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    Seroquel XR vs. "regular" Seroquel
    ssmiddy posted:
    Hi ya all
    I mentioned in another post that my meds were changed today, and I'm now taking Seroquel XR vs. regular Seroquel.

    Question: If by chance anyone here has been on each of these meds, what sort of differences did you notice, if any?

    I was supposed to take it a few hours ago, but am so used to taking the regular stuff right before bed, I forgot...and am hoping it kicks in faster than I actually expect it to. Ah well, not like I have anything to do really.

    Ya all take care & have the best day ya can !!!!!!!
    ginpene responded:
    Hi there. I am 62 yo woman and have been on regular Seroquel for years and years. I also take Wellbutrin, Buspar, Temazepam and Lithium. The Seroquel has been a great med for me. I take it for insomnia and BP. It is sedating and constipating, but these side effects are manageable for me. I take it half an hour or so before I want to sleep, and it really has helped. Of course, I have the Temazepam, too. I am on a monster dose of Seroquel, 700mg, and this weekend am going to start decreasing the dose to see if I still need so much. Good luck to you. Hope this helps.
    ssmiddy replied to ginpene's response:
    Wow, yep, 700mg of regular Seroquel is a lot...I was taking that for a while (100mg in morning, 600mg at bedtime)..

    Last night was my second night on the Seroquel XR, and I slept wayyyy too long....I think from about 10pm-430pm, and would still probably be asleep if someone had not knocked at the door.

    I can NOT sleep that long every day, even though I'm disabled/retired military & have no job. I just can't. So, I'll take it tonight and see what happens, but Saturday night is not optional cuz I have to teach a Bible study Sunday morning....then I'll try it again Sunday night and call the doc Monday to see what the deal is I reckon.

    Thank you sooo very much for responding I appreciate it very much.
    Best wishes to you!
    reneegigliotti replied to ssmiddy's response:
    I'm on 800 mg of Seroquel. 600 at night and 200 in the morning.
    1957_chevrolet replied to reneegigliotti's response:
    I take Seroquel XR which is far better in my situation than
    "regular" Seroquel. I would highly recommend the XR version if taking the "regular" is causing problems that the
    extended release will not in most cases.
    ssmiddy responded:
    Oh How Things Change...

    Now am not on Seroquel of ANY type. I had a discussion with my psych about feeling as if something different might work better.
    I got the standard, "Well what have you been on in the past?," to which my response was, "I'm not sure what I have NOT been on." lol.

    Short story is that now I'm on Latuda & Vistaril (in addition to Pristiq & valium & lamictal)....Odd, but the Vistaril does NOT seem to have an additive effect with the valium for me. I was afraid I'd be too sedated, but actually quite the opposite is the case. Works for long as I do not get tooooo excited (to point of mania).

    Thanks for all your replies & stuff Very much appreciate them, and I wish you ALL the very best!


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