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    Calling on all who have had surgery to get rid of Siatica (if that's even possible)
    skysue34 posted:
    I just joined this website today, and I was looking around and the last post I saw was from 2007. I'm hoping that this is still a good site. So I'm going to start a discussion and see if anyone answers. Ok, On May 23rd I had my 2nd back fusion on L3L4 and a Laminectomy. I had been having severe pain for about a year from my siatica, but only when I sat or drove. Also if I was on my feet all day. I did have to quit my PT job, I worked 3 days a week, but 9 hours. Anyway, I went through the all the bandages first. PT, steroid shots, I was on pain management since my first fusion which didn't take, so I was on 4 hydro's a day, but nothing helped. Time to go to the surgeon. He took an MRI of my back, he said the siatic nerve was being pinched by L3-4 and my spinal canal was very narrow around the the nerve as well. So the procedure would be as follows. They would make an incision in my right side where they would place a cage in between L3-4. Next, they would change tables, and put me on my stomach and reopen the old cut plus 5 more inches of a new cut, place another metal stabilizer in and screw everything all back together nice and sturdy !!! This all took about 3 1/2 3:45 hours. Here is just a side note and I still do not know what I'm going to do yet, but after I was finally wheeled back to my room, the nurse came in as they usually do to get you hooked up to your IV's , antibiotics, YOUR PAIN PUMP!!! oh no, not there, they had no pain pumps, they were all on back order!!!! So what she said was on my chart for pain management was 2 hydrocodones!!!! Ok back to surgery, I'm almost 5 weeks post op, my back was feeling pretty good, I was given permission to drive as long as I wasn't under the influence of any pain pills. My daughter a new grand daughter live about an hour away. I really wanted to see them and I needed to get out of this house. Plus, I really wanted to test my leg out seeing as it only acts up when I drive or sit. So off I go, and I'll be damned, 20 mins into the ride my leg was absolutely killing me!!! The same, if not worse than before the surgery. I got off the next exit, I couldn't get out of the car fast enough, called my daughter and told her I was going back home. My question to anyone out there ( if there is anyone out there lol) Did my surgery just not work? Or is this to be expected? My Doctor, really seemed to have changed since my first fusion. It was 7 years ago, but really hasn't talked, much less listened to me through this whole ordeal. If I do get to see him instead of his PA's. As soon as he starts walking in to the exam room, he starts walking out backwards. So you had better talk fast!!!! Anyway, thanks for listening, any response will really be appreciated. Have a great day.
    badtothebone responded:
    I hope it's not too late to offer some encouragement and that you receive this reply. My name is Judy, I'm a 70 yo semi-retired RN who suffers from degenerative arthritis of the lumbar spine. I had a laminectomy in 2014 and am now (July/2016) facing up to a spinal fusion for breakdown at that same site (L4-5) and shifting of the vertebrae (among other things). I am so sorry to hear that you've suffered so much. It sounds like you need to start over again with another surgeon who isn't affiliated with the 1st one. I don't know where you live, but a thorough search on the internet might locate someone with good references. (I hate this new PA trend, it means less contact with MD and leaves us feeling abandoned.) Also, I found a lot of helpful information on the website, including explanations for different types of spinal conditions and interventions. He's not trying to sell stuff, (unless you want to have him read your MRI and go over it with you.). Apparently repeat surgeries are fairly common, though I'm not convinced that they are not preventable if done right the 1st time. The main thing is to get rid of the pain. I'm going to try losing weight and get back to my PT exercises to build up supporting muscles, hopefully I can put off further surgery for a while, some of my co-workers have tried exercises and report a lot of pain relief. I will check back on this site and hopefully you will keep us posted on your progress. Best, Judy
    Pabbss responded:
    I had surgery in 2003 cage fusion lower spine. I have degenerative disc it helped a lot but still have sciatic pain, lower back pain. I get epidurals that make me feel normal again. I get sets of 3, 1 every week or 2 weeks. then it will last anywhere from 6months to a year. I also started taking St. johns wort (herb) I started getting nerve pain up in groan area and around knee. It stopped pain to groan but still have some nerve pain in leg. First it was in my left leg, then after getting epidural's it switched to other side.
    slamina1 responded:
    I feel so bad you've gone through so much and now seems like everything is failing. It shouldn't be that way. I sometimes wonder if many back surgeries aren't necessary but the surgeons make so much money doing them!!!

    I too, have a lot of your issues with stenosis and herniated disks, etc.. but I've never been to a orthopedic surgeon and only my rheumatologist of 18 years. The best in the state!! He refuses to even mention surgery until I simply can't walk from legs going numb and I really believe in what he says. He's told me that too many unneeded surgeries are done and many times only complicate things because of scar tissue and the metal causes a whole new set of symptoms.

    I have a friend who had 2 surgeries that left her in worse shape until she found a surgeon who saw all the mistakes and went in and fixed them. how? I don't know but she researched for the best back surgeon in PA.. Maybe you will find relief from doing that. I sure hope so.
    slamina1 replied to badtothebone's response:
    Read this if you have the time. It's interesting.
    janetj1817 responded:

    I can relate with you. I had three surgeries on my lower back. Some physicians are like that. I'm so sorry you are going through this without the support of your doctor.

    For my pain, I use Equate Naproxin Sodium, a generic form of Aleve. It actually works!! Taking pain meds isn't something I like to do. My husband brought it home and said try this. I have this in my home at ALL times. I'd find another physician. Your paying him. Good luck and we all with be thinking about you.

    Retire Nursing Assistant Level II,
    Janet Johnson

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