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    masturbation causes back pain?!
    Guam111 posted:

    I am a 20 yr old female and I have lower back pain. I do not feel it unless I stretch the lower back muscles,(hip muscles) or put stress on them. For example, when I bend down to touch my toes, I can feel pain in my lower back, almost right on top of my hip and it goes down the hip. It is more concentrated towards my right hip and if I try to stretch out my right leg in the air, I feel pain in my thigh and hip and I am unable to fully stretch the leg. I think the cause of this pain is masturbation. I remember getting a slight version of this pain once after masturbation. In the beginning it would go away, but now it is constantly there. The intensity of the pain increases after masturbation and stays for days at a time. So the more often I masturbate, the more severe the pain gets, and the longer it stays. Also, the duration of pain is increasing with time even though the rate of masturbation remains the same. The pain starts decreasing if I stop masturbating, but does not completely go away. I have been searching for articles online that would indicate masturbation causing any sort of pain, but I was not able to find any. Can masturbation cause nerve or muscle or any type of physical problem? Also, I am not physically active, so do you think this pain can be helped with exercise? I have never heard of anyone getting pain after masturbation, so this is a little bizarre but I am quite sure that masturbation is the root cause or maybe some physical damage caused by masturbation is causing the pain. In either case, in what scenarios do you think masturbation can cause physical harm? I will appreciate you replying and offering some suggestions and input on the subject.
    davedsel57 responded:
    I think a more appropriate place to post your question would be here:
    orangetabby responded:

    I am afraid that we just cannot give you an answer to your question of whether or not you have a back problem. The only one who can give you a diagnosis is a doctor. You can start with your pcp or depending on the type of insurance you have, you can make an appointment with an orthopedic doctor. They can check out you back and see what is happening.

    Once you do have some sort of idea what is wrong with your back, we can certainly help with suggestions.

    TRS1960 responded:
    And for all this time I was worried about my eyesight
    bpcookie responded:
    ROFLMAO Way too funny.
    bj1208 responded:
    oh, oh, oh, oh!!!! i know - it was Mr. Green in the library with the candlestick!!!!
    mike39095 responded:
    Let's see " a scenario in which masturbation can do physical harm".......the only one that comes to mind is being young enough that if caught by your parents......well you can imagine the situation......Mike
    bpcookie responded:
    I thought you grow hair on your palms if you do it too much.
    seanhh responded:
    Not sure about women, but masturbation can cause some pretty serious skin issues in men of all ages. Things like chafing, soreness, dry or cracked skin and even some nerve damage are all common side effects of this activity. But thankfully there are penis health cremes available that can treat and prevent all of the issues I mentioned above. In addition to several vitamins and nutrients, a good creme will contain acetyl L carnitine, which will help with the nerve issues. These cremes are very important and helpful.
    ranjitasamyal responded:

    Was this solved for you? I am facing the same issue and i cant find a remedy. I am tired and fed up of this.


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