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    My son has told me twice now that he wishes he were dead
    ricochetautismmomX2 posted:
    I have two sons that fall under the Austism spectrum. My youngest son is my concern now. He is 12 and in the 6th grade. He is struggling with school because he is developmentally delayed and is taking a full load of regular classes and passing, barely. That is not the issue. The social aspects is the hardest part for my son. He comes home regularly begging me to home school him so he does not have to deal with having no friends at school. He tells me that kids always pick on him and sits alone for lunch. He says on the rare occasion that the kids are allowed to go outside, he plays alone. The situation is the same here in the neighborhood. He gets one friend and he hounds them so much wanting to be friends that they don't even answer the door when they see him coming. It breaks my heart! It has taken a turn for the worse now. My son came home yesterday from school with his progress report and he is flunking a class. I told him that we needed to add a little more attention to that class for him to pull his grade up. This is when he began to tell me that he does not get any respect from school and his teacher just does not like him. I told him that teachers love children, all of them or they would not be teachers. Then he tells me that the teachers hate him because the kids hate him. He told me that the kids call him dumb*** and cry "eww" any time he gets near them. He then told me that they call him "crazy" and "tard" in the school. He told me that the only friends he remotely has are the ones he gives ice cream money to.
    Well, the situation escalated and I spent some time speaking with him one on one. He told me, "I wish I was dead because it would be easier: at least I would have friends in Heaven!"
    My son has been diagnosed with Autism from the age of 18mos. when we had taken his older brother to have a CT scan done and the neurologist said that he has the same thing as his brother because he walked on his tip toes. I thought this doctor was wrong. I had my son diagnosed by the Marcus Institute and he definitely was Autstic. I thought perhaps he just had major temper tantrums when I would take him into a store and he would have a complete screaming, fall in the floor, biting tantrum. People around would say things like, "that horrible kid just needs a good butt whooping!" And so it began. The life sentence for my son to never really fit in. He has a slight speech impediment that some people thing he is hearing impaired. I am so protective of him that I want to sit down with the parents of the children who are cruel to him and ask them where they were raised to allow their children to act in such a manner.
    Now that my son is telling me that he had rather die than work through the issues at school I am completely flummoxed! I don't know who to call, what to say if I call them. Is it smart to take a child with a social handicap like Autism out of the regular school only to have him more isolated? Do I take his comments of "hating his life" and "wish I were dead" to heart and call in experts to have him pumped up on more pills than he already takes? Is there anyone out there who knows what this is like and how hard it is for a parent to see their child suffer so much and be so powerless to fix the problem?
    SiempreViva responded:
    This is not something to take lightly
    yank him out of there - Both me and my best friend had to drop out of school due to bullying - we used to get robbed threatened and my friend was thrown in front of an oncoming train by a gang of nasty students at school its a miracle she was not killed . We both left school at the same time and were thrilled to do so - KIds can act like vicious animals and there is nothing worth subjecting a child to this treatment - he will excell at home or with private lessons at school kids who act like savages will continue to attack him.

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