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    Includes Expert Content
    Just got diagnosed
    Maimie28 posted:
    Hi all,
    I am new here as I was just diagnosed last week with Bipolar ll. I found this discussion board while searching for information about Bipolar and medications. It's nice to hear that I'm not alone. To make my story short, I had a rough childhood so I always blamed my roller coaster emotions and outbursts on that. In my late teens my now husband convinced me it's not normal and maybe I should see a Dr. I started taking antidepressants. Over the next 16 years, I have tried more than 10 medications. Last June, I gave up. Nothing ever worked 100%. I stopped taking my medication. Slowly all of my old symptoms started creeping in. I have a wonderful life so this time around, I had no excuse for my behavior. I finally went back to the Dr. last week. What's very funny about the medication he chose to put me on is that I asked him why 4 years ago when I had shingles would I have felt like a million bucks taking Lyrica. He laughed and said it's because they treat bipolar with that medication. So, here I am on Lyrica feeling like a million bucks!
    I would love to hear all of your stories about how you came to a diagnosis, how you feel, how you cope with your daily life with bipolar disorder.
    Joseph F Goldberg, MD responded:
    Dear Maimie,

    Actually, Lyrica has never been studied to treat bipolar disorder (it is an anticonvulsant [epilepsy medicine>, and other anticonvulsants like Depakote or Tegretol have been used to treat bipolar disorder, but not all anticonvulsants treat bipolar disorder). Lyrica has the side effect of causing euphoria in some people, which may be what you're describing.

    Under "Resources" on this website are some video links that discuss treatments for bipolar disorder, which may be useful.

    Dr. G.
    Maimie28 replied to Joseph F Goldberg, MD's response:
    Well, if it works, why change medications. I've already made it through situations that would have put me over the edge and on this medication, I handled it like an adult in control. Whether it's been proven or not, if it works, why should I care. According to my manic/depression cycle, I would have been due for an episode by today and I haven't experienced one.
    ams_765 responded:
    Dear Maimie28,
    I was just diagnosed with Bipolar disorder myself. Although I have had this for over 20 years I can' seem to break the cycles anymore. I have been put on so many medications through out my life that I could start my own pharmacy. I have been hospitalized 3 times with this just this year. I don't know if the correct medication is out there. I take lyrica but for nueoropathy for my diabetes. I am glad it works for you that is great. I now am taking cybalta and abilify for my disorder it seems to work for a couple of weeks but then the cycle came back. I don't know if there is help out there for me or not. But I will not give up. How much of the lyica are you taking currently? I just take 25 mg 3 times a day. Anyway I just need an online friend to walk with me in this battle and maybe together we can beat our disorder.
    Thanks for listening.
    bpcookie replied to Maimie28's response:
    Hello Maimie, its nice to meet you and welcome to the board. For my Bipolar I take Depakote and Lamictal. Those have kept me pretty stable for quite a while. I also take Lyrica but I take it for pain.

    As I understand it, Lyrica is unproven to treat Bipolar. Off label uses of Lyrica are sometimes prescribed,by some Dr.s, to treat Biplar. So although it hasnt been proven to help Bipolar, I guess some Dr.s believe it may help.

    Was it a family practitioner or Pdoc who prescribed Lyrica? Im just wondering.

    Anyways, welcome to the board. Glad you found us.
    Life is very beautiful last words spoken by Queen Katherine Howard, King Henry VIII 5th wife, in the movie The Tudors
    Maimie28 replied to bpcookie's response:
    I am so sorry you are going through such pain (emotionally). I too have struggled with this for as long as I can remember. Age 7 at least. It seams all of the antidepressants I tried over a course of 16 years would dim parts of my bipolar and make other parts worse. I would switch medications every couple years becuase nothing was ever quite right either. Do you also see a Psycologist? I know that people who have bipolar don't only struggle with the cycles as it is but situations in your life can trigger them to be worse and more often. I really hope you find a good balance. Right now I am taking 75 mg of Lyrica 3 times a day.

    I understand that it's never been proven but it's working and it has and does work for many other people. This medication was just a starting point since I felt so wonderful on it 4 years ago, he figured why not try it since it is sometimes used for bipolar (although not proven). Yes, it was a family practitioner but I am in constant communication with my Psycologist and although he cannot prescribe medicine, he agrees that this is a good idea. For right now it's working wonderfully. I feel great. I've only been on it for 5 days and I was due for a crash a couple days ago and I did feel a little down but it was so manigable.
    Thank you for welcoming me
    DoOvers replied to Maimie28's response:

    For the record Dr. Goldberg never suggested changing anything. That does emphasize something I'd like to point out. It sounds like you may be taking what your doctors are saying and misinterpreting them a bit, albeit unintentionally.

    Above you mention you've made it through situations "according to your manic/depressive cycle" however you have only been on the medication five days, for a brief period during an outbreak of shingles and I really am not getting the sense you have any idea what bipolar is? You can predict a menstrual cycle with a fair degree of accuracy, some persons with bipolar can be triggered by seasonal changes or other events but have never heard of "set" days that can be pinpointed to the degree you are describing with the amount of inaccuracies in your post. Before you come on to a bipolar community and recommend to others that they should take Lyrica perhaps you should go to a Psychiatrist, (different from a family practictioner managing pain after a crash or a Psychologist) for an evaluation. Perhaps you misunderstood what the Psychologist was conveying? It's great that you have the pain under control and coping mechanisms to handle situations better than you did before.
    bpcookie replied to DoOvers's response:
    Do, that was very well put. I really didnt know how to say what you just said, so I just skirted around it. Besides, Lyrica really messes with my ability to concentrate, sometimes my replies dont make much sense. Heck, I was having trouble before I took Lyrica. I was having problems constructing sentences correctly, as I am right now.

    So Im going to add one word, ditto.
    The happy life be these I find, the quiet mind, the equal friend, with out grudge nor strife, wisdom joined with simplicity,the night discharged of all care. Earl of Surrey, Thomas Howard
    Joseph F Goldberg, MD replied to Maimie28's response:
    Dear all,

    Just to clarify my comment on my earlier post...I did not say that Lyrica is unproven, or off-label, I said it was unstudied. A search of the medical literature on MedLine shows that there are no published clinical trials using this antiepilepsy medicine for the treatment of bipolar disorder. Until at least one study gets done, there is no way to know if it (or any drug) helps, hurts, or does nothing. At one time it was thought that all antiepilepsy drugs might have value for mood disorders, because three have been shown to (Depakote, Tegretol, and Lamictal). No other antiepilepsy medicines have demonstrated antimanic or antidepressant value, and a number have been shown to be the same as placebo, casting doubt on a "class effect." Pregabalin is a newish anticonvulsant and certainly deserving of study to determine scientifically if it does or does not possess clinically meaningful mood properties.

    WebMD does not offer specific treatment recommendations and certainly does not advise anyone to change medicines. We are here just to answer general questions and make sure that medically correct information is circulating on the website.

    - Dr. G.
    DoOvers replied to Joseph F Goldberg, MD's response:
    Zonisamide for one has a number of studies "primarily in Japanese" that in adjunct may have anti-manic suggestive value. And to clarify I did not say you said Lyrica is unproven. This board isn't dumb. They are aware there are a number of studies that are unpublished and at one point or another the medications they themselves are on were not documented.
    bpcookie replied to Joseph F Goldberg, MD's response:
    Dr G., Just to be clear, when I wrote my replies, I was not implying that you said anything. I would never put words in your mouth. I wanted to make sure that you understood that.

    I am sorry if there was a misunderstanding.
    The happy life be these I find, the quiet mind, the equal friend, with out grudge nor strife, wisdom joined with simplicity,the night discharged of all care. Earl of Surrey, Thomas Howard
    An_245147 replied to Joseph F Goldberg, MD's response:
    Dr G, i have a question for you. Why would a doctor foreca person to stay in your type of hospitals becaus ethey didnt talk to the doctor? oh the doctor refused and gacve the person lame excsues before about why the person could nt do things. Also, there staff lied to that person about. i think its all politics, money and powerr.

    See someone nmisinteruppted something someone wrote, because this personally literally hates the other person., The person who got the text was suppose to stay and help the person recoverying from surgery for 2 weeks. she literally refused to allow the person to eat, money and ways to get out and about.
    Joseph F Goldberg, MD replied to An_245147's response:
    Dear An,

    I'm afraid I don't understand your question. Can you rephrase it?

    - Dr. G.
    DoOvers replied to Joseph F Goldberg, MD's response:
    Analysis and further understanding to this psuedonym's question can be found on borderline personality disorder board under "Ressurection", per An_000000's blackened name and her prior admittance that all these usernames come from the same origin; nonetheless ip address. Then her proclamation that all the other psuedonmys that are An_000000 are co-workers and originate from the same workplace computer. She introduced herself as being from Bahrain with an Irish doctor. She is proclaimed to be in the medical field and has her terminology down pat but simultaneously will post recovery from manic cycles (4 in a year was her last claim), her posts can be found on a variety of boards and Dr. Goldberg you know there is only one An_000000. You and WebMD play this game and entertain the cycle.

    P.S. Anonymous, whoever you are, put your intelligence to better use because you certainly have a brain and it is not worth wasting. WebMd if you are promoting that user as a springboard for discussion on all the different boards they are on that is truly a shame.
    Maimie28 replied to DoOvers's response:
    First, I don't misunderstand what bipolar is.
    Second, I NEVER recommended that someone else take Lyrica for their bipolar. I am not a Dr. It works for me, that's all I said.
    Third, I came on here looking for more people to connect with in my situation and it turned into all of you needing to be RIGHT about your knowledge of medication and bipolar.

    I'm done here. Thanks for the "help and support"

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