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    lnjay1 posted:
    I was decide to to my child in the early intervention program
    because i thought he was a bit behind other kids he was not talking not playing with others and always angry. After many test I was told he had autism. Me being a first time mom I really am lost I dont know were to go from here I try to read articles on autism but there so much infomation truthfully it makes me want to cry just reading them.I was hopin if some mother who have children with autism could help try to learn more about this disorder so that i could try to help my son better. Thank you
    motherofrob responded:
    I would suggest that you read your articles in small doses. Early intervention is wonderful and made such a huge difference in my son. We started speech at 2 and a few months. The diagnosis hits very hard at first. My son is now almost 7. We always have things that we are working on. The worst is my son lack of potty training. Focus on the here and now. It does get better I promise
    lnjay1 replied to motherofrob's response:
    Thank you I will try to take it one article at a time. I just wanted to shine some light to be able to understand what my son is going through i just want to fix it so he could not feel different
    DeadManWalking56 replied to motherofrob's response:

    What have you tried for potty training ? 7 is old for it. Perhaps some small positive reward for using the toilet appropriately, or telling you when he needs to use the toilet ?

    DeadManWalking56 replied to lnjay1's response:
    He's always going to feel a little different. All people are, his will just stand out a bit more. Find his strongest interests, and help him develop them. Then he can ask you to be involved to help him develop the interests. Talk to him, but no yes/no questions, get him talking to you.
    AlhKbr responded:
    I am a first time mother of a 3yr old who has autism. And a single mother on top of it. So I know what it feels like to be crushed with the news that this child whom you EXPECTED to be neuro-typical is the opposite of that. But you have to look at it like Stephen Shore has described; they are like aliens from another planet, and you have been chosen to guide them through this world in which they do not understand. You have a gift, and our autistics are truly that. They do not see the world how we do, nor how we ever could.
    As far as "researching"...stick to your gut feelings. Your child, although like many is autistic, yet an individual. What worked for one child may not work for yours. Trust me. I have tried everything I can think of (daily supplements, M-B12 injections, GF/CF and soy and yeast free diet, various prescribed medications, hyperbaric oxygen therapy and SO ON AND SO ON) when in all actuallity, the moment I quit, threw my hands up and quit, started treating her like an "normal" child, focused more on understanding HER instead of trying to make her understand ME and MY world, is the only time when I have made headway. My daughter will be 4 soon and is now able to understand receptive communication and say a few words in context. The main thing I need to tell you is to be PATIENT. PATIENCE is the key word in dealing with autistics. I wish you the best for you and your family.
    motherofrob replied to DeadManWalking56's response:
    Oh we have tried everything. When you reach this age its kinda an issue.
    momsbabyboy responded:
    You did the right thing by enrolling him.Children with autism learn visually,so things such as flash cards will work wonderfully.I potty trained my now 10 yr old with flash cards.Rewards work well,especially if it something they desire.Always look for the positive.Children crave positive reinforcement,no matter what.And watch what triggers them-it can something simple as too many people around.Start small and work your way big.

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