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    Asthma or restrictive lung problem?
    Marilynluver4 posted:
    Interpritation of Spirometry,PFT;29 year old female Interpretation of Lung Volumes; 29 year old female.I am a very active, typically healthy, active, 29 year old female. For as long as I can remember I have had troubles with breathing.

    When I was younger I was diagnosed with asthma. To my recollection this diagnosis was based merely off of symptoms alone.

    I have found myself short of breath walking up stairs, talking, even standing and doing dishes. I began to seek medical attention and through process of elimination, it appears that I may have a restrictive problem with my lungs.

    I was going to have a amnitol challenge done with my spirometry, however, the tech. decided the challenge was no longer necessary after seeing my results from the spirometery. I also have values for diffusing capacity and resistance.

    Here are the results:


    Ref Pre %Ref

    FVC Liters 4.50 3.75 83 FEV1 Liters 3.57 3.32 93 FEV1/FVC % 79 89 FEF25-75 L/sec 3.88 4.18 108 IsoFEF25-75 L/sec 3.88 4.18 108 PEF L/sec 7.25 7.26 100 FET100% Sec 2.93 FIF50% L/sec 3.95

    Lung Volumes:

    TLC Liters 6.35 **4.36 **69 VC Liters 4.50 3.75 83 FRC PL Liters 3.36 **1.89 **56 ERV Liters 1.49 **0.81 **54 RV Liters 2.05 **0.61 **30 RV/TLC % 29 **14

    Diffusing Capacity:

    DLCO mL/mmHg/min 27.7 24.1 87 DL Adj mL/mmHg/min 27.7 24.1 87 DLCO/VA mL/mmHg/min 4.62 5.69 123 VA Liters 4.24 IVC Liters 3.33


    Raw cmH2O/L/sec 1.12 2.72 244 Gaw L/sec/cmH2O 0.807 0.367 46 Vtg (Raw) Liters 2.44 Raw f BPM 81

    I am awaiting the next step, but I was told not to work out or exert myself until further notice. I really enjoy working out. I was told that it could be scar tissue, and if so there is no treatment or anything to make you more comfortable. The allergist called me and wants me to have the asthma test after all and if it comes back negative, then we are going to do a CT. He said he is " new at reading spirometry tests" , and didnt act ad concerned ad the tech did. Im just not sure what to think.Thank you in advance for any advice or he.

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    I ve been trying to inmporve the slight asthma i have by exercising more More
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