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    Compression fracture extreme pain!
    Younglava1405 posted:
    Hi everyone my name is Dan and I was recently diagnosed with a compression fracture of my t9 and t 10 vertabrae they originally thought it was a kidney stone which i do have and they found that in the hospital while taking sonograms but they found them still swimming in my kidney so that was not causing the pain. They found the fractures and apparently that is what is causin this severe pain. I'm only 17 and this is just debilitating I can walk without the walker that my parents got me and I am in a brace 24 7 I sleep on my couch sitting because I cannot walk up stairs without having pain. I am not in constant pain but when i do get the pain it is the worst pain I have ever experienced and I fall down and cannot move. I have immobilized myself and the only moving I am doing is a short walk to the bathroom. I am constantly scared that I am going to get the pain and I don't know what to do! I have Crohn's disease and am on prednisone and that's what most likely caused this. I am on vitamin d 50000 iu and take 1 500 mg tums every day and have been doing this for 3 weeks but see little to no improvement. Also I feel as if I get a really bad pain then over the next couple of days after it gets better then when I feel like its better boom another excruciating pain. It's like my back spasms uncontrollably and then sharp pains in my back. I would just like some advice on what to do and if this is all normal my life is horrible right now and I'm extremely depressed any advice is so much appreciated I'm just so lost right now
    trs1960 responded:
    You need a spine doc. If you have compression fractures atT9-10 it could be extremely painful. The good news is that's probably one of the best places to have successful fusion I don't want to go into any guesswork so get in to see an orthopedic or neurologist ASAP.

    aprilrose9 responded:
    Dear Dan, In response to your post concerning the extreme pain you are experiencing, due to the T-9 and T-10 fractures and your other medical issue with Crohn's disease, I wanted to just send a note your way. First, I am so sorry to hear what you are experiencing at your young age.

    Many of us understand the depression, fear and isolation which accompanies severe pain. Sometimes, we all wonder if the pain will ever get better and will we turn the corner with improved health.

    You do not say what your physician has told you to expect in terms of the outcome of the fractures, the steroids and the relationship to your diagnosis of Crohn's disease. While you have youth on your side, the healing time is prolonged due to your other medical/medication complication. What is the expected time period for the fractures to heal? Getting further information from your physician can sometimes help to alleviate some of the stress of an illness. Bring a list of questions when you go to your next appointment, so you can get your questions answered before your doc does the famous "backward walk out of the doorway". I swear, this is the first thing they learn on the first day of medical school.

    You do not mention anything about pain medications. To get your pain under control and to be able to sleep would help a great deal with the fear and depression. Is your physician aware of the extent of your pain? Don't worry about making noise when you are in severe pain. Do you have a relative who can step up and be a strong advocate for you? Sometimes, it takes someone to voice observations concerning the severity of your pain and the limits on your activities of daily living.

    There have been so many young people who have left info on this site this past week. It is truly heartbreaking to hear their stories and to hear your story. I can tell you sleep would help. Have you tried a heating pad? I don't mean to ask stupid questions, but sometimes we all miss an obvious, simple palliative measure. Check into pain medication or a change in medication. If you hit a roadblock, request a consult to a pain management clinic. Many worry about the addictive issue of opioids, but your pain may not require that course of treatment. Clearly, your pain is not acceptably managed at this point and that is unacceptable care.

    Keep in touch with people who are understanding of your current medical situation. Despite the pain, due the best you can to not isolate yourself due to your current homebound situation. Try to remind yourself that this is a temporary situation. Many of us understand the loneliness and isolation you are experiencing. I was bedridden for a long time and often wondered if the pain would ever end. While my situation is different, I do understand the pain and the emotions which accompany chronic pain. Reach out to the people at this site. There are many kind people here, who will send good information and emotional support your way.

    Remember, the muscle spams are only due to the nerve irritation. While they hurt, it is only a symptom. Our good old muscles cannot work without our good old nerves. Just try to move slowly, and ask for assistance if needed. Sometimes, the walker is not enough support.

    As always, I am very long winded and did not send much in the way of information. I wanted to say hello and let you know I do have an understanding of the emotions you are experiencing.

    Take care,

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