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    Includes Expert Content
    Lithium & Methadone interactions
    m_selbor posted:
    Short Description I am taking 60 mg of Methadone & 600 mg of Lithium. I have noticed a difference in the methadone. I am having w/drawl symp. I must take both

    About This Community I am recovering from alcoholism/addiction. I have not had a drink in 23 yrs but used alot of street drugs. Have been clean for 11 mos. now and currently under doctors care w/methadone and also psychiatric care for bipolar disorder. I must take both but the effects of the Methadone are not lasting as they should (24 hrs). I am experiencing leg cramps, sleeplessness as well as cravings. also having watery eyes and sneezing. I have lowered my dose from 140 mg. down to 60 mg in 7 mos. I've been at a stable dose 4 about 2 mos. However, I have always hated taking Lithium but
    in order for me to have any sort of a normal life, I must take the lithium as well. I need to know if one is affecting the other or if its in my head. Last but not least is there another pill I can take that won't effect Methadone
    Joseph F Goldberg, MD responded:
    Dear m_selbor,

    There are no known pharmacokinetic or pharmacodynamic (ie, drug-drug) interactions between lithium and methadone.

    Dr. G.
    An_251428 replied to Joseph F Goldberg, MD's response:
    Dr G.,
    What you are is probably true however I no longer feel the effects of the methadone. I feel physically better this morning, however, I may as well taken a placebo as far as
    the initial effects.
    M Selbor
    Joseph F Goldberg, MD replied to An_251428's response:
    Dear M_Selbor, Chances are, the possible breakthrough opiate withdrawal symptoms you are noticing are unrelated to lithium, or factors other than opiate receptor blockade. Worth discussing with the doctor prescribing the methadone. Dr G
    m_selbor replied to Joseph F Goldberg, MD's response:
    I am going to see both doctor on Monday.
    I appreciate your feedback.
    Thank you
    M Selbor
    blizzrotz43 responded:
    To answer your question, the drop from 140 down to 60 mgs of methadone is whats causing ur withdrawal symptoms not the lithium. I've been on 180 mgs of methadone for 12 going 13 years , im now on 160 mgs of methadone and i take 900 mgs lithium per day. "" no withdrawls at all. Also i know a girl who is on 60 mgs of methadone and she also takes lithium with no methadone withdrawls. I know for sure it because you were on a very high dose of methadone then dropped down to 60 mgs methadone way to fast. Methadone has suxh a long freakin Half-Life that it takes an unbelievable amount of time to tapper off of. And still you will have really bad withdrawls!!!!!... Methadone is a horrible drug and all methadone clinics need to be sued for not telling the clients as they call them that methadone will be 1000 times harder to get off of than heroin or whatever other opiod ur hooked on . anyways, no!!... Lithium is not causing your withdrawls. You just went down way tp fast on ur methadone. I know it seems unbelievable but i know methadone, ive researched it all 12 years. I have doctors, rn's in my family and i've seen what other people at my clinic have done to themselves. Im not a doctor and i can't give you advice but all i can do is give you my opinion. I suggest upping ur methadone up to bout 100 mgs. Stablize, then drop by 5mgs every 4 months. What how much better that will work.goodluck buddy..-83D-E00

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