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    Funk-a-Delic Friday Daily Post......May contain TRIGGERS
    mommaange1 posted:
    Good Morning

    weather gonna be a steamy 95

    sleep very good until Vixen and Benji walked all over my face so I could let them out of the bedroom

    mood hmm what will it be

    plans Have a Pdoc appt today, Nothing to tell. No refills needed. Don't know why I'm going.
    If We Couldn't Laugh, We Would All Go Insane :)
    bpcookie responded:
    OMG its finally Friday, yyyiiipppeeee

    Weather: rain

    Sleep: good but still tired

    Mood: good and will prob. get better as the day goes on

    Plans: Right now Im having to deal with a company who's product damaged an antique cabinet. Their so-called-lawyer wants me to sign a paper that discharges the company from being responsible for any damages that ANY of their (blank) product may have caused or may cause. LOL. *rolls eyes*. uuuuuummmm Im NOT signing that paper. Even better, they are offering me $100.

    Also I will be watching the Stock Market, playing LOTRO and will watch a movie tonight.

    You all have a fabulous night. muahs
    The world is round and the place which may seem like the end may also be only the beginning. ~Ivy Baker Priest
    mercygive responded:
    Good morning all

    Weather: 80-90s

    Sleep: Great

    Mood: I'm pooped

    Plans: Spend the night with dm, drive dh to country to pick up his truck and spend some time with dg. Going to have to miss the coffee meeting at church but I haven't felt like a church lady for a long long time. Do some painting this weekend.

    Have a great weekend
    Choose life, God's Grace and humor - mercygive

    skypper responded:
    Mornin' all

    Weather today will be warm i suspect

    Mood is kinda on a downward spiral lately...*shrugs*

    sleep: not so good, i was cold and had no blanket because my SON had the stupid dog on my bed and his dumb butt threw up all over my blankets

    plans: clean...does the FUN EVER end??? *hmph!*
    pick up kids, drop off niece at home
    my dd has her senior pix tonight
    my niece has a softball game tonight too
    gotta help my son with his homeschool work 1st, all day...i already feel overwhelmed and i haven't done anything yet...gonna go make breakfast now, i'm starvin
    I've never fooled anyone.They didn't bother to find out who
    beej5 responded:
    Good afternoon:

    Weather: 90's and sunny

    Sleep: OKish

    Mood: depressed

    Plans: go to baseball game, clean apt, and do laundry(out of shorts that fit me to wear).

    margaroo replied to skypper's response:
    Good afternoon my friends!

    Weather: Cooling down to 85 degrees.

    Sleep: I have been waking up every 2 hours for the past week and staying awake after 7 am. I have never done this before.

    Mood: Terrible. I have a lot to do around the house before the workman comes back. I only leave the house to go to an appt, which means I get out every 10 days or so. No energy, depressed, and anxious. After reading what mommage said about the spinal stenosis surgery, I am a little scared. The truth is that I walk bent over most of the time and it is very painful to walk around in the morning and I want it to stop.

    I am eating like I did 8 years ago. My husband was out this morning, so I asked for a doughnut and coffee. Then I wanted a burger and fries with a coke for lunch. I feel sick to the stomach. I knew this would happen, but I went still went for it. It is my own darn fault, I can't blame my husband to stop me, but I did tell him that was not happy with myself.

    Hugs to all,

    Of all the things I've lost, I miss my mind the most.
    kai2009 responded:
    Good evening yall

    Weather: Nice and cool

    Sleep: Not enough

    Mood: Kinda down, ive been in pain all day long.

    Plans work till 7 then hopefully do nothing, but i doubt that will happen, tomorrow is the truck show and my best friend always puts his truck in and i promised him id help wax it, =/ and i gotta get up really early tomorrow to go up to it with him, i say bring on the beer lol. But i wait all year for the truck show so im pretty excited for it.
    mommaange1 replied to margaroo's response:
    I'm sorry I scared you. I definitely went thru a lot, probably more then most, but I refused to walk around with a walker or be pushed in a wheel chair if we went shopping. I was so bent over and in so much pain that they finally put me on Fentynol patches that they had to keep increasing the dosages on. I got so bad, my dd did everything for me. I wasn't going to live with being like this at 39 so I took a chance. I have twinges every now and then but I can put on my own underwear and socks now YAY. Get a second opinion and see what they say. Living on narcotics is not the answer and the pain just gets worse. My dad swore up and down that his back doc was the best in the world and did his surgery and was just awesome. He was the doc who gave me nerve damage. So check the docs out very well. I't your back and it deserves the best.
    If We Couldn't Laugh, We Would All Go Insane :)
    WolfFaerie7 responded:
    Good Evening Everyone!

    Weather:Sunny and warm high 81

    Sleep:Overdid it again

    Mood:According to my kids I'm being bitchy

    Plans:Plans blown out of the water today. Did some reading and ordered in for supper.


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