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    bj1208 posted:
    Hey there - I know u said u have been living with this for years w/o surgery - just had a question for you -

    do you feel or have a cracking/popping sound with yours? I mean, my hubby, daughter and mom have all felt this by putting their hand on the area on my lower back - I can move slightly and they can feel it -

    I don';t know if this is the disc moving or something else - it is painful when it 'pops' or rubs against whatever it's rubbing against! (LOL)

    It's funny as I have been to 3 Ortho Spine Specialists in the last 1 1/2 years and they have all done this type of x-ray - flex and extension - so guess the disc problem just recently got bad enough to show on x-rays.

    but just wondered if you feel this with yours - take care - Joy
    orangetabby responded:
    Hi bj,

    When they did x-rays of my spine, it was stable on both flexion and extension. To this day, I do not have the feeling that you have of cracking or popping. I would suspect that it is not a disc moving but possibly a vertebra. If you remember, the discs are just the little gel packs inbetween the vertebrae.

    Since I don't have the popping, I cannot answer whether or not that is what is painful for you. I do find that the stenosis and pinched nerves can be a factor in pain. Also because your back is in an unnatural position, those pesky old back muscles seem to be placed under unusual burdens to hold our backs upright. I do find that this can be a great part of pain which I feel particularly when it relates to standing upright or bending for chores, etc.

    I guess that you do have good evidence that you only recently acquired this problem.

    Do you hear from Deach at all on the board anymore? I think that the last time I looked at the board, he had just lost his longtime dog friend Jerry. I don't see here here now.

    bj1208 replied to orangetabby's response:
    hi orange - in regards to Deach - he does stop by - usually on Wednesday - but since he put his doggie down he really hasn't been on - but you can do a post to him and he will respond - I know since they opened the new store too he has been real busy - hopefully he is doing well -

    I talked to the PA - she had the report and x-ray - she even spoke to the doctor - basically the 2mm of vertebrae/disc moving is very slight - and the popping/cracking I am feeling is the good ole' arthritis so they are calling me in, I think it's called mobic - or something like that - so will try that since ibuprofen has not helped -

    will keep ya posted - thanks much - take care - Joy
    deach777 replied to bj1208's response:
    Hi Orange and Joy, Thanks for thinking about me. I stop by every now and then. Did i hear old Arthurs name?? The Pain. I hear that cracking poping everyday. You know the old tin man. I always thought arhritis was an old persons dis. But i see many younger than me diag. with it. I've been having luck rubbing blue emu on my knees and shoulder. Not helping my neck so far and its been bad, with pain everyday.

    Wish i could help more here but your doing great Joy as well as the docs. OT you have my e mail so anytime you see time to update me, God bless, ~Deach~
    bj1208 replied to deach777's response:
    hey Deach!!! glad u stopped by - been thinking bout you and how u been doing -

    ya the ole arthritis has taken over my lower back! LOL - the disc that is loose is not enough to worry bout as Orange had stated and also my doc too - they were mainly concerned with the arthritis as that's what's making the popping/cracking feelings -

    they rx'd me mobic - I'm getting ready to go pick that up so will give that a try and see how it does -

    anyway, glad to hear from ya - stop by more often - miss ya - take care - Joy
    orangetabby replied to deach777's response:
    Hey Deach!

    Nice to see you are still hanging in the neck it sounds like, eh? lolol Sorry to hear that it is painful. I kind of think that is a really bad place to have arthur move in. I hear all the cracks and pops, etc. in my knees and feet. Sometimes the shoulders also. Or at least I know that many yrs ago a PT told me he heard crepitus there.

    I forgot to tell y'all that I fractured a big toe a few months ago. I couldn't contemplate getting down or up the stairs for some days, but when I thougtht I could make it I went in to my ortho place. They said I should use one of those orthopedic shoes. I'm sure you've seen them occasionally being worn by others. But I found it to be way to big a nuisance to use and so just got around by walking on the outside of that foot.

    You will love how I broke the danged thing I was barefooted and got entangled by a cat toy with a string. I went to lift my foot and drop the cat toy off of it, but in doing so, I whacked my foot on the leg of a footstool. lolol I dropped like a rock. lolol I'd advise everyone to look where you're going before trying that one.

    Take care! Deach, I hope you are finding life easier but lonlier without Jerry?


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