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    Conversations with people in my life in my head.
    sammy6944 posted:
    Anyone ever have conversations or say things in their head with people in their lives or am I weird?
    Anon_162468 responded:
    hmm. u just made me do a self-evaluation lol. No worries - that's always cool with me.

    Well, In some ways yes I do, but not whole conversations.

    Guess what I mean is, I attempt to gauge responses to what I say before I open my mouth. I think about my statement, then I consider the other person's multiple-possible perspectives on that statement before it comes out of my mouth. That can happen during a real conversation, or a contemplated conversation about a particular topic.

    But as far as just a random convo with someone in my mind, nope, I don't ever recall doing that.

    I do "say" some things in my head that I know it is best to not say out this the type of thing you mean??

    Or, are you just having totally random, full conversations with others in your mind? If so, do you think perhaps you are to an extent, subconsciously attempting to figure out how to say things just right, or are you having random conversations in your mind for no apparent reason??

    I can relate to the former, but not the latter.

    Hope that's at least of some little help?

    If you see a counselor, and if you are bipolar I assume you do, you may ought to mention that to them. They aren't going to go haywire on you for it I assure you.

    Best Wishes,
    blessed8991 replied to Anon_162468's response:
    I have on going conversations with everyone in my head...therapist once ask me if I was ever not thinking about anything and I didn't understand at first...he said if there is noone to talk to are you always thinking about a possible future talk or going over a grocery list or something...always something? I learned that my mind was never idle..I am always on play. I used to do this as a kid always wondering about my hair or my clothes or what I would say next time I saw someone and my fav...the adults are gonna find out your secret any day now...constant masturbating. I was always bipolar long before I known the name of it...I have never been normal or well totally dysfuntional. I wish you the best and really who wants to be normal...we have personalilty!!!!
    reneegigliotti replied to blessed8991's response:
    I constantly have conversations in my head. I talk to my psychiatrist and psychologist in my head. I have conversations with people I wish I could have, not the ones that actually come out verbally. It is a little crazy making. Since I hear voices when I'm manic (those are external voices) the internal conversations are like verbal clutter. It is quite distracting.
    colby9 responded:
    We all need to be able to have like a buddy list so we can get a hold of each other easily. Girl you don't even want to know the conversations I have in my head. I just finally talked to my therapist about it ive had this issue for over a decade. My conversations range from people that are still here.. with people that aren't here anymore.. and a made up scenario that's been consistent for years I don't know how to stop it. I feel so crazy they tell me its a "coping mechanism".... its not, its hell.
    sammy6944 replied to Anon_162468's response:
    YESS!!! That is exactly what I am talking about. Like planning out what you are gonna say before you say it! OMG. you hit the nail on the head. YOu do that too? I'm not alone then. Thanks for the help!
    sammy6944 replied to blessed8991's response:
    Thank you so much for your reply! I am exactly the same way. It is so tiring! I can totally relate to you!
    sammy6944 replied to reneegigliotti's response:
    It's veryyyy distracting. It keeps you from having a natural conversation!!!
    sammy6944 replied to colby9's response:
    It is very much hell! YES WE ALL DO NEED A BUDDY LIST!. Yeah, its pretty annoying. It's like you can't just shut your damn brain up for five seconds to enjoy a conversation!
    blessed8991 replied to sammy6944's response:
    I it really hell though??? I mean bipolar folks are hyper-verbal and I think that goes a long way in just being who we are...we rock!!! I think bipolar people are more aware than the average person and that being so we see things others don't and are witty because of it...I love to just live in the moment and share all my dirt...well with a select few!!! Just a thought...we need some good news!!!
    sammy6944 replied to blessed8991's response:
    Thanks Blessed. I never looked at it that way. It is still hell to me
    bpcookie responded:
    When I seen this post, I just HAD to reply. I do this constantly to the point where I wonder if I will someday go insane. Im home alone during the day and have no one to talk to. So, I talk to myself, all day. LOL. I will have conversations with ppl, I will also bring up past events and say out loud what I should have said back then, I will talk to my Dr.s BEFORE I even get to the Dr. apt. I talk so much that my voice has become hoarse. Its sssooo ridiculous and I dont know how to stop myself. *shrug*.

    So, your not alone hun.
    Please join my community called GRUMPY GROUPIES ( ) Fun and serious topics, nothing is taboo. So get on over there. Weirdo's are welcomed.
    blessed8991 replied to bpcookie's response:
    I do this too, but to NOT do it I call it my fliters...My son lives with me (grown) and if possible I could talk and chat with him 24/7, but he doesn't want that so I THINK about a thousand things to say about 20 yrs. ago or a recent commercial but I say to myself...oh he is busy or remember he doesn't want you to do takes so practice and what usually happens is I get busy doing anything esle...the is entertainment for me!!!!! But I don't want to use him as a sound board all the time!! Filters come easier with practice.
    sammy6944 replied to bpcookie's response:
    Bpcookie - What you described is exactly what I am talking about! I also have past conversations in my head. Thinking of what I should have said. I didn't really think anyone on here knew what I was talking about. It is good to know that people like you just get it! Thanks
    colby9 replied to sammy6944's response:
    agreed. Feels better knowing you really aren't alone. Still hell to deal with but its nice (well unfortunate) that others are going through what I am, so I can relate and not be judged or looked at like I am crazy.

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