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    Was thinking last night...
    Indiaguerita posted:
    I know most some of the members of the group have already done this...but with all the talk on the board about not knowing each other and not fitting in...It got me thinking last night about what we could do to break the ice and kind of start over.

    So...let's introduce ourselves again (or for the first time in some me.)

    Here's the format:

    (I'll respond with my own answers below so that you can cut and paste.)

    When were you diagnosed and what is your diagnosis:

    Medicine regimen:

    Married? Single? Divorced?

    Kids: Pets:



    Of course, it's not required to do this to feel like you're "one of the group" but I thought it might ease some of the tension on the board
    and we could get to know each other. A fresh start.

    Indiaguerita responded:
    When were you diagnosed and what is your diagnosis: I was diagnosed in May of 2010. My diagnosis (I think) is Bipolar I.

    Medicine regimen: Currently in my third week of 100 mg of Lamictal. Once in awhile I take Melatonin to sleep.

    Married? Single? Divorced? I am married. Got married when I was 19 years old to Manny, who was 30 years old at the time. We've been (more or less) happily married for almost 8 years now. Anniversary is coming up in April.

    Kids: I have three kids. Ethan just turned 6. Raymond will be five soon and was diagnosed with Autism in June of 2009. My girl, Luz, (pronounced Loose), will be four pretty soon.

    Pets: I have five lizards; two green anoles and three crocodile geckos. I have a four year old brindle Boxer/American Bulldog mix. I rescued him from his owner who was taking him to a high-kill shelter because he had some leg problems after being run over as a puppy. I have had him for a year and he is one of the best dogs I have ever had. Great with my kids.

    Age: Just turned 27 in September.

    Triggers: Anything religious. And sometimes politics. (Depending on which side of the political fence you stand on.) I cannot stand organized religion. To me, everything about religion is such a farce. I do not think less of you if you are religious, but if you try to "save" me, I will suckerpunch you in the face! Enough said!

    Indiaguerita replied to Indiaguerita's response:
    Sorry...forgot one "pet"...I am currently babysitting my brother's tarantula. I have been "babysitting" for about four months now.

    I have always had tarantulas as pets, growing up. My uncle got us our first one and she incidentally died about two years ago. I had her for about 15 years.

    That's all.
    bpcookie responded:
    Every now and then someone will post something like this. I think its only a good way to get to know each other but its also fun too.

    When were you diagnosed and what is your diagnosis: I was diag. in 1999. Diag. Bipolar, ptsd, anxiety, panic attacks, paranoia, phobias

    Medicine regimen:way way too many to count

    Married? Single? Divorced? Married to the most adorable, loving man who is not only a good husband but my very best friend. Met him in a chat room and at the time he lived in England. After about 2 yrs of chatting on line, we fell in love with each other before we had actually met face to face. Been married now for 11 yrs

    Kids: Pets:I have one 18 yr old DD who I am very proud of and 1 pet named Chewy.


    Triggers: Anything that has to do will the ill treatment of animals, animals passing away and things of that nature.

    Thats about it folks
    I can't be bothered with a cell phone in my car....I am too busy making finger gestures at everyone!!!-Maxine
    bpcookie replied to Indiaguerita's response:
    LMAO re- sucker punch you in the face. too funny
    I can't be bothered with a cell phone in my car....I am too busy making finger gestures at everyone!!!-Maxine
    Indiaguerita replied to bpcookie's response:
    LOL. I knew you'd participate, Cookie!! Looks like we got the ball rolling...hopefully people will like my idea and keep responding. I love hearing about people and our different lifestyles.

    Yeah...I have a lady at work who attacks me in the hallway (carrying her neon-pink bible, no less) and always asks me if I've decided to "accept Jesus into my life yet." *Sigh* I though about saying: "Have you accepted the devil into your life? I have!" But I think that might make her cry, and I'm not *that* cruel. *wink*
    BipolarDisorder2 replied to bpcookie's response:
    When were you diagnosed and what is your diagnosis: I was diagnosed with Bipolar (I think II) on November 30th, 2010.

    Medicine regimen: Lithium 300mg 3x/day

    Married? Single? Divorced? Single, unfortunately I had a very atypical/odd relationship (at least in my eyes) 2009-2010 but I'll tell youguys that story later

    Kids: Pets: No kiddos (THANK God) but I have 2 adorable labrador retreivers, Koda (black lab) and Molly (white lab) and a fat ass stray cat, Rico.

    Age: I'm 24

    Triggers: movies with animals in them, animals getting hurt, prison, ex-offenders, robbery (robbery is a BIG, BIG one and youguys will find out why in my long story!), stigma, labeling, almost anything to do w/ the CJ system...*sigh* I'm sensitive aren't I? ;p
    Indiaguerita replied to bpcookie's response:
    What are your phobias?

    Mine are sharks. And I live in the middle of the USA! LOL. Kind of a stupid phobia to have!
    Indiaguerita replied to BipolarDisorder2's response:
    Why movies with animals in them? (Just curious, not judging you!)

    Hehehehe...I think cats are evil but I love a good fat cat. There's nothing funnier than a chubby cat. (My grandma has five cats, all of whom are at least 15 pounds overweight.)

    Why did they start you on Lithium right away? Have you tried any other drugs (without having success)? I am terrified of Lithium...I am so glad it hasn't been suggested for me.

    Good to meet you. I'm glad you responded.

    annaaurora replied to Indiaguerita's response:
    Scared, but I'll play

    Diagnosed in May of this year
    Meds: Lamictal 200, venlow 150, hydroxyzine 25 ( when needed), Trazadone very rarely I know I can take 1-4 per night
    Married to Mike for 20yrs, when including living with 24yrs
    No children-I was pretty good when younger getting my self worth though sex. PID
    Pets: Pewter, Jack my mews, and one very clownish, head strong beagleish, previously abused dog named Walter.

    TRIGGERS: My jackass of a boss who doesn't know how to forgive, and is perfectly fine implementing the silent treatment. Sad music (I love). When things do not go right. Please, please understand this. Being left out. I am talking about my personal life. When friends were invited to places, parties that I was not. I wore them down. At one point they quit talking to me, they didn't know how I'd react. Finally guilt.
    P.S. stepped on a turantula once, yucky.

    There, Anna
    Could we up the dosage... I still have feelings. New Yorker comic strip
    bpcookie replied to Indiaguerita's response:
    LOL oh no, not the pink bible. That would drive me insane to NO end. Oh I hate to be preached to. LOL re- you might make her cry. You sound like me. We used to have these *church* ppl who would come to our door about every other week. I got so tired of it. So last time they came I told them that I wasnt of their religion. I called my daughter over (who was 14 at the time) and in front of the two men I asked her "What religion are you THIS week?". She looked at them and said "buddhist" then she walked away. Took all I had not to laugh. lol
    I can't be bothered with a cell phone in my car....I am too busy making finger gestures at everyone!!!-Maxine
    Indiaguerita replied to annaaurora's response:
    Anna, your posts always make me laugh. I feel a little more like you than some of the other members on the board.

    Why do you take so many drugs? I noticed that a lot of the members on the board are on several different medications. I'm not familiar with all the medications for bipolar, but I was under the assumption that there are only a few that treat bipolar. My doctor recommended Klonidine and Lamictal together so I could stop clenching my teeth. I declined the Klonidine. I would rather just grind my teeth than have Klonidine fix the teeth clenching but cause myriad of other side-effects.

    Yeah...I got my self worth from about age 17 to age 19...Those were fun years. LOL.

    I hear tarantulas make quite a mess when their abdomen is crushed or broken. My uncle warned us kids never to drop our tarantulas because that would be the end of them.

    bpcookie replied to Indiaguerita's response:
    LMAO oh I dont blame you there. Im in Az but when we take a vacation to cali and I go into the water, you better believe I dont go too deep. lol

    Claustrophobia. I cant stand to have MRI's done. One time I actually cried. LOL. I know, Im a big baby.

    (huge TRIGGER for some). I also have a phobia called virginityphobia, which is the fear of being raped (plus throw in being murdered after that)
    I can't be bothered with a cell phone in my car....I am too busy making finger gestures at everyone!!!-Maxine
    annaaurora replied to bpcookie's response:
    Neat love story
    Could we up the dosage... I still have feelings. New Yorker comic strip
    Indiaguerita replied to bpcookie's response:

    You know what...I'm pretty ballsy when it comes to things like rape. I *dare* a man to try to rape me...

    I don't think I'll ever get "picked" for that, because for one: I'm overweight...and two: I have a *do not eff with me* look. LOL.

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