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    So what ticks you off?? Poss trigger
    jselleck posted:
    Thought this would be interesting to do. Think we did this before, but who cares.

    1) People who drive slow in the fast lane.

    2) People who think five over the limit is too slow.

    3) People who drive like maniacs cutting everybody off.

    4) Crotch rockets who's owners drive like maniacs.

    5) Certain box stores that shall remain nameless that close most of their checkout lanes at 5:30pm making you wait forever.

    6) Doctors that don't listen to you.

    7) Pharmacies that lie about when your scirpts will be ready.

    Hospitals that don't truly listen to your symptoms.

    9) People who think that just because you're bipolar or any other mental illness that you're completely and totally off your rocker all the time.

    10) Medicine with crazy side effects.

    11) Family who doesn't understand the way you act sometimes. Or why you act that way.

    12) Friends who quit being your friend because of the disease.

    13) Employers who just don't understand. (nuff said)
    CanadianDyanne responded:
    Girl, I hope Matt does most of the driving. hahaha

    1. Ppl who dont use turn signals (thought I would start with that just for you J)

    2. Indecisive ppl

    3. Kids who dont respect their elders.

    4. The cupboard doors being left open.

    5. Being on the phone with someone, and they talk to others in the room grrrrrrrrrr my bro does that to me and ticks me off!

    6. All this flipping rude texting ie in line at stores when they should be paying attention, at your house for a short visit but stay on the text the whole time etc etc

    7. Lack of common sense.

    8. Wasting water or hydro.
    jselleck replied to CanadianDyanne's response:
    Yes Dyanne, Matt does all the driving. For the past 3 years. I lost my privileges after I totaled our second Taurus and the insurance rates got too high. May get them back this summer. We're waiting on his inheritance from his grandmother's estate and hope to buy a second vehicle. ( One with a back seat so groceries don't get piled on me all the time!!!) When that happens he's agreed to reconsider letting me drive the truck and only the truck. Along with other limits of course. What can I say?? I have road rage along with bipolar. Or at least had road rage. The few times I've gotten to drive since totaling last car I've done much better. But then he was in the car with me and watched me like a hawk. So we'll see how I do on my own.

    TheLetterKaye replied to jselleck's response:
    I totally feel you on all those car annoyances. 90% of the people on the road appear to be rude idiots. Driving always leaves me tensed up and sometimes cussing and fuming. (I'm much like my father in this way. I never understood until I got behind the wheel myself lol. )

    I don't let it affect my driving though. I'm actually a pretty safe driver for my age. Although I learned just last night that Mania The Offspring driving = bad combination. Was so caught up in the music I didn't even realize I was going 60 down a 35 lol. It was at 11 at night though and nobody was on the road so everything was fine
    bpcookie responded:
    1. parents who let their children run around the stores like animals.

    2. Little kids who scream over and over again in stores. " AH...AH...AH...AH"

    3. Kids to throw themselves on the ground at stores and yell "I WANT IT!!!!!!! GIVE IT TO ME!!!!NO NO NO NO!!"

    4. Idiots who ride on my bumper. I happen to have a cure for that.

    5. When I park my Mustang way out in the middle of B.F.E and when I come out of the store, some P.O.S. car is parked right next to mine.

    6. My chronic pain totally ticks me off.

    7. Men who stare at women. Even if the woman catches him staring, he still continues.

    8. Men who yell "OWE!!! OH BABY!...." uuuggghh

    9. How Obama is going to give illegal aliens a green card. What about the ppl who had to get a special Visa from their country (which is very difficult and time consuming), then when they get here they have to WAIT to get a Green Card, they have to pay for it every single year. What about those ppl?

    10. Medication that doesn't work

    11. Medical ins. that costs far too much.
    WebMD Health Ambassador, BpCookie
    snowyowl33 replied to bpcookie's response:
    OOOOhhhh lovve these posts! thanks Matt.

    ((((((J))))) hugs hon! omg my sistah from anotha mistah you made me laugh with the kids ones, sooooo try I high five you on those and add....

    1. Parents who are totally oblivious to the fact that their kids are screaming their guts out and practically deafening others ... grrr sooo freakin' annoying.. like.. uhh hello?? can you please turn the volume button on your kid down so the rest of us don't have to listen to that noise? Just about tips me right over the edge.....

    2. People who feel it's necessary to bring the biggest most unwheeldly sized strollers onto a bus, and then take up 4 seats that others including seniors could use.... and they watching as someone else does the same, making it totally impossible for anyone to squeeze by without knocking their little darlings Cadillac!...and YOU get the stink eye.... I mean REALLY???????........ grrrrrrrrrr

    3. Rude and bad mannered school kids who push and shove others (including seniors) to get on public transit and then grab all the seats and just stare blankly around without even thinking it might be nice to offer someone older a seat...omg I'm getting all steamed!

    4. People who leave their clothes in the washers or dryers for hours when others have laundry to do.....

    5. Alarm clocks......all of them.....

    6. Static electricity.... especially in my hair..

    7. Jam packed sardine like subway cars at rush hour.... ugh... the worst!

    8. Talking to someone on the phone while their talking to someone else.... uhh can we say rude???

    9. ....awww I have so many more, but I have to run to work! eeps!

    Have a great day everyone!

    People take different roads seeking fulfillment and happiness. Just because they're not on your road doesn't mean they've gotten lost. Dalai Lama
    slik_kitty replied to bpcookie's response:
    I hate people who ride my bumper. the other day i had a guy in a beemer suv right on my bumper. i soooooooooooo wanted to slam on the breaks and have him buy me a new car.
    snowyowl33 replied to slik_kitty's response:
    hahahahahahah.. you shoulda Kitty... <---- new kittymobile.. vroom vroommmm....
    go kitty go!! bwahahaha
    People take different roads seeking fulfillment and happiness. Just because they're not on your road doesn't mean they've gotten lost. Dalai Lama
    margaroo replied to snowyowl33's response: this.

    What bugs me the most is a mom in a store chatting away on the phone and is ignoring the child in the cart. This is such an important time for the child to learn from their parents. I may be showing my age, but I feel that the instant gratification in constant usage of cell phone must be damaging our relationships.

    Just like all of you, other drivers make me nuts. Just today I was almost my car was pushed out of my lane on the freeway, was almost sideswiped by a car racing up my narrow hill, and I was the only one who pulled to the right side of the road when an emergency vehicle was heard. This was at a busy intersection and the cross traffic didn't stop until the emergency truck came up to the intersection and had to lay on the horn.

    Oh there are a few more things, but my blood pressure is starting to rise.

    ~ Maggie
    Of all the things I've lost, I miss my mind the most.
    ddnos replied to CanadianDyanne's response:
    Dyanne - "indecisive people"? OMG, you would HATE me! LOL I am only THE most indecisive person there is - well, I think I am...ok, so maybe almost the most indecisive? No, I think I'm THE
    Forgiveness is letting go of the hope that the past could have been any different --Unknown
    ddnos responded:
    1. I hate when visiting a friend and they are CONSTANTLY taking calls and texts!! Rude!

    2. Screaming children with parents who ignore them!

    3. Bladder infections! LOL TMI?

    4. Rude and inconsiderate people

    5. TV commercials

    6. Liars

    7. Not being believed

    8. Not being understood

    9. Chronic pain

    10. Gaining weight just because I like to eat carbs and ice-cream! No fair at all!

    11. Technical difficulties
    Forgiveness is letting go of the hope that the past could have been any different --Unknown
    skypper responded:
    I think a shorter and easier list for me would be what DOESN'T tick you off? LOL
    I mean these days it's never-ending...
    1. people eating too loud -swallowing, chewing, slurping, burping = Gross!
    2. people breathing too loud
    3. people talking to me when i'm trying to think, read, remember something, feel something
    4. people who drive too slow or just plain don't know how to drive at all
    5. When the person in front of me at line, who is supposed to be paying is on their freaking phone, talk about rude and holding everyone else up!
    6. People not cleaning up after themselves
    7. People who borrow my things and don't take care of them
    8. People who are ALWAYS asking to borrow something or constantly asking for favors
    9. People who act like they want to have a discussion but then totally ignore or blow off all your input that doesn't match theirs
    10. Dogs peeing in the house
    11. My phone acting retarded
    12. Periods
    13. People who think they're "all that"
    14. People who only want to gossip all the time
    15. People who let their children scream and go wild in public
    16. When my neighbor down the street has visitors and they park in front of and block all the mail boxes
    17. Stupid people
    18. Rude people
    19. Ignorant people
    20. People in general
    LOL~! Ok me thinks that's enough for now
    When nothing's going right, go left!
    bpcookie replied to snowyowl33's response:
    snowy hunny, omg The kids screaming is exactly what irritates me. I know that all little kids scream but it causes my ear drums to pound with each scream and it causes me anxiety.
    WebMD Health Ambassador, BpCookie
    bpcookie replied to ddnos's response:
    Debbie honey, Your number 1 answer ticks me off to. I went to dinner with a friend and the entire time she was getting txt msgs and answering them. this was happening about every one min.I was so annoyed with her rudeness ans I will never got any where with her again.
    WebMD Health Ambassador, BpCookie

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