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    Need advice
    lrtimes21 posted:
    Hi! I have a five year old son that i have noticed is different from my other two boys, he is the middle child and he has OCD tendencies.. he still wets the bed at night, it's hard to get him to socialize with other kids at preschool and he is about to start kindergarten, he freaks out over fire and fireworks,loud noises and the fire drills he would have to leave the building before they did the drill, he hates clouds because he thinks it is going to storm, and he has never been through any traumatic storms. He has to have a toy with him all the time, they are squinkies and it is hard to carry on a normal conversation with him, he is always in his own play world. He is very particular about matching his clothes and jammies, I mixed up his PJ's once to see and he dug through and matched every one of them. When someone says hello to him he doesn't say hello back. He is really picky about his food. Somedays he is very social ..depends on who. He is really sharp and remembers everything.. he is really good at art and reading. He loves bugs and frogs and animals. He just does not connect with me like my 6 and two year old do, he is always in another world.. he will throw a fit if he doesn't have a squinky in his pocket, it is like his safty net.. do you think that at his physical all this would be worth bringing up again? a doctor a long time ago mentioned Asbergers to me and now that he's older I'm really worried and wondering if I should investigate or if I'm being over paranoid? Please some advice??? I can't sleep because I can't have a normal conversation with my 5 year old and he takes a lot of patience because you can't force him into anything or hurry him up.. he's just really different and my gut tells me its different.
    Please anything will help!
    Thank you
    mammasita3 responded:
    Definately mention this to your pediatrician. He should be evaluated by a child behavioral team. Childrens Specialized Hospital is a good source or your pediatrician can guide you as to where to go. Also you may get some information from the school's Child Study Team, local Board of Health
    Department, medical insurance company. The key is to get him evaluated by a professional.
    lrtimes21 replied to mammasita3's response:
    Thank you! I got a referral put in to see a specialist. Is it normal that he has really good days and really bad days of behavior?
    lrtimes21 replied to mammasita3's response:
    I just wanted to update you and everyone. .. he was evaluated and he has Aspergers.,.sleepwalking, anxiety/ depression, and sensory processing disorder. Thank you for the advice and support!

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