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    Asthma Inhalers
    Gregory M Metz, MD posted:
    There are several types of inhalers for asthma. Some inhalers (inhaled steroids) are controller medications that are used on a daily basis to control asthma and inflammation. Others are rescue inhalers (such as albuterol) which are used during symptomatic periods to open up the airways and provide immediate symptom relief. It is important that you understand what type of inhaler(s) you have so they are used correctly (and provide the most benefit). For example, steroid inhalers take a long time to work, so they will not provide immediate relief. If you have any questions about your inhalers or how to use them, bring your inhalers to your next appointment so your doctor or nurse can review them.
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    cargoqueen responded:
    I have severe problems with grass cutting but at present do not have the funds to hire a landscaping service to do it or a riding mower. My husband is in remission from Adrenal Cortical and Thyroid Cancer and was just diagnosed with Type 2 Diabetes last week. That leaves this unpleasant task to me. I start out and make it about 20 minutes, get soaking wet, breathing through my mouth with a filtration mask on and goggles, go in the house for a long rest, do it again after resting for approximately 45 minutes and in 15-20 minutes I am back in the house for water and a rest to cool off. Needless to say it takes me 3 hours to cut the lawn. If I wasn't unemployed and my husband was working (unemployment benefits expired) I would hire someone. I have allergy and asthma and use Advair twice a day and Albuterol when needed but when cutting grass it does nothing. I have a problem getting the mist from the inhaler to the back of my throat. I am using a home made extension to get the mist to the back now, will ask my doc about an actual extension but I am afraid I am going to drop in my tracks one of these days cutting the grass or doing any outside work. Any suggestions you can offer would be much appreciated. I take Claritin D long before I go outside. Help?

    P Gooden, MI
    Kacie123 replied to cargoqueen's response:
    I've always been told to take 2 puffs of my inhaler before you do any kinda work or know your going to be around something that may set you off. You may also see about getting on a nebulizer treatment (talk to doc about it) I know it helps me a lot!!! Im sorry you have this situation, and im not much help.
    brittani23 responded:
    was recently diagnosed with severe asthma and i have never had it before in my life. i am 18 years old and it scaries me sometimes because in the middle of the night i stop breathing and wake up and i cant breathe. also, i start coughing and cant stop. i have 2 inhailers one is Pro-Air and the other is ventolin. i have told my doctor that i cant breath and i dont get any sleep at night and he didnt do anything for me besides give me predisone and the two inhailers. the inhailers only help fo a little while then i start coughing again. and when i cough it is very hoarse and deep. and my throat burns, i just need HELP!!!!!!!!!!!!! any ideas please email me ASAP at [email protected] thank you
    sgbl88 replied to brittani23's response:
    brittani23 -

    You need to see an asthma specialist. I would start with an allergist and then a pulmonologist if the allergist can't help you. I find it hard to believe that your doctor hasn't put you on and inhaled steroid (ICS) or a combination med like Advair, Symbicort or Dulera. The combination meds have an ICS and a long acting brocho dilater. You definitely need more attention given to your health right now.

    Keep us posted.

    brittani23 replied to sgbl88's response:
    i will keep you posted. i just dont know where to find the allergist and the pulmonologist around here!
    sgbl88 replied to brittani23's response:
    Here are some links to help you find an allergist:

    I have used this site to research my doctors. It is the only "grading" website that my allergist updated her info on when she moved her office. Maybe you can find someone there. Also, check with the closest health department.

    Good luck and feel better.

    d_dan50 replied to brittani23's response:
    You may be allergic to a food and not realizing it.
    I'm allergic to preservitives and milk. I didn't know about the milk until I went to an accupunturist. He asked what foods I eat and that's when I found out. I'm also allergic to dog dander and dust.
    deluxehd replied to d_dan50's response:
    Hi d_dan50,

    What kind of reactions do you have to preservatives? For me, they trigger my asthma. I have many other foods that also trigger my asthma and therefor have a very limited diet.

    Did you have any testing done by an allergist?
    Hope to hear back from you.

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    I ve been trying to inmporve the slight asthma i have by exercising more More
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