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    SEROQUEL for mood swings
    mimi0555 posted:
    Seroquel has helped me a lot since my diagnosis of BPD nine years ago. Unfortunately my "so called" psychiatrist put me on extremely high doses os Meds-- 1000mg. SEROQUEL / day; 6mg Clonazepam/day; Prozac, wellbutrin, and 30mg. Temazepam for sleep at night! Can you believe it? I lived in a " fog" for six years. It was a nightmare. I finally realized that my life had come to a "standstill" because I was in what was like a "drug induced" coma. I have no memory of those six years.

    Wwhat is my point? Meds can really help Borderlibe but most are addicting so PLEASE BE CAREFUL. YOUR PSYCHIATRIST ISN'T ALWAYS RIGHT WITH YOUR MEDS!

    I switched doctors and asked to be on minimal doses of Meds required for my BPD. I am now on only 200mg SERoquel / day, and an antidepressant, with an occasional Valium. I feel ALIVE AGAIN and am AWARE of what is happening in my life . I am in counseling and go to a support group., which I think help just as much or more than the Meds.

    Anyone else with the similar experiences!
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    yurgal responded:
    that has been a problem for yrs drs over med u are not alone
    i though I was my psy drug mule
    Yardfarmer responded:
    I too was overmedicated for five (5) years by a psychiatrist who needed to retire. All he ever wanted to do was increase my medications or add new ones.

    First, people who are bipolar should never, ever be given Wellbutrin. It can cause mania.

    1000 mgs.of Seroquel is borderline malpractice. Anyone on that much Seroquel would have trouble waking up at all. I am on 100 mgs. of Seroquel, 150 mg. of Effexor at bedtime with 75 mg. of Effexor in the morning. I also have Generalized Anxiety Disorder and have three 5 mg. valiums available for each day.

    At one time my former psychiatrist had me taking 300 mg Seroquel, 3 Flexeril and 15 mg. Klonopin at bedtime. I too, lost 5 years of my life due to a medication fog. He added Wellbutrin and I was suicidal all the time. I even called him at home and told him I was suicidal and he never, ever sent me to the hospital.

    When I finally was hospitalized once for an inability to sleep for three days, he argued with me and told me I was "depressed" (which was his failure to diagnose). I fired him as my treating physician and was tested by the attending psych. I was diagnosed as Bipolar (NOS) ... Not Otherwise Specified.

    Reducing the meds and beginning Seroquel was a lifeline for me. My former psych had only tried me on Seroquel for a brief time and quit prescribing it when I told him I couldn't wake up in the mornings. He treated me for severe depression only which made the depression more severe.

    A simple antidepressant with a minimal dose of the mood stabilizer, Seroquel, was a lifesaver for me.

    A bad psychiatrist can ruin your life or even worse, cause you to become so suicidal that you take your own life.

    I see a Neurospychologist who has a PhD. The local clinics in the town I live in only hire new students just out of college with no life experience and they come and go on a yearly basis. My friends who see these counselors are always complaining about having to get accustomed to new counselors, who are much younger and more inexperienced than the patients themselves.

    My family doctor prescribes my medications with the neuropsychologist making any needed recommendations.

    Since that time I have recently been given Celexa 20 mg. for a slight case of OCD behavior. I honestly believe the OCD behavior is a result of not being depressed. I never felt like doing anything before my medications were stabilized and I felt much better.

    I also have had brain surgery in the past year for a painful disorder called trigeminal neuralgia and have had my teeth pulled and replaced with dentures.

    I thank God that I now have a competent and compassionate family physician who takes care of my mental and physical health.

    The wrong doctor is the worse thing you can have if your are mentally ill. Please make sure you have a family member or a friend who will be your advocate and question the doctor's failure to help you or they see a worsening of symptoms. If you have not shown improvement (especially after 5 years) your advocate should have a second opinion from a qualified doctor even if you have to go out of town for the diagnosis.

    A proper diagnosis and the minimal meds to control the illness is the best way to go.

    Please have your entire family read and study BPD and if possible, contact NAMI, and attend meetings.

    BPD is controllable. It is like having diabetes of the brain. You are not a defective human being. You have an organic illness. If you had a heart attack no one would dare call you "crazy". BPD does not mean you are crazy. Do not let anyone's ignorance get you down.

    A proper diagnosis of BPD (NOS) was the best thing that ever happened to me.
    marysings replied to Yardfarmer's response:
    You may want to repost your conversation in the BiPolar community. This community is for those with Borderline Personality Disorder.
    I'm strong willed and I tell it like it is. I make mistakes, I'm sometimes out of control, but I love and give with all my heart. Have patience with me as I heal.
    ChronicRose responded:
    My problem is more like under treated.

    Got my BPD diagnose 2009 and still havent been treated or medicated..
    marysings replied to ChronicRose's response:
    Chronic Rose, welcome to the Borderline Community.

    Sometimes we need to be proactive and take care of our self. Treatment for Borderlines includes psychotherapy and sometimes pharmacology. Learning the DBT skills is important and teaches us how to cope in triggering or unpleasant situations.

    When you look for a therapist, BE SURE that the person has experience in treating Borderlines. Collectively, Borderlines are a pain in the butt to therapists and some will not even take us as patients. Also, when you begin therapy, ask if the therapist knows and will teach you the DBT skills. If they say no, leave. A therapist is YOUR employee and you can fire them at will. Remember, your mental health is important.

    I wish you all the best.
    ... but we rejoice in our afflictions because we know that affliction produces endurance, endurance produces proven character, and proven character produces hope. Romans 5:3b

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