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    How long does it take to recover from an asthma attack?
    An_248602 posted:
    I had an attack a few weeks ago and was sent to the ER and was given a 5 day dose of 60mg per day prednisone. Following that I started to feel slightly better but still not back to normal. How long will it take until I feel totally better and not have a difficult time breathing?
    bpcookie responded:
    I'm so sorry to hear that your having asthma problems. Its very scarey not being able to breath. I have asthma problems all the time. I've take prednisone when ever I have asthma problems that don't go away with in a weeks time. Most of the time the Prednisone will wipe out the asthma and I will feel better but sometimes it doesn't work. So I must go back to the Dr.s.

    Each person is different. After taking prednisone some ppl will feel better right away and others won't. If you are still having asthma problems after taking Prednisone then I suggest going to your family Dr.s and perhaps even seeing a Pulmonologist. Asthma is nothing to play around with. You don't need to suffer. Asthma can be managed but like I said, each person is different.

    Also I would like to mention one other thing. I suffer from anxiety and I take Lorazepam when I have an anxiety attack. I have noticed that Lorazepam also helps my asthma. When My asthma won't react correctly to my asthma medicine then I take a Lorazepam tablet and it helps me.

    Take care of yourself, stay inside if there is an air pollution warning, do breathing treatments if you have a machine, take your puffer when needed, drink some Breath Easy Tea and breath some steam. Good luck to you and I hope you feel better soon.
    Maric responded:
    It varies as it can depend on The severity of the attack, the trigger, if there was an infection, the medication your were taking before and how well and quickly you recieved the right medication after as well as your general health and immunity and even if your female when in your cycle it happens

    The important thing is to not get over excited about feeling better and run around before you have healed, as this can cause another attack or prolong the slow crappy feeling that can take ages to feel better from.

    My general rule, (i have had sever asthma for 20 years, including many incubations and long hospital stays,) if you feel like crap, stay in bed and check your meds. Even when you start to feel better, stay in bed an extra day, same goes for other activities, if you want to run or exercise leave a couple of days after you feel fine to do it.

    Generally though for an asthma attack that keeps me in emergency for 2-3 days, at least a week or two to fully recover, if its a longer stay in hospital say 3 weeks then i generally feel pretty fine afterwards. The lower the dose of meds before the attack the longer the recovery and irronically the more frequent the attacks the quicker the recovery which may be that im on more meds or my expectations are lower. If the trigger was from a cold or infection or just lower peak flows the longer the recovery, 2 weeks min, butif i go to a friends house who has a cat, i recover in a day or two.

    Watch your sugar intake with prenisolone, as it can cause that urinary tract infection feeling, and enjoy the radiant complextion everyone will say you have, it tends to clear up my pimples and migrains too.

    Hope this helps, be kind to your self and take things slow, it will help you to stay healthy longer, more time for fun, your kids work etc.
    wdove53 replied to Maric's response:
    To join in on this conversation. I feel sorry for all those with Asthma, emphysema/ COPD. That is my diagnosis with allergy to the environment causeing major episodes I have tried several doses of prednisone and they don't help other than cause me emotional distress causing family to abandon me. It is a terrible disease to live with. My first attack was last year and kinda made it through the winter pretty good. Then this July it hit hard and now I can't get back on my feet. I believe we all are affected in different ways depending on the sensitivity of our body's.My body is hypersensitive. My breathing difficulty causes increase in blood pressure that landed me into the hospital on occassion. I feel so badly for all of you that have this terrible disease. It comes in all extremes and reactions. It can make one feel alone when no one understands becuase they don't know the feeling of not breathing. My life is being destroyed by this aweful disease. I'm loosing my job, no pay for 3 can't deal and so ignore me...boyfriend leaving me. I am not who I was and I am sure you all feel the same. Our lives are changes and adjusted I am hanging on to the fact it hasn't ended yet. But my husband died this way and it is hard to go through now.
    wdove53 replied to wdove53's response:
    I haven't recovered. It started last year and I am increasingly worse. Not everyone is the same. My body is sensitive. I am not really healing though I hit remissions. hang in. there a many of us suffering from this illness that is difficult for many to understand. Good luck
    amcate replied to wdove53's response:
    I too struggle with how to respond to others who don't understand. A few months ago, I couldn't take part in communion service as I need a seat in the back row so I can get out and do rescue meds if needed. I didn't have one available, and no one would help, so I left. Ironic thing is the sermon was on taking communion in an unworthy fashion as in the days of Paul some didn't have anywhere to sit while at that very moment I was being denied a place to sit. So, I never went back since there's no point in going to church if I can't participate in religious activities. The minister has been unable to correct the problem over the last year.

    Then the issues with my sisters saying, in essence, I don't work full time because I just want to take advantage of them for money. I struggle to maintain a Christian attitude of love about it all, because that is not what is there. I am angry. So, for now, I've decided to spend all my resources to take care of myself since I think my dad is right and no one else will take care of me. I then at least try to not hurt anyone. But right now, my ability to want to help others is limited. So, I do what I can for myself and at least try to not hurt others. I've given up on others or expecting that others will understand and I stay by myself. Anyway, you're not alone, and I wish you good fortune.
    wdove53 replied to amcate's response:
    amcate, thank you for replying. I just found it. I struggle getting around this site to see if anyone responds to me. It is so nice to hear someone else having the same issues. I too sit in the last row at church and as a Christian it is difficult. people just don't understand. The smells of perfum etc triggers me. It is so diffiicult. I do stay in mostly. I can't work I can't breath and get extremely tired. I haven't any income for 4 months and almost through my retirment fund that I withdrew to live on. I think my daughters are finally getting the is really sick. Days I don't look sick but I really am down for the count. I can't even clean the house. I am defeated although hanging on to that God will provide and He is always on time. I am counting on that. Thank you for responding. It is comforting to hear similar situation from a sister Christian. Thank you and God Bless you. AnnMarie
    amcate replied to wdove53's response:
    If you click on your name, you can see your post history, then read the thread. Sometimes I also don't see other's responses. Perhaps our discussion should go into a new thread as it differs from the reason for this thread?

    Anyway, I don't really ask people to not wear perfume and try to keep such requests to a minimum because they won't understand. I had been wearing a mask to help my asthma, and I suspect people in church feel uncomfortable with that. Also, as you mention when you have asthma (and in my case the body attacking the joints and having to go in for cancer screens all the time, etc) money is tight. So, I was asking if instead of reviewing a Max Lucado book, which I couldn't afford, if we could do a Bible study instead. Basically, they said no and said they would get me a book, but didn't until the night before when I reminded them and then the woman looked very angry at having to spend the time. I wasn't really asking them to spend money on the book, but just use the Bible instead so I could participate. Then, when someone took my seat in the back row when I had to leave to take medicines, I asked a lady close by if she saw my order of worship and asked if she could show me where they keep them with the thought that then I could let her know what was happening and perhaps she could get me another seat. She was a greeter, but her response was only that I couldn't take her order of worship and other than that she ignored my request. It's caused me to question my faith in some regards because if God loves me, and if the Church is his people, then why can't I get in? An old friend of mine grew up Southern Baptist in Texas and he ended up contacting one of the members and said something like, "Wow, this is sad. What would your church say about the fellows who tore off the roof to lower the paralyzed man to Jesus? What a bother, tearing off the roof and all (sarcasm)." Anyway, some members and the minister as well were very nice and kind, but there were enough that were insensitive that I couldn't be sure I could participate. A lady called and mentioned others in the church who they modify things to allow them to participate, but all I could say was that many members were kind, but overall knowing I could participate in the religious activities hasn't been my experience over the last year, and it keeps happening. So, I kept praying and asking God, "I don't understand, if you love me, then why do people who claim your name not care if I can participate in worship or religious studies?" I then thought of my background as a free will theologian to answer similar questions of when the church fails, but somehow those explanations were woefully lacking for me. Another old friend of mine, a minister, just mentioned examples of the disciples refusing to let people come to Jesus because "they are not one of us" and Jesus rebuking them for it. The minister (not my old friend, but the one at this particular church) himself is very good and did the best he could to respond to things like this, in my opinion.

    Anyway, like I said perhaps this is better on a new if the powers that be wish to do that it's fine by me.
    wdove53 replied to amcate's response:
    amcate, your story is so similar to mine. I do believe it helps to hear others with the same issues. I am able though to sit in the back against the wall where I can slip into the hallway when someone comes in with strong perfume on. I also have Ole factory which is I smell things that aren't there so that is an issue also. This week I had a Cat Scan of my lungs once again and they believe there is mets of cancer since I am a cancer survivor of 6 years. I see the pulmonary tomorrow for his decision of what comes next. I just wish there were a support group because people that don't suffer from difficulty breathing just don't understand the limitations. they don't get it.
    It would be something to look forward to, a group that could meet every week and share, and pray together. Sometimes I feel lost and just read my bible and hang on His word. I still have had no income now 5 months and am near the end of my retirment funds. I am only 61 but am applying for social security disability. I just can't handle that either.I am sure you understand, it is more than just physical issues. well, I hope we get to chat. Hope you are feeling a little better, hang in there, God is good as you know.
    God Bless AnnMarie
    An_255041 replied to bpcookie's response:
    I have so severe asthma that my FEV1 has dropped to 52%. My overall lung capacity is now at 77%. I have had 3 bronchial thermoplasties which did help. But the damage was done before they were done. I am having trouble coming out of my current asthma attack. Prednisone 80mg did not help clear it up. I am scared. I am doing everything. Something must be missing? I do have a lot of allergies and also acid reflux and esophageal diverticulosis. Any suggestions are very much welcome. The doctors are concerned and monitoring me.
    earl00 replied to bpcookie's response:
    My child has acute asthma and we are in the hospital now. She has an anxiety attack when she can not breathe. So I will ask the doctor about lorazepam
    Patci5 replied to earl00's response:
    I feel for you, my youngest son had severe allergies and asthma, so I know what you are going through. It is very stressful and scary. Don't forget to take care of yourself also.

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