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    debating whether to have the spinal fusion
    abbey123 posted:
    Hello,all.My Dr. is recommending I have a spinal fusion on L4/5 and a laiminectomy.I have been in severe pain for years so I went to a neurosurgeon,who ordered a MRI-hence the suggestion for surgery.My question is--does anyone know of good results?I have been researching this and I can't believe the horror stories! I would also like to know how much this surgery costs.My ins. will not pay on any problems with my back.I would appreciate any advice anyone can give me.
    An_243480 replied to dmatte25's response:
    I would get at least 2 more opinions,and also you can apply for charity assistance if no Ins.Good Luck,Also deal with a NEURO doc,NOT ortho,They messed me up!!!!!! God Bless N.Grayned
    zansue916 replied to donna53058's response:
    I had a laminectomy/discectomy on levels L4-L5 and L5-S1 03/02/11. I had put this off for over 5 years due to all of the bad scenerios I had seen (I'm in the legal field). I woke up from surgery so much better than I was prior to going in -- with the exception of the 2 most left toes on my left foot -- I haven't felt those things in years and have been told I never will again. Things were going great for about 10 months. I now have as much psychotica (I know it is sciatica, but if you are like me and have had it, psychotica is a much more correct term) if not more than before. The surgeron told me when I had this surgery that I would need a fusion in the future. I'm scheduled for a series of epidurals in a few weeks. I hope those give me some relief. I don't think I'm ready to bite the bullet with a fusion yet.
    trs1960 responded:
    Abbey, I thought pre-existing conditions were only excluded for a period of time while you were on a new plan?

    I would call your benefits director and verify that will not cover a pre-existing condition for a period of time or forever?

    Best of luck,

    chealsea14 replied to shirleyd1959's response:
    Did you get the surgery done? If so how did it go? My Dr is telling me I need to have disks removed & my spine fused. I am a single Mom & cant afford to miss much work and I'm being told since I've already been to the chiroprator as well as physical therapy with no help that my only option left is spinal fusion. I'm really scared, I don't want to become dissabled and make things worse. My leg is numb, I have pain off & on, depends how hard I push myself. Any advice would be greatly appreciated
    Jules217 replied to chealsea14's response:
    Hey Chelsea, I had the surgery done 2 weeks ago. I anticipate being out of work for possibly up to 3 months. I had my first laminectomy at age 25. At 36, I fell in a hole and 2 years later, when I literally could not get up off the floor without screaming in pain and needing an ambulance 3 times to bring me to the hospital, I knew it was time and I had to really do something about it. Most "surgeons" will suggest surgery .... My doctor said to me.... Only YOU know when you absolutely cannot take the pain anymore. Try everything before you do this...epidurals, massage, acupuncture, a better chiropractor, swimming, google and read "Howard Stern Dr Sarno back issue book"...... supposedly his book has cured millions.. Good luck and keep us posted!
    trs1960 responded:
    I don't know about cost, but aren't we all supposed to be covered for all pre-existing conditions soon? As for S1-7 and L5 we' re all a bit uniue at the bottom of the horse tail. struturally I don't think it will cause you great greif if yu

    As for L4/5 structurally it should help make your hip much mure robust.It won't limit your mobility much. Pain elimination is a differnet story. I would think if you could remove the nerve impengingment and get some muscle strenght (rehaB) in the area you will likely feel much better. Most of this is based on your attitude and your desiere for self help.

    Of course I strongly beleive that going under the knife for any spine surgery is the last resort.I don't mean it's futile, simetimes thye have fantastice results. Do you know of anybody with similar symptoms and see what perals of wisdom they may offer.

    I agree get opinons

    Best of luck

    notthesameshannon replied to 5yearsofpain's response:
    I had two L5/S1 surgeries, due to a fall I took 4 months after surgery! It moved the graft and damaged nerves. I am still in pain and have permanent nerve damage, however my initial surgery was successful. MY OPINION, I think there are a lot of surgery patients that do not continue physical therapy after surgery, My neurosurgeon said it needs to happen the rest of my life. I have cervical issues too, so I have a traction machine here for that, and do physical therapy twice a week. I know some people can't do that so go, get the exercises and keep up doing them, CORE STRENGTH will compensate for the injured back. Just a thought!
    trs1960 replied to notthesameshannon's response:
    I know a few people with very successful one or two disc fusions. The successful patients don't post in here. You really need to find people that have been through this and mix that with your doctor's opinion. We all talk about the failures we have in our spines, but there are many out living a healthy and active lives.

    Bless you and good luck

    lisaglenn44 responded:
    I am not telling you not to, but most people i know who has, has had worse problems after the surgery than before. This is only a majority, everyone is different as well, so my suggestion is to do some research from different sources and see your results.

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