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    The Patient and the Cumulative Effect
    An_250887 posted:
    I have a theory about patients and all the things they go through with doctors offices, various medical staff, insurance companies and hospitals. Do bits and parts of various bad experiences begin to frustrate patients?

    Went to my local hospital (5 minutes away) to have blood drawn for a CT on the 27th. It ended up taking an hour.

    Was at the labwork window, told her I was there for bloodwork and was asked for my script. Told her I did not have a script, the doctor's office had called, but I had the authorization from the insurance company.
    Handed her the paperwork and she told me it wasn't a script.

    Told her I had just told her I did not have a script, but had the insurance paperwork. She then asked me if I was there to have a CT done. No, I told her I was here for bloodwork and the CT was scheduled for the next day.

    She then states I am a self pay. I told her I had given her the paperwork TWICE, which had the written authorization from the insurance company, so why would I be a self pay.

    There is more, but I don't want to bore you with her dumbness. So, do you think any of this kind of stuff, makes patients a bit crabby. At the very least, it makes me not have confidence in the person in front of me.

    It is the holiday season, perhaps I should be charitable and give her the benefit of the doubt. Way, way, way too much eggnog yesterday
    davedsel responded:
    Any lab I have been to for blood work requires a script from the doctor, not the paper work from the insurance office. This is a legal requirements throughout the US as far as I know. That person was only doing her job.

    Can your doctor's office fax the script to the lab? That is what mine does. If not, just pick up the script at the doctor's office and take it with you.

    All these laws, rules and regulations are frustrating, I know, but this is how our health care system works in the US. In the long run complying with the rules is easier than trying to fight them.
    Click on my username or avatar picture to read my story.


    An_250887 replied to davedsel's response:
    Understand what you are saying, but the script was in her drawer. In case you think I was making something out of nothing, the woman who did my bloodwork, seemed to completely understand my frustration with her.
    rosielou replied to An_250887's response:
    I understand your frustration and agree with Dave on this one. Moving among all the different treatment offices requires "permission slips" from your PCP or similar.

    My doctor also faxes the paperwork to the imaging, lab, pharmacy, or other offices. But we all know that paperwork gets lost or misplaced all the time. Like Dave said, maybe make it easier on yourself by taking copies with you. Then if they can't find the paperwork when you go for your appointment you can help by handing yours over, and the whole interaction lightens. Watch out! Smiles might happen without warning!

    A good pain tool is managing stress, and this kind of thing fits right into that. Find a simple way to solve recurring problems.

    bulldofmommy replied to An_250887's response:
    I totally understand your frustration w/your situation-As a fellow sufferer,disabled RN & WIFE OF AN MD-i pretty much know what happened-this happens @ my DH practice all the time-either the MD'S assistant dropped the ball but what MAKES ME MAD IS WHAT HAPPENED @ YOUR APPT-MISS NWA-nasty w/attitude could have easily called/emailed/faxed over to your MD's office for the RX!! No excuse for Miss NWA's laziness & NMJ attitude-if she doesn't like her job-leave plenty of others would love it-Now-the next time if this happens-Request she contact your MD's office nicely-if she refuses-ASK TO SPEAK TO HER SUPERVISOR-IF NO SATISFACTION THERE-ALWAYS GO TO THE ADMINISTRATOR OF THE HOSPITAL/OFFICE-That's when action happens-they hate complaints-do this is if this is a habitual problem...NEXT TIME-CALL YOUR MD'S OFFICE & HAVE THEM FAX MISS NWA THE RX TO HER!!
    I am sorry this happened to you while you're ill-but unfortunately this is what sadly healthcare has turned into since I started in 1987-there are too many people involved in healthcare who only care about the $$$=insurance bigwigs,etc..the good old days of the "DR/PT" relationship is gone-Anytime you need navigation advice thru the system or just want to vent-email me thru the site & I'll do my best to help you-let this disabled RN on the job x 2-feel useful:)
    Wishing you many painfree days..
    aprilrose9 replied to bulldofmommy's response:
    Thanks bulldofmommy, for understanding this person clearly did not want to be at work.

    I am also an RN and am sick of people who work in healthcare who have little respect for patients and feel their job is tiresome.

    Perhaps if they were exhausted first year residents, R.N.s working 12-16 hour shifts keeping patients alive, hard working laundry staff or dietary line workers, or incredibly hard working cleaning staff they would know what real hard work in a hospital is all about for a staff member.

    It is not my job as a patient to do anything other than I have been instructed: keep my appointments on time, bring what I am instructed to bring, ect.

    This was posted not as an issue about a script. Again, the script was in her file drawer, but was meant to point out bad attitudes, rudeness to patients, lack of interest in a job and mostly, someone not listening to a thing I said to her.

    My wonderful experience with this hospital gets better. The next day I went for my CT. Had the bloodwork drawn the day before because the CT was to be done with contrast. Got there and was told the radiologist did not want to do the CT with contrast and his call overrides my physicians order.

    So I made a hospital visit the previous day for nothing. After FOUR back surgeries and 25 years of constant pain, it wasn't like it was a bother for me to make an extra trip. It was simply getting ready, driving over, parking my car and walking through the parking lot, down long hallways, sitting and waiting and getting an unnecessary needle stick, then reversing my route to home.

    This is also hundreds of unnecessarily spent health care dollars for the bloodwork.

    Maybe I just continue to be crabby, SINCE TODAY IS MY Silver Anniversay of getting injured at work. Happy 25 years to me!


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