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    Another Lithium question.
    Topaz03 posted:
    One more. Sorry. If any of you take it, do ever feel or did you feel cold after you took it. I upped the dose from the 300mgs to 600mgs and I feel colder. Otherwise, no side effects. Just thirsty but I was told I'd feel that and that's a common one, right?

    Mentally, I don't know if it's possible but it is agreeing with me and I don't know if it's too soon, but it seems to be helping a little so far. I feel a little calmer and slowed down. I know I do and I'm not imagining it. So, that's really good.

    Now, I just have to wait and hope everything works out. Yes, I'm very cold........but I've been very ill too. I have mono and pneumonia and that's why I've been so tired and sick lately. I just found out. So, I'm on prednisone and Zithromax 500mgs. So, I don't know......

    I was going to wait on the Lithium till I got better and didn't want to dump all this medicine in my body, but on the other hand, I'd like to get better and.

    Has anyone heard of getting cold after you take Lithium? I'm not going to stop taking it. I wonder if that means something is wrong with me?
    I had my thyroid levels checked not long ago, but I wonder.....

    Well, I guess, I'll stop worrying for now. I have too much to think about. Just this initial period is scary. I had a doctor tell me yesterday that she knows someone who her whole life has turned around due to Lithium but it can be a tough med to start with. Not sure what she meant by that.....I guess that side effects are common but they get better? idk.

    Otherwise, it's working:)
    Topaz03 responded:
    Actually..........I'm really freezing:((( It definitely got worse after I took the morning dose.

    I was wondering when you get your first blood levels done too. We didn't talk about that......I see her next week I think and I wouldn't think I need any levels checked in that short amount of time? I'm just rambling now.
    Mabey I should give the office a call. idk
    Topaz03 replied to Topaz03's response:
    sorry last post. Sorry:((( I'm not cold anymore. I don't know what's going on with me. I better stop worrying. I just put a call in for my doctor because I'm not sure if I was to double up yet. I did and it's calming me down, so if it agrees with me, it's totally going to work for me, I just know it.

    Anyway..........about mania and how I've been feeling on a daily basis. I was thinking it's like walking into a very loud arcade with bright lights and lots of noise and even when you leave, your brain doesn't rest from that. Does that make sense? It's a very yucky feeling and I think this medicine is going to get rid of that for me:))) It is calming me down. I can't help but be all wound up though hoping and worrying if it will work. I'll totally shut up now.
    DizzyJgirl replied to Topaz03's response:
    Hey sweets. Sorry I am on the run today but no apologizes necessary from you. Ask whatever questions you have.

    I am often cold but never made any connection between that and lithium. It could be related to thyroid problems (for me, I seem to have some). Lithium can effect your thyroid (one of the things they should check from time to time...once a year I think?) but my thyroid problems do not seem to be related to lithium.

    I would call your dr and ask her whatever questions you have. Sorry, I don't remember when I first got my levels checked. My one thought though is that it might be better to check them before you see her so you will have the results at your appointment. But I don't know if this is too soon for you to get them checked. I also dont' remember when lithium started helping me but I don't think it took long. Sheesh I feel like after 5 years on lithium, I should be more helpful. lol I just have a bad memory.

    Take care and I am glad the lithium seems to be helping. hugs
    Live Life Loud
    senistar replied to Topaz03's response:
    ddnos responded:
    Topaz, maybe you're cold because you'r sick, not because of lithium. I've been on lithium for 19 years and it's never made me cold - not saying it wont with you, but never heard of it. My guess is that you're cold becasue, as you said, you are sick. Maybe once you get to feeling better, that won't be an issue, huh?

    Good luck!
    Make sure the facts are straight before you start drawing conclusions - Ahmed Seoudy
    howluckyweare responded:
    I've been on lithium for 2 years and I've never heard of (or experienced) being cold as a result. Also, make sure your psychiatrist knows you are taking prednisone, steroids are linked with mood instability.
    ibex7 responded:
    Hello Topaz,

    Please let me share some unofficial information that I have gathered like Debbie, over long term medication with 30 years of lithium carbonate.

    Immediately following my bp diagnosis in 1981, I started lithium therapy. I was told that the lithium discovery was first documented from a Mental Hospital in Australia that had shown unususal success in stabilizing bp sufferers and that the old hot and cold bath treatments were no longer needed after patients lived there for six weeks.

    Lithium Carbonate is not a true pharmaceutical, rather a natural occuring salt that was found to exist in the instiutuion's water supply in relatively high quantity. By the mid-fifties oral lithium had become a standard treatment. I'll leave the chemistry to our devoted researchers, but I understand that lithium replaces some of the potasium in our nervous systems, providing increased emotional stability.

    At first I noticed some hand tremors and diuresis (I peed a lot), dry mouth and a taste like I had an old penny in there.

    On my second hospitalization later in 1981, my roomate, also a financial professional, predicted I would eventually feel great after gettinhg my blood levels of lithium balanced.

    I have only had one additional hospital stay and that was due to an error in taking a non-compatible med with the rest of my medical mix. Oh yeah, I'm 64 and enyoying life each day.

    Hope this was helpful to you and best wishes. -Rodger
    Topaz03 replied to ibex7's response:
    Thanks everyone. Now, it's funny, I do feel a little better. Even my dd noticed. I read that you can in as little as 4 days. So, I will be on 600mgs for a while, and then idk, what is next but I like this medicine so far. I'm sorry I did not give it a chance sooner.

    It has this calming effect on me when it kicks in but it feels more natural and gentle than any of the other meds I've tried.
    Not heavy like the other ones. It's hard to explain and this is interesting because it's not a real medicine. I didn't know.

    So, yes, I'm totally sticking with it. You guys who have taken it for a long time are VERY encouraging to me right now. Thank you!!!

    Debbie is right. I have been very ill lately, so I shouldn't have assumed it could be the Lithium:(

    Thank you Rodger for that explanation:)))) I didn't know that about the Potassium, very interesting!

    Senistar and howluckyweare, thanks and for the link too:)
    courtneedawn replied to Topaz03's response:
    am not currently on lithium anymore i was on it for a couple of years had a depression issue n have been changed several times am now on trileptal but when i was on it i drank alot of water n peed alot n i did labs bout every 6 months but my first labs were 6 weeks after i started tha med but every doctor is different anytime they up the dose they will check u 6 weeks later but call ur doctor if u have any questions
    Topaz03 replied to courtneedawn's response:
    Thanks courtnee:) I'm reading as much as I can about the medicine so everything helps:) Hope the Trileptal is working well for you and the depression is not an issue for you. thanks
    ibex7 replied to Topaz03's response:
    Hi Topaz,

    Just a couple more words re: lithium therapy. Your pdoc should lay out a plan to guage the dose of lithium that is effective for you. You'll typically start at 300 mg/da fjor the first two weeks. then increase the dose to 600 mg/da. Your pdoc will have you on that dosage for another two weeks. Then your first blood lithium level will be taken. Important that you have the blood drawn 12 hours after your last dose, (lithium levels are almost always drawn 12 hr post dose).

    Usual therapeutic blood levels are 0.5 to 1.5 meq/l. Your pdoc will advise you on the level he/she would like you to be maintained and of a few over the counter meds you should avoid while taking lithium.

    Another friend I have on this board has used lithium for 29 years and agrees it has been very helpful to her and, with me, sends her best wishes.
    Topaz03 replied to ibex7's response:
    Thank you Rodger! Now, I won't bother trying to re contact my doctor. I got confused. I am on 300mgs. I'm pretty sure I remember it was to be for a week. However, I think I will stay on that and when I see her it will be two weeks.
    Then I go to the 600mgs. Goodness, I almost did that in a few days! Good thing, I thought better of it. I would like to not mess this up:)

    Yes, a friend from her who I miss seeing her, emailed me and was extremely helpful and answered many questions.

    I was very reassured to learn that even if you do become toxic, that it is reversible.
    So, I'm still trying to figure out why the fear and the bad reputation.

    The more I learn about it, the better it sounds than the anti-psychotics.

    I had another question though. When I'm up to the 600mgs, do I take that all at night? Or one in the am and one at night?

    I keep reading various things about whether to take all the doses at once at night......or to break them up daily.
    I would think, I should take one pill in the morning to keep my more level through the day? I will make sure we talk about that when I see my pdoc next time:)
    Thanks again. You guys are super helpful!!

    So far so good you know..............already, I'm not freaking out over everything. I'm a little better already, which is nice:))))
    ddnos replied to Topaz03's response:
    Kiira, your doc will tel you when to take dose when they are increased, but they can actually be taken all at once, but often the reason it's not is because stomach can't tolerate it. But some pople can - just need to be as consistant as possible when you do take them. I take mine morning and dinner time. I tired taking them all at once years ago, but upset stomach a bit.

    Remember, if you have any questions of your doc re how or when you take your meds, don't hesitate to ask her, ok? Any questons of concerns you may have, ask

    Make sure the facts are straight before you start drawing conclusions - Ahmed Seoudy
    Topaz03 replied to ddnos's response:
    Thanks Debbie:) Well, you guys have been way more than helpful, so I'm just about out of questions for now:) Thanks again!!

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