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    Effects of having bipolar
    Betzy11 posted:
    I was diagnosed with bipolar back last April. I am 77. A phy said I was one years ago and put me on meds.. But my regular. MD said I wasn't one and took me off of those meds. and put me on nerve pill and anxiety meds.
    I am just wondering about some of the effects of bipolar?? I
    I am always thinking all the time Things are running through my mind all the time. It confuses and messes me up. I am concerned about how I am acting right now. Have been having trouble sleeping also. Can anyone share how the react and feel because of this? Thank you..
    slik_kitty responded:
    77 is awfully late in life to be diagnosed bp. talk to your md about why he doesn't think you are and have some tests run to rule out anything else it could be. welcome to the board.
    Betzy11 replied to slik_kitty's response:
    I had a Phyciatrist (spelled wrong ) diagnose me with it some years ago.. And took lithium. But when I went to my regular Doctor (MD) Told me that he didn't think I was and said I have depression and problems for bad experiences in my life. Have been through many rough situations..
    I went to my Md a short time ago and had a routine check up and blood work and all turned out quite well.
    Have been dealing with depression for years. Sometime a very,very deep one.
    My new doctor diagnosed me as Bipolar. thank you for the reply. I talk to my self lot and it worries me because I hear you have racing thoughts also I think I do.
    jselleck replied to Betzy11's response:
    Hi Betzy11, welcome to the board. I've shown signs of BP since I was in high school (36 now) but wasn't diagnosed til 8 years ago. The most common misdiagnoses for bipolar is depression. That's what I was first said to have when I was young. The most common sign of bipolar is racing thoughts, but also severe mood changes (mania) lack of sleep or too much sleep, wanting to "hide" from everyone and everything, severe outbursts of anger, and thoughts of suicide or suicidal tendencies. Some people also participate in reckless actions such as excessive spending, driving too fast, excessive car wrecks, you get the picture.

    I also talk to myself, but I've done that since I was six. Drives me crazy!!!! Or as hubbie jokes, even crazier. Hope this helps you. If you really want to know more about the disease might I suggest reading one of the following books: "The Bipolar Survival Guide" and "Bipolar for Dummies." Both are great books, especially the survival guide. And I think they might even be available in large print if you need large print books. Take care.

    Betzy11 replied to jselleck's response:
    Thank you jselleck.for the reply. I am the same way . The talking to myself drives me crazy also. I do a lot of that. Sleeping problems and racing thoughts also. I also want to hide from everyone also. This is the first time that I have discussed this with anyone and Identified with them. I hibernate very much. also. Stay to myself a lot. I will check into these books that you segested. Sounds interesting. Thank you for the help..

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