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    Left sided mid to upper back pain tha radiates around the front?
    mlb40 posted:
    I am so tired! I have been having this left sided back pain that radiates up my back starting at the middle and around toward my abdomen. Where it starts at it is a stabbing pain and is constant all day long! At night the pain level heightens! I cannot lay on that side at all and whenever i try to switch position i am in excrutiating pain! I am suffering from insomnia! I currently get a total of about 2 to 3 hours of sleep at night! I do not suffer any urinary infection symptoms: burning with urination, foul urine odor, etc. The only symptom i have besides pain is, on occasion at night i will wake up shivering. This started a little over a month ago and is steadily increasing! It is not related to a back injury or anything along those lines. I have been going to pain management for 4 years now and this is not related to my chronic neck and lower back pain. My pain physician stated that it is not related after assessment.
    I went to a general physician with not luck. Since i am not having any other symptoms he is not even bothering sending me for a ct scan, blood work or anything along those lines! I am very frustrated at this point! Do i have to fake some symptoms to get tests done? I cannot take this pain anymore and it is effecting my life! Can someone please suggest something or help me? Thank you!
    bj1208 responded:
    hi mlb40 - welcome to the board - sorry you are in such pain - i can understand the insomnia - i get about 2-3 hours sleep each night - if i get more than that then my hubby has to help me up and i'm crying for over 2 hours trying to get the pain under control - it's no fun at all -

    i would suggest that you discuss this with your PCP again and stress that there is something going on and you would like to have an MRI or CT Scan done (try to have it done with cross sections). If your PCP still refuses to do this then it may be time to look for another PCP that will -

    I don't know if ur on any meds but try ibuprofen and also try some heat patches (they do help a little) - i get the ones that stick to ur skin - this may help u sleep a little better at night -

    take care and let us know what happens - remember you employ the doctor's so it's your call -

    BrenBren30813 replied to bj1208's response:
    hey there mlb40, I agree with Joy on this. If your current doc is brushing you off relative to a chronic pain issue that is interfering with your life, then it's time to find a doc that is responsive to your needs, and runs every test imaginable to try and pinpoint your pain. Don't ever "fake" any sort of pain. The end result that you are seeking, is an explanation, and that could distort things, as well as disrupt the trust you have with your doctor. I can't tell if you are male or female from your post. If you are a female, maybe you could consult your OBGYN in order to get prompt attention. Have you ever had GI issues? Have you had a fever/night sweats with this???

    Of course your doc has probably asked you all those questions, but the answers may lead you to the right specialist. If you would like for Dr. Minchew to answer your quesiton, then post to the new thread that Chris (WebMD staff) has created in order to get a response. I hope everything turns out okay for you, take good care, B

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