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    Vaccine: Autism Debate
    Kathy_WebMD posted:
    Hey folks, WebMD is planning full coverage of a recent special federal court ruling concerning a 9-year-old with a metabolic condition who probably developed autism-like symptoms due to childhood vaccines.

    WebMD just published this story -- -- on the vaccine debate. We'll continue to cover the story and keep you updated with any new links.

    And we're really interested in what you think, your fears about vaccines and what you want to know. We welcome you to post your thoughts in this thread.

    Stay tuned
    IndianaMom1977 responded:
    That's great news! Hope this gets some attention! Proud mom of successful ASD 4 yr. old!
    RealtorSnyder responded:
    Is there any test that can scan for the pre-existing condition ( a mitochondrial disorder) prior to children receiving vaccines?
    bree71 responded:
    This story hits home for me. The same thing happened to my 12yr old son dillon. He was a very happy, loving,funny,energetic little boy. He walked early talked early and was a very smart boy. Then when he was 15 months old I brought him in for his routin shots and he got a fever which the docs said he would likely get and then about 2-3 days later I put him to bed as usual and the next day he would not say anything, he would not sit by himself and he just layed there. I knew there was something wrong with him but I couldnt get anyone to believe me. The doctors checked him out and said he seemed fine and that was that. Until the first day of headstart. I had to go to the school and pick him up and then the second day the school kick him out. And that was when I finally got someone to listen to me that there was something wrong with my son. We had 6 different counclers,therapysts,and others who came to our house over the next few months and they finally diagnosed him with autisium spectrum disorder. My heart sunk and then the facts set in and I became very very upset. and I thought back to the last 2yrs and realized everything changed for dillon when I had gotten him his 15month shots and when I brought him back to the doctors and they said he had very high levels of lead in his blood system. I never let my son by anything that he could of gotten lead from so I did not know how this happened and now i am wondering if the lead came from the mercury in the MMR shot he got when he was 15 months old. So i am going to keep watching for updates on this story thanks bree71
    racheldj responded:
    Please, please, please, do not let this prevent you from vaccinating your children!!! When I received my first DTP shot as an infant, I had a series of seizures and it was discovered that I allergic to the shot. When an outbreak of whooping cough occured, my entire family had to be quarantined at the risk of me contracting it. Now the risk is worse because even though my children have been vaccinated, I still can't be, but if I catch it and die they'll be without a mother. Be responsible adults, and do what's best for your kids. You'd buckle them up, wouldn't you?
    ajberg51 responded:
    My father who was in WW ll in boot camp Fargaut State National Park. Was standing in line to receive his vaccinations. The man in the front was receiving his vaccinations and after he received them he fell down dead. What does this tell us. That every person has a gene make up that is different from others. We cannot have a herd mentality for our children or for the human. Some will do well and some will die, get ill, or even develop mental problems. Why is this so hard for our nation , medical society to see. Or do they see , don't care because the herd mentality is more effective and it is better to cover it up. As the artical said our AMA and government (because there is big bucks in these drugs) has said they are afraid that more and more people will not get their children vaccinated. There are better ways to take care of our children. 1.Don't drink before getting PG or during.2.Don't become alcoholic, 3.don't smoke, 5.Stay home when your kids are sick,5. put a sign out that the kids are sick.6. Don't buy into the herd mentality. Beause the media , goverment , AMA don't always know.But you know your chilren and your concerns for your own. For our children are our future and are individuals and they inheiret many things from their ansestors. If you want your children to have vaccinations , and if it is required by goverment to have vaccinations before they start school , then they should provide testing if they can receive the vaccinations. With this information then why do they make a requirment for vaccination to start school. By law everyone is to have access to a free education. I have more on this thought. But you get my drift. I know chilren the vaccinations have caused many problems, such as retardation, sevier illness, their ammunities are lowered. Even died after four hours receiving the vaccinations.

    MomCatof7 responded:
    Having the herd mentality to vaccinate because everyone else does it is the most insane thing that can be promoted. You, as an individual, must decide what is best for your own children. It is your inherent right as a free person to make that decision with no outside influence. You must research the information out there and decide. Don't be pushed into it when your child is days old and most vulnerable to injury and forced to give them a myriad of vaccines for diseases that they will probably never come into contact with (like Hepatitis B ... is your infant a prostitute or share needles with a drug user?). Find out what they use to preserve these vaccines with. Research any and all risks before you are pushed into it by the "herd mentality". Then if you decide, the decision was wholly yours.
    KDogVA responded:
    We just recently had our fourth child last week (all boys ) so the timing of this couldn't be better. My wife and I only regret not being more cognizant of the risks when we had our oldest vaccinated (though thank God all are okay). Since then, we have been very deliberate in our planning for our childrens' vaccinations, and are mulling over our options regarding our newborn. As a parent, the root causes for our skepticism regarding the safety of vaccines evolves around 1) the lack of research on the effects of vaccinations on young children, 2) the insistence on most of the medical community that vaccines are safe despite #1, and 3) the treatment you get by hospital staff and most book-smart pediatricians when you declare your decision to not follow the AMA-approved schedule for vaccines.

    There is a lot of talk about Mercury, but I'm just as skeptical about Aluminum content. For that reason, my wife and I are using "The Vaccine Handbook" by Dr. Sears to spread out the vaccines and eliminate mega-dosing with multiple shots in one visits or many-in-one vaccines. I don't understand how the medical community can disregard the fact that vaccines are deemed safe based on an adult, and do not factor in the fact that newborns and small children are obviously smaller and are therefore likely to have lower threshold limits for certain ingredients. Why is it that expecting mothers are told to steer clear of fish that may contain mercury because of the fear that 250 mcg of mercury can be unsafe for a fetus, but 300 mcg of mercury in a vaccine is acceptable?
    TrudyGERD responded:
    Lead doesn't come from mercury. Look at a periodic table of elements from any chemistry textbook. They are completely different elements, therefore completely different metals. Protons and electrons do not leave or join atoms making them into different elements. If your son was found to have high levels of lead in him then mercury can not be the source. I honestly do not know what the source of his lead was, but it doesn't come from mercury. Is your pediatrician in an old building? Could your son have picked some paint off a wall and eaten it while there (I'm asking because the timing on his huge regression was right after you were at the pediatrician so it does seem suspicious that at least something to do with the visit could have lead to it)? Toddlers get things into their mouths in a split second so it's very easy to miss them doing so.

    In no way am I saying that MMR vaccinations never lead to autism (though I know in my cause the shots had nothing to do with it). What I'm saying is that unless your pediatrician had a batch of the vaccine that was contaminated with lead then the lead did not come from his shots.
    Sam48381 responded:
    In Milford, MI I have a son who was born on Thanksgiving in 1998 he also has Autistic Spectrum Disorder, I really feel that the vaccines they gave our children are a big part in what they have. Cause I have a older son who was born in 1992 and I have had no problems with him at all.

    Signed Sam48381
    Robmom responded:
    I am so thankful that the US and other developed countries are waking up and having their eyes opened. The govt has hushed up this stuff for so long, but with 1 in 150 children developing autism, the govt can't keep it hushed up.

    I have always thought that there is more to vaccine related disorders than just the mercury (thimerisol). For instance, I watched a 60 minutes in 2000 where a brittish scientist did a study on the mmr vaccine and his studies (not that studies don't have flaws and are always conclusive) showed that the vaccine cause damage in the bowels which allows toxins in the gut to leak into the blood stream and cause brain damage. I know that a lot of autistic kids have bowel trouble.

    I had my first child in 1999 and was urged by my mother in law to NOT vaccinate him. Of course I thought she was crazy and I didn't want to be the weird one in the school, community, or family, but we thought we'd research it a bit. (Can you believe that I wouldn't research giving my child 33 + different immunizations before they were 2 yrs old?) Anyway, there's almost too much info on the internet and anyone who looks into it would probably be scared out of their wits. So I compiled a file of news articles, personal stories from people I knew, notes about tv shows and radio programs I heard that were about adverse side effects of vaccines or vaccines that had been recalled (at this point I had made up my mind to at least wait until he was 2 yrs old) and I took it with me to the pediatrician for his first checkup and to every pediatrician and doctor my kids have seen since. They will try and bully you and make you feel like a bad mother if you don't come armed. Most health professionals have quietly respected my wishes while still making a point to disagree with my decision.

    I found out through our state's health department that a simple form with my signature would allow my children to be exempt from their immunizations to get into school. There were 3 reasons allowed, religious, medical and personal. It was the easiest thing I've ever done. No one at the school gave me a bit of flack. They are used to people showing up with no exemption form and having a fight on their hands when they won't allow the student to start school.

    Long story long, my 4 kids are healthy, happy and at the very top of their classes. I wouldn't change my decision. As they get older, there may be specific vaccines that they need and we can go from there. I am just so grateful for a nosy mother in law that opened my blind eyes to the possibility of the adverse scenerio. There is a host of pre-existing conditions can babies may have prior to receiving their shots. I feel that brain damage to some degree (ADD, ADHD, ODD) can develop when their already tiny weak bodies are bombarded with the sheer volume of vaccines and all their "unique" preservatives. Not to mention SIDS...don't even get me started.... Almost all early childhood illnesses are easily cureable. Autism, learning and behavioral disabilities and death are not.
    Tysdad99 responded:
    From the FDA: "Thimerosal is a mercury-containing organic compound (an organomercurial). Since the 1930s, it has been widely used as a preservative in a number of biological and drug products, including many vaccines, to help prevent potentially life threatening contamination with harmful microbes. Over the past several years, because of an increasing awareness of the theoretical potential for neurotoxicity of even low levels of organomercurials and because of the increased number of thimerosal containing vaccines that had been added to the infant immunization schedule, concerns about the use of thimerosal in vaccines and other products have been raised. Indeed, because of these concerns, the Food and Drug Administration has worked with, and continues to work with, vaccine manufacturers to reduce or eliminate thimerosal from vaccines".

    Mecury poisoning is the result. This disables various neurofunctions. One of these just happens to affect the way our bodies get rid of certain wastes. Our bodies get rid of toxins every day as long as the amounts are within certain limits. Lead can be in the air, in your water, in the soil, a number of places. We inhale, injest, etc. this lead. As long as everything is working right, your body gets rid of it. But when one or more of these functions is blocked (damaged synapse) then the toxin (lead) can build up until forced out. We are just at what is hopefully our final chelation treatments in which the initial urine test had our lead count off the chart. We are now at almost normal levels.

    Anyway, that's where the lead comes from. I could go on about the CDC pharmaceutical companies etc. but we'd run out of space. Just follow the money from vaccinations, and you'll see that maybe even your state gets some of it. There's big incentives($$) to bring on more vaccinations and to protect the manufacturers.

    I've spent tens of thousands of dollars trying to get (medical) help on this and even hired lawyers to get help from the school system. I can't afford much more. Maybe the fed can help. All I want is to give my kid a fighting chance at a life.
    TrudyGERD responded:

    What you said still does not explain how lead levels can be high due to mercury in immunizations. You didn't say in your case how quickly after your child received his immunization the regression occurred or even if it was a sudden regression.

    In the case of bree, she said her child regressed overnight the night of the immunizations. It takes a lot longer than that for lead to build up in the system if you're talking about the body simply no longer being able to filter toxins, unless there was a massive ingestion. Lead is not the same element or even metal as mercury. There had to be a source for the lead if it was high that quickly. Unless the MMR used was tainted, then I still don't see how you can blame the shot for this high level of lead.
    freedom1960 responded:
    IT'S ABOUT TIME we took a closer look at this and this case in particular is what will hopefully open the door. It may not be the vaccines themselves, but possibly the thimerosal used as a preservative, I guess(?)(I always thought that's why it's in there anyway). I have always wondered why we must vaccinate our children at such young ages. 9 vaccinations at 12-18 months of age? Can't we wait a couple of more years? I'm asking, I'm NOT a Doctor! But I don't think they are going to get these diseases if we wait till they are ready to go to school. I mean, in the United States anyway, the instances of any of these diseases are so rare I think it is safer to wait till the child is at least 6 years old before ANY vaccinations should be given. And here's how I came to that conclusion: We would know for SURE if the vaccines caused the Autism, because the child would be older and you would know where the child is/was in their development, don't you think? My daughter is a "naturalist" and lives in Alaska in the "sticks" and refused to get her children (my 4 beautiful {and oh so NORMAL}grandchildren) vaccinations till they were school age and she HAD to. She still didn't want to but the government knows best I guess.(NOT!) She tried to fight it and even home schooled them for a while. But, by waiting, you KNOW how your child is developing, i. e. learning, talking, reading, and their general over all health, especially their mental health, and how they have adjusted to a "normal" childhood. That way when the shots are given, you will know right away if there is a change in the child's behavior. If the child becomes slower, shows any signs of Autism, and if they were so smart before and suddenly after the shots became slower, you would notice it much easier than getting a baby vaccinated because you can't be as sure with a baby's development. They haven't had a chance to develop yet, like learning their ABCs, or how to get along with siblings or their peers, or even whether they were potty trained or not. When giving these babies vaccines and they weren't "potty trained" yet, it would be harder to tell if it was caused by the vaccines or if they naturally had a hard time learning to potty train. Waiting till they are ready for school, which can't hurt in my opinion, would let you know immediately if the child had a sudden change in development, character, or judgment. If they had already learned reading, writing, and some simple math skills taught by the parent before entering school, it would be very easy to tell if there were any changes in the child if we would wait till they are somewhat developed so we can actually have something to compare their behavior to after getting these vaccines. Does this make sense to anybody else besides me? Because this sounds so much more logical and an over all easier way to tell if the shots, or possibly the thimerosal in the shots, are indeed the culprit, because you would know right away if you had something more solid to compare the before and after your child got the vaccines! You would have video of how your child was from birth to say, age 6 without shots and then WITH the vaccines afterwards. It would be much easier to tell because the proof would be right there on your video! Now, whether it is the thimerosal or the vaccine itself is another question that needs to be answered. And would an older child be able to fight off the effects of the vaccines better, whether it's the thimerosal or the vaccines themselves?

    I think it's something to investigate. I think a study of this sort would be a good thing to get going on at any rate. And I can't see it costing that much.(of course the government and it's agencies always make things cost more than they need to; like the $250.oo 16 oz. hammer bought by the military.LOL

    But there's my 2 cents worth. I'm wondering what ya'll are thinking and I'll check back.

    jaxmom responded:
    Dear Kathy: I read the article b/c my sister who has a 12 year old autisic son was told that a series of vaccines she was mandated to take while pregnant with her son might have contributed to his condition. Obviously, we will truly never know exactly what caused his condition but noone on either side of my sister or her husband's family have this condition. I truly wish they would find any and all links that could possibly contribute to this terrible condition that locks these children away from everyone who loves them and if they are like my nephew, they are unable to communicate even the simplest of needs. It's very hard to watch. He is not high functiuoning and still has to use a diaper. Cannot speak. But, a beautiful child... huge blue eyes. I wonder if they make non-mercury based vaccines? If so, how do I find them? Sincerely, Kelli Toombs

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