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    Is my Body just %22over reactive%22?
    love_eyeore posted:
    Alright so here is my weird question for you all to ponder.....

    I have noticed that I get what I term as "reactive" prior to really bad asthma attacks.

    What I mean by this is I start noticing things like my body reacts to things such as:
  • I always have a necklace of some sort on. For awhile it was a solid gold chain, pearls for awhile, and now silver. Wll I notice in the 48-72 hours priror to a bad attack that i get a rash or hives all around my neck where the necklace is. Now, I wear this necklace 360 days a year 24/7...but it's just within the vicinity of an attack that i react.
  • Same deal with the metal on my watch-get an eczema looking reaction all over my wrist from it.
  • The other thing I get is REALLY itchy. For instance on Tuesday I itched my arms to the point that i had what looked like petecqiea all over my arms. Now I'm of Danish decent and very very fair skinned, but seriously! I had tried applying really good lotion numerous times, sitting on my blasted hands, everything...but I just itch and itch. And it's not just my arms-it's everywhere! This has been going on with my flares for years. Last summer I was so itchy they had me on IV benedry around the clock and plastered in calamine lotion-which was quite a sight as that stuff is a much darker tan color than i am!

    So I'm just wondering if there is some sort of histimine reaction going on that is linked to my lungs? or if any of you experience this.

    I just say that "i get reactive when my lungs are mad" that "my body gets pissed or overwhelmed and just starts reacting to everything" I know there is no scientific basis to what I am saying, but it makes sense to me.

    Also have trouble with drugs when I'm "sick" with my lungs. For instance anaphylaxed to Toradol (a NSAID). Same thing happened to topical ointment with sulfa in it.

    So ya, my body is nuts, just wondering if anyone else has seen or experienced this?

    grc_83 responded:
    Hey Jess, Sorry to hear you are having a hard time. Just a suggestion - Is it possible you have urticaria? I have chronic urticaria which apart from being really itchy and hivey looking I cant take any anti inflammatories because it causes a bad flare. Well apart from pred. I can take that.I cant even take the anti inflammatory gels. I know some people who have it react to sulfas too.
    Curlygirl_7 responded:
    Hi Jess,

    I get what you are saying & it would seem to make sense that your body is more reactive right before an attack b/c you have a heightened immune system response going on, causing inflammation in your lungs. If that makes sense? Not sure if it's scientific, but seems to be a good reason. Maybe Dr. E has a better explanation or more info on that.

    I have noticed that my back & lungs seem really itchy during a bad attack. Nothing shows on my skin besides red marks from digging, but it gets really itchy & drives me crazy. Maybe it's related, maybe not.
    sb786 responded:
    Hi Curlygirl. Did you find out why you were getting itchy lungs and back during an attack? I have been having exactly the same sensation recently and it has been causing me a lot of concern. For me it tends to happen when i have a cold or asthma attack. It is worse when i sneeze a lot. It is like my back is itching but when i try to itch it i cannot as the itch is inside my back/lungs.
    love_eyeore responded:
    sb786- I don't know what causes this, but i know that it happens to a lot of people with asthma. So you are not alone, and I really wouldn't be to concerned about it as seperate from your asthma.

    sb786 responded:
    Thank you for the reply Jess! It has been worrying me so much and causing a lot of anxiety. If you don't mind me asking do you also get the itchy lung/back sensation? How would you describe it? For me it is like an intense itch inside my chest around the lung area but i cannot scratch it as it is inside my body.
    charlie891965 responded:
    Hi Jess, It's been quite some time since I've talked to you. However, it sure sounds like your body is certainly tossing out some extra histamines. Why, I don't know, but it sure wouldn't hurt to ask your pulmonologist to run some lab work to check your Ige levels and maybe start you on monthly shots to help curb some of what is and has been going on with you, especially at the time of asthma exacerbations. How have you been? I hope that you are doing better, at least a little. Good luck and stay well. Cindy
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