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    bj1208 posted:
    Hey everyone just wanted to see how everyone is doing~~

    Hope everyone is doing what I'm doing!! LOL Running around with my head cut off getting ready for our annual 4th of July party!!

    Family and friends usually start coming over around noon - to go swimming and of course we have mild drinks - oh wait is there such a thing as "MILD" LOL not so with our family and friends - but not to worry we also have lots of food so we make sure no one gets too much to drink -

    No really we do have a great time and in our county fireworks are legal - and where most of our family and friends live they are illegal. And there is nothing but open fields in front of our house and we also have fire extinguishers and garden house at arms length -

    We really have a great time - swimming, bbq hamburgers/hot dogs and other wonderful meats and lots of side dishes, chips/dips, cookies, cupcakes - you name it and we have it.

    I hope everyone is taking it easy preparing for your family/friends 4th Celebration. Remember to take time for yourself so you can rest and keep your pains under somewhat control~~
    ~~ Click on my name or picture and read my story ~~
    ~~ Joy ~~
    debs_bears responded:
    Hi Joy thanks for asking sounds like your going to be having a great time.

    I so not have plans for the 4th - my friend who helps me out with everything docs... appts etc... is in FL with her husband so I am taking in her mail for once.

    I am also getting ready to see my new neurosurgeon on the 8th for my L4 and just got a new diagnosis and have to see another specialist (Gastroparesis) my stomach is shutting down so eating for me right now is extremely basic.

    Enjoy your party. Debbie
    It is my prayer that you have a Blessed Day in all that you do. ~~~Debbie~~~
    trs1960 replied to debs_bears's response:
    Another holiday sneaking up. I've been bust cleaning. The kast ten years my garage has become a dumping transfer station. I conquered it this last week. It took about 5 days and I still have to sort some tools, but it sure looks nice.

    We painted the flooring with epoxy paint and cleaned everything!

    I just want to sit in my garage on the 4th.

    charl1942 responded:
    Hi Sissy and everyone.
    The 4th for us is not so celebratory. Some have fireworks and party, but for us we will probably just have a small group or celebrate alone with a good movie and see how much trouble we can get into. My husband will have something in mind to do or somewhere to go, we will see.
    We have a small garden which is growing like weeds. The cucumbers are already gone and the tomatoes are ripening every day. They are so full of tomatoes. I can hardly believe we have grown such a bunch of them. I have frozen a few packs, and we have eaten them in sandwiches, and given some away. I would try and can some, but that is so much trouble for anyone having daily pains. I haven't taken a picture of them, but it is already too hot to be outside during the day. Anyone thinking about moving to Florida, remember the heat and humidity. It is nice at the beach, but inland it is HOT, HOT!
    I still have daily pains, but I have been able to keep them under control somewhat. The SI fusion a few months ago seems to have helped. I am still hurting most of the time when I sit a period of time.
    I wish each of you a very happy 4th. Take special care of yourselves.
    bj1208 replied to charl1942's response:
    Tim & Charl

    Tim that sounds like a good choir that you have done and accomplished. Our garage has a lot of hubby's Union tools plus lots of tools for doing handyman jobs from top if roof to basements plus yards and I leave it to him to clean and organize. To this day (been together for 18 yrs) I still cannot find screwdrivers etc that I'm looking for!! Lmao so if I run across one I hide it. That way I know where I put it at.

    sitting in a nice clean garage sounds fun as long as u can see fireworks.

    Charl I'm so sorry u didn't include u on title. I was in a hurry to get the post out there that I forgot plus u haven't been around on the board an I just plume forgot ya so am sorry bout that. Hope u r doing well and hubby too. Promise I will call ya next week but will be short cause Anna will be down fir a week .

    git lots to tell ya so may send email then we can talk bout it.

    take care guys and have a good 4th weekend.
    ~~ Click on my name or picture and read my story ~~
    ~~ Joy ~~
    bj1208 replied to debs_bears's response:
    Hey Debbie

    well sometimes not doing anything for the 4th is a good idea. When hubby gets house done and we get it sold we will get an RV so this may be our last 4th. Maybe hubby's niece and her hubby can take over having it.

    sorry to hear your tummy is going thru this cause I know its gotta suck big time plus getting ready to see spine doc has got to play on ur nerves. So am praying for u.

    take care
    ~~ Click on my name or picture and read my story ~~
    ~~ Joy ~~
    debs_bears replied to trs1960's response:
    Tim enjoy that clean freshly painted floor on the 4th. I hope you plan on putting a blanket down and having a picnic with the family? Enjoy the day.
    It is my prayer that you have a Blessed Day in all that you do. ~~~Debbie~~~
    debs_bears replied to charl1942's response:
    Charl I hope that whatever you and your husband do it will be blessed. Enjoy those fresh veggi's they are so good for us.
    It is my prayer that you have a Blessed Day in all that you do. ~~~Debbie~~~
    debs_bears replied to bj1208's response:
    So the house is coming along enough to put it on the market? Did you already buy the RV sorry I can't remember if you told me already. Enjoy your party this weekend. Talk to you soon. Debbie
    It is my prayer that you have a Blessed Day in all that you do. ~~~Debbie~~~
    bj1208 replied to debs_bears's response:
    Well there have been a couple of issues that have come up - hubby having to go out of town to work - several times and the last 3 weeks he was in New Orleans - he just got back last Sunday and had taking this week off to get this lady's yard redo done with - bit money he's making on that!!

    He still has lots to do with the house and we probably won't have it on the market til early fall time - something tells me we may be in the house thru the winter - oh well........

    We won't be able to by the RV til we get the house sold as we will have about $70-80K in equity to put down on the RV and pay taxes and get all the usual - tags insurance etc.

    Our credit is stretched right now so we can't get one til right when we sell the house - guess best way to have mortgage on it.

    Anyways - that's it - I had seen the new spine doc couple weeks ago and had to bring my CD's in the next day as they didn't have record of them when I had seen that stupid pain specialist there - not sure why they didn't download them but they gave them back to me after that visit. And the spine doc told me it takes them at least 24 hours to download the discs. Well I got those back in mail yesterday so will try and call her next week

    I did go to my pain doc and had the EMG Nerve Conduction Test done - boy are my legs numb - I told him how numb they are and he took this thing t hat looked like a push pin tack and started sticking me here and there - he said can you feel this. everything below my knee is numb and I couldn't feel it. When he did the EMG test and was sticking me with the needle part of test I didn't feel anything either below the knees but when he put it in my upper tigh - youch boy did I feel that - He did say that my nerve damage is still from the L5-S1 and the left leg has not gotten any worse but t he right leg is far worse - this is the leg that was completely numb after surgery. so.....

    well my cuz is here to help me with the 4th party so I will talk to you all later - be safe~~
    ~~ Click on my name or picture and read my story ~~
    ~~ Joy ~~
    trs1960 replied to bj1208's response:
    We went to the State Capitol: watched a movie with friends, dinner and then fireworks. It was a nice day. My wife's best friend. She's so sweat I love her as a friend too and her husband is super nice.

    Great time

    dianer01 responded:
    Hi Joy!

    I am a day late and a dollar short as usual!

    Thanks for asking, sounds like the 4th in your neighborhood is quite the event! We don't do much for the 4th as it is sooo hot out this time of year and the monsoons are moving in. It is humid and generally after midnight before the temps drop below 100. We can see the local fireworks from our yard so a lawn chair and cold beverage helps and we don't have to deal with the crowds.

    Other than that just plugging along putting one foot in front of the other.

    Hope you and everyone enjoyed their holiday!


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