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    dem242 posted:
    where ever you are i hope your ok, it has been 2 months, your are still part of this family. we miss you
    bod27 responded:
    Hi Dem

    Thank you for thinking about me. I have been very busy - my way of not having to think - but it is exhausting me (I have had a cold now for over 2 weeks). This is something I do, feel better so go at it like a mad thing, working as much as I can which then triggers off the depression, sh etc cause I can't see any other way to stop the cycle. I don't want to do it again but I can see it happening.

    I started psychotherapy at the beginning of july - early days yet but not clicking with her so far.

    I want to thank you for asking/thinking about me out loud (so to speak). I have been looking at the boards for about a week now, wanting to post but not knowing how - didn't think I should just turn up again moaning and that I should be better by now.

    I haven't caught up with what everyone is doing right now but I hope you are doing alright atm.

    only up right now cause of a coughing fit - off to bed again but catch you soon.
    dem242 replied to bod27's response:
    do what you need to do, but know this, you are very a part of this family as we are, never doubt that people doubt that people would not want to hear from you and support you. it is twelve thirty in the moring and i am writing this in the darkI AN REALLY GLAD YOU ARE OK? HOW IS D?
    bod27 replied to dem242's response:
    thats funny cause I wrote my reply to you in the dark as well (it was gone 4am though - woke up coughing and couldn't get back to sleep).

    D has started a new role within the company he works for, which is good, except for the lack of work he has to do atm. it is making him quite grumpy which is coming out as being angry - I am not liking this and hope they get his work tasks sorted soon.
    He as gone through 12 sessions of counselling about his drinking so now we just have to see if it helps.

    I have struggled this week with urges and self hatred but so far have managed to contain them - both my t's are on holiday atm so kinda left floating. I do have a CPN but everytime I am meant to have an appt with her she canx's (she has MS so is off quite often anyway), which makes me think she doesn't want to see me so I won't bother her, even if I need someone to speak to.

    very sad and feeling alone right now. I hope you are doing ok and thank you for listening to me, I appreciate it.
    dem242 replied to bod27's response:
    look you know how much respect i have for you, i would never go against what you believe in, but until you get that all that fixed you are so welcome here you are still very much a part of us
    candykissesaresweet replied to dem242's response:
    ok time for to check in miss, it has been to long, i gave changed my user name bit you know who this is
    bod27 replied to candykissesaresweet's response:
    hey there

    popped onto the board about a week ago but been didn't know what to say.

    been really busy, not coping with my course right now but have managed to sell some of my art recently (which is cool). Finished my full course of DBT about 3 weeks ago but still going to my phsycotherapy once a week.

    have a new job helping a student with a disability through her course at uni - meant to be mainly physical work but doing alot of counselling style stuff as well - which can be hard.

    Thank you for asking how I am doing. How are things going for you atm?
    candykissesaresweet replied to bod27's response:
    just wanted to be sure you were ok. i do worry about you. just because you live on the other side of the pond does not mean your not part of this family. you can write what you feel like writing. just do not be afraid to let us know how how you are. we care. i am going pack to bed
    candykissesaresweet replied to candykissesaresweet's response:
    saw what you posted on sh , i wanted to put this here. i do not if you realized who i am. i was in the hospital last month when i got out i changed my name to start over here, you now me as dem. you will always be part us
    bod27 replied to candykissesaresweet's response:
    Thanks xxx I had worked out who you were/are. I hope hospital helped.

    Glad to see you around and about. I am going to write to my cpn (or even her manager) and point out I have been abandoned by them. It isn't helping not having regular contact, i feel like i am drowning

    thanks for the hugs, really needed


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