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    SPOOKY Snowy Mornin Moanin
    Deach777 posted:
    Hi gang, Booo, how are you. Funny guy, huh. Well we got 9 inches of very heavy wet snow. Branches and trees are down all over the county. Powre out many places, mine is on, thank the Lord. I know i shouldn't shovel but i took it easy this time. Only have tightness in the shoulders and neck after that. So whats another pain, right? My lower backs been pretty good, just pinch twinges, i call them. Can't sit for a length of time or my butt or legs go numb. I sat in a pew last week for a friends funeral remembrance and i had a hard time standing afterwards. Then the jokes, what you getting old. uh huh. Getting depressed here with many friends and relatives passing on. You wonder when it all ends. Now my long time manager is dying of lung Cancer. . Sorry i'm not here much to lend support for the hurting backies, but the crew is getting er dun. Well tomorrow is Halloween, not that i care, but that means my favorite holidays are coming up.
    We have the store loaded with Christmas sales, a mear mountain of candy. I had my pic on Facebook with Santa. LOL He was much heavier than me since i'm down 15 lbs. But our beards are much the same. Ho Ho Ho. In six months I will be 62 and i could retire but looks like if i want my health insurance to cont. i will have to work til i'm in the box six feet under. Glad our pres. is fixing everything, Yeah
    Well enough grumbling, hope everyones doing okay. God bless,, ~Deach~
    DianeR01 responded:
    Hi Deech!

    it is good to see you but I am sorry there are so many people passng around you.

    I grew up along Lake Erie and miss the fall weather and occasional freak snow storm. I especially miss the apple cider from the farm stands. I would be glad to send a little sunshine as it is 82 in the desert today.

    be careful to not overdue the snow shoveling

    Deach777 replied to DianeR01's response:
    Hi Di, long time no see, we have cider out the gills here in Pa. Dutch land. I bought an apple pie today, just had to have it, yummmm. I resting up with a couple days vacation. i need the rest.The snow melted pretty good today but its getting very cold out, so refreezing tonight. Could use that heat you have. Have a good night, ~Deach~
    bj1208 replied to Deach777's response:
    Hi Deach, DI and everyone -

    well we've been having unseasonable weather here - 60's to low 70's during day then 40's to low/mid 30's at nite - have feeling this will change soon as we will get our cold snap and possibly snow -

    have appt on 11/1 to have mammogram and MRI done and then appt on 11/10 with Neurosurgeon to discuss and see if I am a candidate for the pain pump implant - i'm excited and nervous to find out -

    nothing else new except same ole back pains and leg pains -

    take care - Joy
    davedsel57 responded:
    Hey, Deach. Good to see a post from you.

    We had that type of storm here in WNY on October 13, 2006. Quite a nightmare. Praying for all affected.

    Nothing new here, which is a good thing.

    Have a blessed and marvelous Monday, friends.
    Click on my user name or avatar picture to read my story.


    Deach777 replied to bj1208's response:
    Hi Joy, the weather has been crazy all over, you just have to wake up each day to see what we are in for. The weatherpeople are not much help since they rely on computers for their predictions.
    Hope you have success with your tests, keep positive thoughts. I have had two friends pass in the past 2 weeks from renal failure and complications, one was a Karate Sensei. The other my long time Pharmacist.
    I here ya, same old. LOL Have a great day, ~Deach~
    Deach777 replied to davedsel57's response:
    Hi Dave, Glad things are going okay. I heard chain saws going all day yest. Today i went out and there are oodles of trees and branches down all over the place. I had 3 branches on 3 lilac trees break. one i have to cut down. I saved my orn. pair tree. Thank the Lord.
    I hope this isn't a hint of things to come this winter. Have a great day, Dave, ~Deach~
    bj1208 replied to Deach777's response:
    Hi Deach - am so sorry you have lost friends lately - death is not an easy part of life to go thru - my condolences to you and their families -

    Deach777 replied to bj1208's response:
    Thanks Joy, yes death of friends and relatives is a rough part of life but we all go through it. The days are numbered for us all. Do we count backwards or forwards?
    Time to change the calendars, November is here. Daylights saving time this Sat night. Have a great day, God bless, ~Deach~

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