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    I just found out I have a tumor..
    sharkj posted:
    Hi everyone,
    Last Thursday I went to the hospital because I was having a stoke and during the MRI a tumor was found. The tumor is call "meningioma and its in the parietal region of the brain. The tumor's size is 1.4 cm .
    The stoke turned out to be from high blood pressure and my face a speech were not effected but my left leg and arm still feel like pins and needles.
    Can anyone offer up information for me ? I just don't know what to expect. I am a male, 48 years old. Thanks to all of you for your help.
    jms4800 responded:
    Shark, I am a 62 year old male with brain tumor, I am doing standard treatment of radiation and Chemo in Joplin. Mo. I have a primary care Dr. Writing all my scripts. Meet with the oncologist and radiaologist once a week. Get a day planner or use the computer, Pill Caddy. Information comes in bits and pieces. I have 1-6 years to live. When I heal up from radiation I will start to enjoy living and have some fun.
    Keep up the spirit. We will get throung this with dignity.
    Michael Summers. JMS4800
    leahquestions responded:
    You are lucky your tumor is so small, you will be fine after treament. Your pins and needles may clear up, no one can really say, we will hope that they will.I had whole brain radiation, 3 lg tumors and a dozen others not including the ones under 1 cm-- they said I could of had it for 3 yrs along with lung, lymph node and I'm 49. I can't look to the left , my head will bobble around lol and I go numb at times in various places. My left side is weak as well. I had seisures for hours at home with the meds, I was lucky to survive the night they can't do anything for me , no surgery... I say all of us who are supposidly terminal should meet where its warm and do a bucket list thing.... I want to see 50 good luck to you--take asprin daily it thins out your blood if they don't have you on any blood thinners cumadin take care
    leahquestions replied to jms4800's response:
    My sister in laws father survived brain cancer after being told he would die within the year. It was 20 years later before the cancer came back, he was in his late 80s by then....I don't know what to do at times.... I have severe heart disease as well vitamins is a great idea, I know a few people who got cured from cancer by vitamins but I too have to try traditional first.... They told me 6 months give or take a few.. My 50th is in may. My whole brain was effected, 3 lrg tumors and a dozen smaller ones and they said they didn't know about the ones they couldn't detect becauseof size.Startd in my lung, lymph nodes are supposidly clear from the chemo now. I'm still talking and I know who everyone is and still self sufficient.. take care
    leahquestions replied to jms4800's response:
    I would be happy to befriend you. I have only sisters and brothers and live on my own. Try another hospital, a friend of mine had a lrg brain tumor and they removed it and the chemo did great. He was supposed to die 6months and it's been 6 years..... he doesn't move real well early 50s now but still works..
    Strider55 replied to leahquestions's response:
    Leah have you looked into Gerson's therapy? take a look, youtube it, a lot of people have had great success and you don't have to go under a knife. People that have used this treatment have even reported scare tissue disappearing from when they where a child.
    volschwagon responded:
    On 01/14/11 I had my gallbladder removed and was on FMLA and I had been dizzy and having headaches for at least 8 months. I was watching Dr Oz one day and the lead story was about Women who get headaches should not miss this show! It was about bleeding on the brain and strokes.I kept thinking about turning the channel but something was tugging at my sleeve saying "Pay Attention Andrea". Three days later I couldn't quit puking and went to the ER and asked for a CT. The tumor was the size of an egg on the right front lobe. Glioblastoma. I had it removed 02/07/11Just finished first week of radiation and day 5 chemo. I think my tumor was the same size? All the pills are rough. I asked the social worker to set up my pills in an organizer {13} and they have to buy a bigger one. gained 30 lbs in 2 months from steroids. I can't get any sleep either. I got 7 the other night but maybe 4 to 5 last night? I hope you have better results with your treatment? I also feel dyslexic and can't spell? could be all the meds? Sense of humor shot! Slightly comming back.
    leahquestions replied to Strider55's response:
    thank you for your reply, tomorrow I get to meet my neighbors son who has a brain tumor. I'm excited because no one understands. I may be terminal and cant have surgery but the chemo took my 6 cm lung cancer to 1.4 cm and no lymph nodes lit up this time LOL so Just waiting for the brain still have a tumor but thye want to wait on that, if it starts growing then I'll have that syberknife. I pray when it's time that my very bad heart will end it quickly for me but for no wI feel good just llike james brown sings. I wil check on this Gersons therapy. I have been sneaking some vitamins as I don't eat too much these days. try anything once my 50th is almost here..
    chrsbll33 responded:
    I would recommend that you read all information on Meningioma Brain Tumor at the website of Brigham and Woman's Hospital. They have ample information that will help you in understanding the condition and its treatment. The extent a tumor can be removed and surgeries involved depend a lot on the location of the tumor. Also, read through the causes of this condition to understand your medical condition better.
    Meningioma Brain Tumor
    leahquestions replied to chrsbll33's response:
    thank you for your help, I'm still here. They gave me a second time around with another 2-6 months to live speach. I'm having cyber knife brain surgery for 2 hours this week. Hope I come ou the same as going in. Then it's my kidneys. then Duke for more chemo. I am now on massive vitamins and will continue with that to see if these books I'm reading are correct. It seems like this cancer stuff is more businesst han anything.At least the lungs and lmph nodes are asleep and I don' tlook sick so I'm told so that can't be bad. I am feeling better with the vitamins and still have hope. Thank for all your help take careLeah
    dbswhome replied to leahquestions's response:
    You last posted 4 months ago and said they gave you 2 - 6 months. I just wanted to say that I truly look up to people like you that have such strength! I will pray for you, that if you r still here that you beat the odds!
    ally9099 replied to dbswhome's response:
    my grandma had different cancers for 17 years of her life then she got brain cancer and she went to be with jesus its been about 4 years but i miss her and i still cry because i think i coulda did more if i did more i coulda saved her and she would still be her and i miss her so much
    joege18 responded:
    I am so sorry for your condition but it sounds like you are going to make it with a tumor so small. Have you ever smoked? I know you said that this runs in your family but your should really consider preparing seeing as a stroke can happen at anytime. I would highly suggest filling in a POA form from legalzoom or just in case this happens again. Good luck sharkj and God Bless!

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