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    feeling super angry aggressive ready to fight as usual part for the cost really
    angreemann4life posted:
    I am so agitated and have been for almost a year. I'm afraid of myself of properly gassed up of seriously bury someone. I just don't know right now I work so much all I want to do when I get home is veg out. I really feel like I want to do more but I'm struggling to do what I'm doing. I changed my shift at work so I can sleep on a schedule I'm taking my Seroqel again I weigh like 500lbs I look horrible I can't move the way I want I don't like my appearance, my wife thinks I'm selfish when I do things that comfort me. I need a break I need to take a weekend trip to center myself I mentioned this to my wife and the response is like why, I need a break from my life so I can deal with my life. The common refrain is are you still taking your needs to that I say are you silk sucking dick for food creak and the other necessities of your existence. I mean wtf medication doesn't justify your bs comments like wtf you think medication causes chemical lobotomys like if I'm not on medication the isht day would be more acceptable to me, phuck you for thinking without meds I'm less of a person or you don't feel I have a valid point of view. Do you realize that because the way my mind is wired my curse is my gift I'll let this isht go and be a billionaire in a year. Just want to sleep for a week just disappear
    slik_kitty responded:
    if you need a break, then take it. ask for some time off from work and get away for a while. if you can't take time off, then go somewhere just for the weekend. we all need alone time and time to assess our lives and see where we want to go next. if you are not happy with your life, then start making some changes. there is no reason that a bipolar cannot be happy. we can be happy.
    mercygive responded:
    I can relate to the Seroquel weight gain. Depressed if you don't take it, stuck and irritable if you do. I quit taking it.

    My husband and I have different work schedules and it is difficult to make time to talk so our passing conversations are often impulses where we try to control each other because our lives seem to be going in different directions and that's when the little jabbing comments surface. Do you have some way to let go of your anger in a constructive way?

    We all need to make time for daily self-nurturing activities (other than eating) according to my therapist so we don't suffer for that weekend get-a-way. Your wife should not object to that. Also, try to find a self-nurturing activity that you can share with your wife that will give you both a chance to talk.

    Sounds like both you and your wife need to get away. Take a break.
    A little yoga goes a long way
    bpcookie responded:
    Taking a break from the every day hassles of life, is a must. Especially if your stressed out. A 3 day weekend away from home would do you good. Even if you just go to a motel in your own city. Bring a bunch of comfort foods with you, sit by the pool and relax and watch some t.v. in your motel room.

    I did this myself once. I was totally stressed out and couldnt take it any more.I told my hubby that I would see him in two days. I packed an over night bag and took off with my best friend and we had a blast. All the stress just melted away.

    I hope you get the break that you need.
    Please join my community called GRUMPY GROUPIES ( ) Fun and serious topics, nothing is taboo. So get on over there. Weirdo's are welcomed.
    angreemann4life responded:
    I heart y'all arms I know what ya Saint is so true when we go to darn Diego next month I may escape and sight see on my own for a day just walk and take some flicks, I'm just at a pint where I'm tired of being harassed by every douche bag a hole witch who thinks their some bad as s commando. I'm 6'5 and easy over eight but people keep trying to push my buttons like I'm am idiot or a big hairy beast. All I want is to be left alone before I beat a muhphuka with a muhphuka. I'm going to sleep again. This isht is getting worthless to me.
    bpcookie replied to angreemann4life's response:
    Hello Angreeman, If I may ask one thing, could you please tone down your language because it may be upsetting to some ppl. Even misspelling cuss words or using initials is against WebMD policy. I hope you understand.
    Please join my community called GRUMPY GROUPIES ( ) Fun and serious topics, nothing is taboo. So get on over there. Weirdo's are welcomed.

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