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    Inhalers and Nausea?
    pnaturegirl posted:
    I had to ask if anyone else gets sick from there steriod style inhalers?

    I had been on Advair and Asmanex and even Flovent and all made me very sick?

    I have always been senstive to meds anyways and oral Predisone really does it to me as well?

    I go back on 29th to pulmonary doc and just wonder what is out there that may possabley not make me sick??
    sgbl88 responded:
    I get nauseous to the point of heaving if I swallow the tiniest bit of the Advair. I don't have quite as much problem with the Hfa version as I did with the discus.

    I hope that helps some.

    ericl777 responded:
    Symbicort is another possibility, similar to Advair, but works a little faster.
    MsFixIt0910 responded:
    What do you use your meds for? Asthma? or something else? I use Advair 100/50 Diskus. I also use ProAir (albuterol inhaler) and Singulair (tablet) to control my asthma. I am 56 years old and have had asthma for 18 years. I have had no adverse reactions to any of these meds other than a dry mouth. I hope this helps - good luck!
    lonespeed responded:
    Advair upset my stomach and I switched to Pulmicort Flexhaler and I have not had any problems for over two years.
    GeneticFlop responded:
    OH YES! I used to get EXTREMELY ILL on inhaled (Discus) Advair. For me it was NOT the corticosteroids, as I've been on Flovent & Pulmicort before with no issues (Advair uses the same steroids as one of those, don't remember which), so I'd assume it was the long-acting dialater in the advair (Serevent).

    I'd get extreme dry mouth, very shaky (way worse than Albuterol/Ventolin), EXTREME nausea (I couldn't hold anything down), severe dizzyness (when I took it in the morning on an empty stomach once I had to pull over while driving as I could not maintain focus on road). Symptoms would resemble a severe migraine (I only know symptoms because my sister gets migraines, I NEVER did before Advair) - usually I'd have to leave work and then lie down on my stomach, face into a pillow, in a DARK, QUIET ROOM for 3+ hours to regain my composure.

    When I use it for more than 3 days straight I also get a chronic throat ache...

    As I've used it over time, symptoms have lessened BUT I still sometimes experience an "episode" which is why I don't use Advair as my regular day-to-day inhaler - I can't afford to miss so much work.

    You probably wonder why I would touch the stuff after even one such episode? Well...besides the awful side-effects I consider it a "miracle drug", my go-to when I'm having a severe flare up (my 'major triggers' are respitory infections & drastic changes in weather).
    elmablu responded:
    They also make me ill especially the Foradil--severe skin problems that got so bad that my entire body was covered in a rash and itching and swollen--had to got to the hospital. I have psoriasis so it also triggers that. I am now on Asmanex and its not as bad as the other sterioid inhalers. But my skin condition still starts and then when it gets bad I have to go on prednisone. I cannot win for losing. The sterioid inhalers seem to me to be dangerous for the lungs--I fear lung damage from them. What was bad was I was suffeing so much not one doctor picked up I was having a reaction--not my allergist or GP or my dermatologist. The ER doctor figured it out instantly. Go figure!
    leona_76 responded:
    my doctor put me on Qvar sept 10 of this year and I am getting severe nausea.. but what can I use I have my albuterol?? for attacks but lately before the qvar I was using it almost everyday the reason doc put me on the qvar but the nausea is too bad what else is there out there and yes I am getting the migraine type sickness with it also and I know for sure cause I suffer from migraines
    bundybear responded:
    I too get ill from steroids. Try boiling some ginger and adding a teaspoon of honey just before you use the inhalers. Hope that helps.
    Rasputinx2000 responded:

    Try using homeopathic remedies like Lachesis to lessen your symptoms. I no longer use inhalers at all.

    Jeff/[email protected]
    ginatln responded:
    Definitely - Ginger absolutely works for all types of nausea that I've ever had. As far as asthma meds, they all make me sick in the sense that I can breathe a bit easier, but I feel like my overall health keeps declining when I'm on them. I guess you could call Asthma meds a necessary evil. I've managed to get myself off of the steroids and still be fine. I wouldn't recommend that anyone just stop their medication. I got off mine through working with my doctor and self research and health management. I always have to be very careful and I still carry a rescue inhaler with me, but I've found that changes in diet and lifestyle have made a huge difference for me.
    Curlysf responded:
    I am on Asmanex and although I do not get sick from it, I have noticed that my hair has thinned significantly. I was on a high dosage of Flovent for a bit and yes I used to get sick from it, and once again it made my hair thin and fall out. I did notice that the higher dosage that I was put on (though necessary), the sicker I felt. I have the feeling it has something to do with the steroids.
    Nanbren responded:
    I have Seretide 250mg 4 times a day and I get horrendous Thrush and just before lunch most days, I feel very sick and start to wretch and wretch but I am never sick its just water. Does anyone think that this may be caused by the inhaler? Also, for the past 4 years I have had a chronic productive cough and its very embarrassing and leaves me feeling exhausted. I have had x-rays, CT scans etc, but all is clear, so I am on lots of medication for it, but it still continues. Anyone has any ideas I would be SO grateful.

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