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    Back 2 Life Machine
    Asher1960 posted:
    Has anyone had experience with the "Back 2 Life Machine"? I have had back pain for over 15 years and tried Physio, Massage, Laser, Chiropractor, Prescription drugs, Inversion and a few more. I will use anything that will help reduce the pain and discomfort. Thank you
    shar46 responded:
    Hi Asher, I have very little faith in these type of machines. I saw you didn't get any response's so I googled it and this site here if you link up to it has a lot more answers to your question. Oh if you do use it would you let us know what the outcome was? Thanks! Aloha Shar
    daddio00835 responded:
    Hi Asher I know what you're saying about reducing the pain "a lil bit" I am skeptical about new stuf that is supposed to work.All I ever found was the only exercise I got was moving the stuff out of the way. I never heard of the back to life machine tho. Im trying to figure out the big difference between a bowflex and a regular weight machine (other than approx 1500 dollars)
    BASR2 responded:
    I have back pain and tried the Back2Life machine. With time, use of the machine reduced my pain, but did not completely get rid of it. You can read about my experience using the machine at .
    TrulyDVine responded:
    Hello, First of all, I am sooo sorry for your pain, and I admire you for every day that you get up and survive. I have been in a very similar situation for 15 years or so. I have had pain for 32 years but it was only that latter part of every day. Now, as is for you, it is 24/7. I saw the same infomercial for the Back2Life machine. It seemed to me that the people talking about the use of the machine were true pain patients. They seemed to hesitate and explain in a manner that you begin to recognize from real chronic pain patients. I would sure like to hear from anyone that knows if this is a waste of our money. I am disabled and my husband is in sales. His income has been cut in half. I am trying to go back to work out of necessity but I am scared as hell. I thought maybe if this machine really helped. Surgeries have only made me worse. Exercise is so painful that I have a difficult time ever finding out if it works. Don?t misunderstand me, I loved working out. I am not opposed to pain for gain, but I don't know if there is anything but my creating more problems. It took me 12 doctors to even find one that said there was something wrong. That is a long story, but my point is, my DX is very vague. I need to find help because I am the second generation with this back problem and my son looks like he may have it also. PLEASE, if anyone knows a Doc who is able to help.... I have L4-L5 non successful fusion, now the vertebra is nearly 50% out of alignment. The discs are all very degenerated, but now the scar tissue is clamping down on all my nerves as well. I have pain from my waste to the balls of my feet, from the lower part of the snake scoliosis. I have pain in my shoulders, my upper ribs and my neck and now migraines from the upper part of the snake beginning to get worse. I am, as all of you are surely experiencing, lonely. My family is wonderful, but I am a vivacious, people loving person and I miss going to parties and being able to enjoy myself. I am 10 years in my bedroom due to it being the only place I can ever get comfortable. If this silly machine would fix my pain... then my life would be turned upside down with changes to the good. Sorry for the babble, guess I needed to vent. I am also a good listener and have years of information I would love to share if needed. Please let me know if you know anything about the Back2Life Machine!!!!! [email protected] Thanks, Liz
    Ovie37 responded:
    To your specific issue on pack pain, I suffered from ongoing lower back pain for 10 years before someone that I met at a conference that had spinal cord surgy practically begged me to try acupuncture. It worked wonders. I terms of Back2Life, I have only been using mine for a week, but have had favorable results. I hope they last. Here is a review that I just posted on a different website:

    I had spinal cord surgery about 12 years ago which resulted in foot drop (left side), poor balance, and limited feeling in my right foot and leg. I?ve also been having trouble sleeping through the night. I have been using the Back-to-Life for a week, usually twice as long because I find it so relaxing. After the second day of using the device, I started sleeping through the night and have been since. But yesterday I noticed something interesting. Since learning to walk again after the surgery, I haven?t been able to walk with my heel hitting the ground first. My entire left foot would just flop on the floor. Now, I?m able to walk with my heel first, and my left foot turns out to the left slightly, resulting in a more natural looking stride (with foot drop, my left foot would turn in). Given that I?ve been living with the condition for so long, I am amazed. I still have a slight limp, my balance isn?t back, and my right foot is still numb. However, I have definitely noticed a positive difference in the way that I walk. If you have foot drop, please consult with your doctor before using this machine because it is not intended for use by patients with foot drop from progressive disorders. I wish you the best.
    jessi19661 responded:
    I saw your reply here and when u describe ur neck, rib, shoulder, Upper extremity and upper body and chest pain.......I am thinking you may have thoracic outlet syndrome, and do u mean scoliosis when you say "snake"? I also have scoliosis (not diagnosed yet, but I saw that my family members have it on both sides so had my hubby chesk and my spine is indeed curved to the left in the thoracic spine) I also have tons of other neck problems, but TOS is a very painful and limb threatening one bcuz I have arterail and venous type, and also the neurogenic type, it stops my blood flow to and from the hands and arms, but worst to the hands. go to the site and you will probably be able to tell if your upper body and neck are affected. good luck.

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