy
    coughy16 replied to Aqua14's response:
    Judy, I have been thinking about you. Are the fibroids all shrunk? How long have you been on allergy shots? Have you given any thought to stopping? I could stop by now I guess, but I am really afraid of going back to where I was before. It took me forever and a day to get to maintenance, so I dread that if I had to go back to them. I would rather get rid of the meds and keep the shots if I can. Right now I'm still on Singulair, Clarinex & nasacort along with flovent. All generic now except flovent! Anyway, next on the agenda is stopping the singular (I didn't tell my dr that yet!) but like you, I am going to wait until after the holidays, because I don't want to risk having to add back to my asthma meds again, and fall has always been my worst time. Are you getting in your last bike rides before the winter?
    Aqua14 replied to coughy16's response:
    Hey Sue,

    The fibroids are still shrinking; it's supposed to take 6 months or so. Symptoms are all gone, though (yay!). It was a heck of a surgery but worth it.

    This is my 6th year of shots, I'll start my 7th year in December. My allergist is one who advocates for taking them forever. He stopped them twice for himself and his symptoms came back each time, so he says if patients want they can just stay on them. His office is 5 minutes away from my home and each shot costs me only about 4 dollars, so I'll probably stay on them forever. I'm similar to you, I'm on Zyrtec, Singulair, Nasonex and Pulmicort. I will try stopping the Singulair first, I'm not sure that really does anything any more.

    Unfortunately for the past week it's been too cold to the low 50s here. I've been doing more hiking than biking until it warms up again (which hopefully it will). Yesterday I hiked 6.2 miles at Starved Rock State Park in IL (south of Rockford) which was nice, but very nippy!

    Take care & keep well! Judy
    coughy16 replied to Aqua14's response:
    Judy, thanks for the update! Glad you're doing well. I think that I have been on shots for longer than you, my allergist is also not pushing me to go off of them, I just don't know many people who have and am wondering how it worked for them. Ugh, it is getting nippy over here too! I'm really not quite ready for fall. This is always my worst time of year, lung wise, and I am already feeling it, although no big problems. Stay well!!!!!

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