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    Tingling and numbness spreading - right side and head
    MommyAcorn posted:

    I have been having issues with what seems to be a pinched nerve for several months now along with many other symptoms. Such as pain in my upper middle and/or lower back over the past two years, different areas effected at different times. The past month, the tingling has spread down my leg and into my right foot, along with a numb feeling, recently it has been more numbness than tingling. The past couple days, I have started feeling a tingling sensation in the middle of my forehead and seem to have a hard time concentrating. I have seen many doctors for the pain I have had in my back for the past two years and for the additional symptoms described above. I have been diagnosed with bulging disks, osteoarthritis, sciatica, spondylolistheses and more and am scheduled to have surgery on my neck in November to hopefully relieve some of the pain and tingling I have been having in my arm.
    However, when I told my doctor about the symptoms in my leg/foot he says they are not related to my neck issues. Now with the added symptom of tingling in my head, I am wondering if the diagnosis is correct, and if the neck surgery will help.
    What could cause these symptoms?
    davedsel responded:
    Hello and welcome.

    Is your doctor a spinal orthopedic surgeon or spinal neurosurgeon? This is the best type of specialist to see for any neck or back problems.

    You should insist on an MRI or CT Scan of your back as well as your neck. There could be a new problem or something has gotten worse that is causing these symptoms. Only your doctor can diagnose the cause based on the diagnostic testing done.

    There is a Tip at the top of this WebMD Back Pain Community that lists recommended steps for getting back pain diagnosed and treated. Within that thread are links to websites that have good information about spinal problems and solutions. You can use that site to do your research and become more familiar with your conditions and symptoms.

    I pray you can get your doctor to help you find answers and relief.
    Click on my username or avatar picture to read my story.


    tlh509 responded:
    Hello Mommyacorn. Your tingling sensation along with numbness in your right foot, sounds alot like my situation. I have a protruding disc in my back L-5 which is causing ridiculopathy and have alot of nerve pain only down my left side leg and into my foot. There I get numbness and tingling as you said. I agree with Dave, and it sounds like an mri is in order. That will tell you exactly what is going on with your back situation. Keep us posted and good luck. Take care, Tom
    dapieguy responded:
    Make sure the MRI study is of the whole spine. Doing it piece-meal something can be missed, it happened to me. Had the neck & lumbar region done separately, a month apart). Was in the ER 2X during that month. Bone spurs were pushing against nerves that were missed in the separate studies.
    Nona2 responded:
    Hello MommyAcorn
    I have similar symptoms, except for the tingling in the head. I have tingling in legs and feet. I am scheduled for MRI next week. I am also scheduled for a test to check vascular health in my legs. My toes sometimes look bluish (just on the tips). Does this happen to you? If so, you might want to ask about vascular issues in your legs. When blood flow is weak, this can be painful and cause tingling/numbness. I definitely have injury to my spinal column, causing sciatic pain. I had an X-Ray and will get an MRI for a better picture. But I may also have problems with blood flow to my legs causing pain/tingling in my lower legs. So, there may be 2 issues. Hope this helps.

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    Try water therapy
    I also have had surgery for L5S1,protruding disc for sciatic pain. Everything was fine for a year. Then the pain came back and the doctor ... More
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