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    *No Dr Outside Contact Please*
    To Bipolar Docs and Parents
    kirkhy posted:
    [TRIGGER] Psycs are totally clueless about mental problems such as "bipolar" and "manic depressive", their terms.
    Their refusal to speak to pareants and friends of those tortured by mental problems is one of the most neglected forms of medical malpractis that I know of.
    Only a parent, a friend, or a spouse knows what a mentally challenged person does to hurt, torture, lie, and adjust their lives to their way of thinking.
    By the time a challenged person meets a "doctor", they are capapable of either lying to the "doctor" or have no clue of the reason they are there.
    I have requested an audience with four "professionals" and all of them stated that they and my daughter could handle her problems.
    My daughter had attempted to kill her mother, had me arrested for domestic violence, married a convicted felon, who she just moved back in with, only assiciates with one race of Americans and none of her "PSYCS" are aware of any of her problems.
    I am sick of shrinks attempting to treat my kid when they only see her side of her ailment.
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    MPogg responded:
    Sir this is not the place to come to to bash psychiatrists. I have recieved much needed help and guidence thorughout the years by pdocs. So please don't come in here and trash them because of your personal experiences. Furthmore the confidentialty aspect of their practice is put in place for legitimate reasons.

    Why would someone confide in these doctors if they were able to tell whomever they wanted what was said. It's private and it makes sense. Please go somewhere else to vent, THIS IS NOT THE PLACE FOR IT!!

    bpcookie responded:
    Kirkhy, I understand why you are angry, but I believe you are lashing out in the wrong direction. You are angry because you are unable to take control of the situation that your daughter in. If she is old enough to marry, then she is an adult and you no longer have control over her. She must get the help that she needs on her own. Also I believe that there is a Psychologist/patient confidentiality agreement and that is probably why you are undable to talk to her Dr.

    I know that you must be very frightened. I think it may be helpful if you were to see a therapist. Tell him/her everything that is going on. I wish you and your daughter luck.
    Gardening, yoga, bubble baths, medication.......and I still want to SMACK somebody!!!!!!!
    skypper responded:
    Life is all about choices, and if your daughter is an adult then her choices no longer have anything to do with you. Her care is in her hands and that's the bottom line, you can choose to accept that and let her go until she decides to get into treatment or you can choose to continue to let it affect you and make you this way.
    Coming here and lashing out at strangers who have nothing to do with you or your daughters situation is highly uncalled for and I believe you owe many including our good doctor here an apology.
    If you're not afraid to die, why be afraid to live -Joanna Sparks
    mattthecat responded:
    kirkhy I am with every one else you are blaming the wrong people. Most people with BP are lucid enough that even when they are manic or depressive in there moods they can still be reasoned with. If you do not like what is going on with your daughter then you should wait for a time when she is just calm enough that you can reason with her and talk to her as an adult not a child and you will find that you may make some progress. I do not have Bi polar disorder but my wife does. Both of our families thought we were doing the wrong thing getting married but we did it any way and it worked out fine. My wife's family is just now learning that if they do not deal with her as an adult they get no where with her but if they reason with her she listens to them. By the way no one is perfect there are plenty of people out there making the same or worse mistakes as you claim your daughter does that have no mental illness at all. You may want to check in to getting a therapist your self I have known a few in my time that will help family members cope and stay grounded. You may also want to check into a group called Nami ( they have support groups for family at some of there chapters and have chapters in most major metropolitan areas. I hope things get better for you soon I know how hopeless things can seem when a family member is going through the worst of it.

    shania09 replied to MPogg's response:
    Melissa, people come this blog because they can lash out, have a bitch fest, let off steam, whatever. In certain situtions, pdoc or mdoc can tell the parent what is going on. For example, if dad brought his daughter in saying he is in fear that his daughter will commit suicide, or something to that effect. I also ben to ALOT of different pdocs trying to get someone to listen too me. I still having a little problem, but niot nearly as bad as I was. But again, thjis is why this blog exists. To be able to write whatever we want without fear of someone saying "This ain't the place for it" Depending on long u been here, u should check on the discussions I have had inm the past!
    Just be yourself............Everyone else is already taken. The biggest mistake you can make is being afraid to make one...
    shania09 responded:
    kirkhy, I don't know if u will read or not, but like the others said, doc and pdocs alike do have a confidentially thing that exists for a reason. Lawyers have the same rule for the same thing believe it or not. For example, if u had to talk to a lawyer about a crime u committed like a hit and run accident. So how would u feel if your lawyer talked about this to a friend of his, and he didn't notice the DA (district attorney) that was behind him. This is why people whi get arrested and demand a lawyer and ther police have to stop immediately or risk the case getting thrown out of court. Itys the same why with mdoc's(medical doc) and pdoc's (psychiatrists). Would u want all your business aired about in public? People tend to feel better when they can talk about everything and anything and know they can't tell anyone else. The only thing that would be neglected, would be if the docs told someone else, even you. I am bipolar too. I really understand the frusration in dealing with different pdocs who didn't listen to me, just gave me drugs and said "Ok get!!" Itook me a few YEARS before I found a decent pdoc who took the time to listen to me and not just pushj mood stablizing drugs at me. As for your daughter, if she is older then 18 yrs old, man I hate to tell u this, bu there ain't a damn thing u can do about her intil she comes back ansd may ask for your help and u do cause u love her despite what happend cause she is your flesh and blood. My sister sounds a little like your daughter expect the almost killing her mom. But rest assured man, those pdocs probably know more about what is going on with her then u know. So if she isn't taking meds, they can't do anything intil theu are sure that shje is a danger to herself or others. Maybe try and talk to them. They can't tell u anything she has said what they said to her,m but u can tell them what u see and what your thoughjts and feelings u have. But if u do, be polite. My Grandma has always told me "u get more flies with honey"
    A mdoc are not really "specialized" in recognizing a mental illness, especially if they haven't been told. My mdoc would never had known I was bipolar if I didn't say anything. But I had to so if they gave me meds, they had to make sure they didn't harm me or interact with anything.
    Well good luck with everything, and since I know u probably feel real helpless where she is concerned, so the only thing u can do is be there for her when she falls, and try not to judge her or bring up the past.
    Just be yourself............Everyone else is already taken. The biggest mistake you can make is being afraid to make one...

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