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    Friday the 13th Moaning
    davedsel posted:
    Happy Friday the 13th, everyone!

    We are not superstitious at all and love when the 13th of any month is on a Friday. Especially in October when our eldest son was born almost 24 years ago.

    The weather here has been a roller coaster. Upper 80's earlier in the week and today's predicted high is around 55. Some rain over the past few days.

    My pain levels are about the same, but I am having more stiffness. Continuing with glucosamin and just added a vitamin D3 supplement that also has manganese, zinc, copper and a few other things for bone/joint health.

    My wonderful wife will be having another set of non-steroid injections in her lower back within the next few weeks. If those help her pain doc will do another rhizotomy. He is pushing the SCS which we have not decided on yet, but will do these procedures to help her elevated pain levels. He agrees with our chiro that one of my wife's bulging discs has herniated.

    Hope some of you can check in today and update us.

    Have a blessed and fantastic Friday, friends.
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    mainebestlife responded:
    Happy Friday the 13th to you too! I have always considered it to be a lucky day for me. I was born on a Friday the 13th ( my mom actually had a near death experience with my birth- I was born breach with the cord around my neck, so I also died and was resuscitated ) and my oldest son was born on a Friday the 13th! Which makes it a glorious day!

    So Friday the 13th has always been my "It's glorious to be alive day". We all need these days in our lives... a time that we set aside our life's crisis, the pain, emotions, depression and anger at our current circumstances ... and just take a deep breath, relax and bask in the true meaning of life. It may be in that moment that you have a glimpse of the true meaning and purpose of the life circumstance you find yourself in-

    Enjoy your day, your moment in time. God Bless.
    davedsel replied to mainebestlife's response:

    Your post has truly blessed me today. You have that positive attitude that I keep "preaching" in these WebMD communities that help us deal with the chronic pain and rise above our circumstances.

    I could write volumes on the subject, but I will simply say that God does indeed bless. Abundantly.

    Thank you so much for your reply.
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    mainebestlife replied to davedsel's response:
    WOUND-OLOGY it's been said that talking over and over again about our wounds or pain can actually make our experience of the the pain worse. (this does not mean it's all in you head) Dr Caroline Myss first used this term- woundology. It doesn't matter if it's emotional or physical pain that we keep talking about... it ( our pain) gets permanently imprinted in the subconscious mind and will replay it over and over again like an old video tape. It can cause PTSD like symptoms cycling through different emotional stages.

    I also hesitate to use the word PAIN too often--- and I use the word DISCOMFORT instead. The mind already has a pre-conceived belief about what "pain" is- it's awful, it hurts etc. So try using the word "discomfort" keep a monthly chart and rate your levels of discomfort each day from 1-10 - never using the word pain. It shifts the subconscious mind into a different "mode". You may find that your ratings each day are less than before. The mind is an amazing tool to help you manage pain. Try it for a month- you may be amazed at the outcome.
    dianer01 responded:
    and Happy Friday to you too Dave and mainebestlife!

    Every Friday is a good day.

    I'm sort of back! The last 3 weeks have been a roller-coaster ride for me. I had a benign tumor removed from my left hand 3 weeks ago. My hand is healing well and I only missed two days of work but my typing is somewhat hampered. The feeling in my left hand ring finger has not yet returned so I make a lot of errors and my spell check is getting a workout.

    The surgeon is satisfied with how things are healing and seems to believe that feeling in my finger will return in time.

    Other than that, I am doing well. The weather in the desert southwest is finally moderating so it is time to get back outside walking and drop a few pounds.

    my best to everyone

    davedsel replied to dianer01's response:
    Welcome back, di! Good to see a post from you and it is great that you are recovering so well from your surgery.
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    bj1208 replied to dianer01's response:
    Hi Di - welcome back~~ good to hear from ya ~~

    Question: Did you post this on your facebook? I have a friend that recently had surgery on the hand.

    Good to hear you are doing well - keep us posted~~
    ~~ Click on my name or picture and read my story ~~

    Take care ~~ God Bless ~~

    ~~ Joy ~~
    dianer01 replied to bj1208's response:
    no, I did post a couple of days after I had the surgery but we are not friends on facebook. If you email me I will tell you how to become my fb friend.


    susieq41 responded:
    I just read your story. It is very inspiring. Right now I sit here with a cast on my right arm from my shoulder down to my fingers from surgery to fix a torn tendon. The problem is I have a torn tendon in my left arm also but can't get any kind of treatment for it until my right arm is healed. It takes faith and an absolutely amazing fiance to get through this. I am so thankful for all of my blessings!

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