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    Just for fun What is the most fun out there thing you have done or seen? Trigger
    mattthecat posted:
    I thought with the board being so serious lately we could use a break.

    As an adult I have never done any thing that wild but when I was really young seven or eight I had an uncle who would take me to the really pregame show at Tiger stadium. On home game days in Detroit instead of going to the base ball game we would park in the really bad inner city neighbor hoods around tiger Stadium a few hours before the game we would eat McDonalds (i would get a happy meal) and watch the police reclaim the neighbor hood from the street gangs, hookers and homeless. A large army of Detroit police officers would move down the middle of the streets and leave a police officer on almost every street corner in there wake. For some reason still unknown to me the bad element of the neighbor hoods would stay out until just the last moments and then fade back in to the neighbor hood I remember no matter how many times we did that there would always be a large number of people arrested and taken away in vans and buses. Do not try this at home Kiddies but we never got hurt and this is one of my fondest memories of an uncle who treated me like I was his own son.
    Does any one else have any unusual fond memories to share?

    sandtiger responded:
    A few years ago I was a volunteer firefighter, and one day in training we had to wear our full bunker gear. I knew my shoes felt a little big ... but while we were crawling around on the floor 'searching' for victims, one shoe slid right off. They told me I could fix it and I moved forward a couple more feet ... before the other slid off. Crawling on the floor eventually made them both slip off and I left them behind. The guys on the crew (I was the only female at that point) laughed sooo hard when I had to go back later, climb over the model couch and under the table (they were set up as blocks, in the instance that someone in fear knocked things over) and retrieve them.

    It took two months and a special order of boots to finally get me a pair that fit snug - and I was a size 4. Normally I'm a size 7 in shoes.

    That memory still makes me smile.

    ~ San
    :: Living is more than just being alive - Anberlin ::
    mattthecat replied to sandtiger's response:
    Sandtiger that does sound like a pretty adventurous story. I always thought about volunteering at a local fire department but Since i have moved to Texas the city I live in uses only professional fire fighters.
    Good story thanks

    jselleck replied to mattthecat's response:
    The craziest thing I have done so far is this. When I was living in central Indiana my husband convinced me and two friends to drive to Chicago to Six Flags. ( we were dating at the time) So we all pile into our friend's car, (which was a reclaimed police car spray painted black) and headed up 65. Well, they didn't want to take this one road in Chicago which was known for really bad traffic jams lasting hours so we took what we thought was a short cut. It turned out to be a long cut and we ended up lost in a very interesting inner city neighborhood. We finally make it to the park and they talk me into riding the tower of power. Well I should I have gotten off when my seat belt came lose AFTER the attendant checked it, but they wanted to ride, so I did. I was so scared I almost peed my pants. I don't like heights to begin with, even bridges were a problem for me at the time, but I didn't want to be a party pooper. NEVER GONNA LET FRIENDS TALK ME INTO SOMETHING EVER AGAIN!!!!!! We ended up having a good time and made it home with no more "adventures." That a riot at the State Fair by my cousin's stand were the worst things to happen to me.
    CanadianDyanne replied to jselleck's response:
    Hum, would it be when I 'dressed-fat' to helped my bff hide being pg from her parents for 9 mos?
    When my other bff and I stole a street sign for my b/f for val day b/c it was his last name?
    When I was teaching someone to drive and she lost control and landed my car on the railroad tracks?
    Dang I just have so many lmao
    jselleck replied to CanadianDyanne's response:
    Wow Dyanne, you are a really good friend. I could never pull something like that off, because I am already overweight. Sigh. Have lost some weight though. Trying really really hard to lose more. It's a struggle though. Especially with all the meds I'm on, just for starters. I tried teaching a friend to drive once in College. That was really really fun. She was from Japan and had bought a stick which just added to the fun. We had a good time though and she did pass her driving test and got her license. Man, I miss driving a stick. I struggled to learn, but once I had, man did I have some fun. He he. I loved that little Civic. Wish I could talk hubbie into buying one, but he's so uncoordinated that he can't drive one. Sigh, maybe someday. Like when I win the lottery. As if that's ever gonna happen. Have a good day my friends.

    bpcookie responded:
    Ive been wanting to answer this post ever since I saw it but hadn't had a chance until now. So, the most fun, out there thing? All you ppl with tender ears....eerrrrr...I mean eyes, shut them now and read no further.

    The very last time me and the hubby went to Laughlin Nevada, about 4 yrs ago, we had some grown up/married fun. *wink wink* We had a room on the third floor, facing the river. It was the summer so there were lots of boats going by and ppl partying, waving from the boats, that kinda thing. Me and hubby decided to get a bit risk-ay. So we had some grown up fun inside the room with my bare butt up against the window, that was facing the river. YUP, we were drunk.
    WebMD Health Ambassador, BpCookie
    bpcookie replied to jselleck's response:
    OMG J, the seat belt came loose? I would have freakin freaked out!!!!!!!!!!!! I don't like heights either but I do love a good fair ride. The heights make it even scarier, but I MUST feel safe. I must be belted in properly.

    Ever ride the Zipper? That seat thing that comes over your lap when they shut the door, which happens to be a flimsy gate, never fit me snug enough. I always had to place my feet tight up against the bottom of the door and push myself up against the seat. Anyways, they put this pin in the gate to keep it closed. I talked my Nephew into getting on the ride with me and with each movement the ride will rock back and forth, go upside down. So Im rocking it and telling him to look at the pin in the door. I told him about how small if was and if the pin slipped off, the gate/door would fly open. LMAO that poor kid, I scared him to death. He told me to stop talking about it. LOL. So much fun.
    WebMD Health Ambassador, BpCookie
    bpcookie replied to CanadianDyanne's response:
    lol Dyanne dahling, I just knew you would have some good ones
    WebMD Health Ambassador, BpCookie
    CanadianDyanne replied to bpcookie's response:
    ohhhhhhhhhh girl those are my mild ones

    The "grown-up" ones.......uh.......well the one you mentioned but we were on the 9th floor terrace just after our sun up java and all the fishers were in the ocean. (florida)

    or the time on the side of the interstate (USA)

    or on the side of the hwy coming back from the dd's and it was madly snowing, hey we just needed to warm up (Ontario)

    oh, haha that time we were on vacation and we were site seeing at night and ended up walking thru the marsh and there were hammocks. Then afterwards a guard comes out of no where to tell us there were a lot of snakes out there. Hum, think he was one of the snakes cause he had to been there the whole time!

    Ah and ......... shew its getting hott in here and its -7C out.

    bpcookie replied to CanadianDyanne's response:
    oh you go girl fiend. Brings up some memories, not too long ago. Well, before I was curst with LSC. Oh well, I pretty much did it all before all this happened. Fun times.
    WebMD Health Ambassador, BpCookie

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